77 Catchy And Creative Slogans For Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers play a pivotal role in today’s world where there is fierce competition among brands to stand out. The variety of brands along with work pressure and short attention span among consumers means that the success of a business is heavily dependent on the work put in by graphic designers.

Logos, colors and other design elements bring brands to life. Graphic designers hold the keys to these elements and put in long hours of work. It is important for graphic designers to stay inspired so that their creative juices can keep flowing.

Here Are The 77 Catchy And Creative Slogans For Graphic Designers

1. Milton Glaser

2. Stefan Sagmeister

3. David Carson

4. Bob Gill

5. Paula Scher

6. Michael Bierut

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7. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

8. Chip Kidd

9. Marian Bantjes

10. Neville Brody

11. Joshua Brewer

12. Saul Bass

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13. Frank Chimero

14. Lindon Leader

15.Jeffrey Zeldman

16. Massimo Vignelli

17. Charles Eames

18. Petrula Vrontikis

19. Ray Eames

20. Tibor Kalman

21.Andy Warhol

22. Saul Bass

23. Paul Rand

24. T.N.Suarez

25. Saul Bass

26.Paul Rand

27.George Santayana

28. Fabian Barral

29. Germano Facetti

30. Neville Brody

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31. Paula Scher

32. Rudy Vanderlans

33. Wim Crouwel

34. Karl Gertsner

35. Alan Fletcher

36. James Randolph Adams

37. Milton Glaser

38. Kate Krebs

39. John D. Berry

40. David Hockney

41. Freeman Thomas

42. Jeffery Veen

43. Adrian Frutiger

44. Paola Antonelli

45. Michael Ian Keye

46. Serge Zuev

47. Don Newgren

48. Richard Grefe

49. Hans Hoffman

50. Robin Mathew

51. Frank Chimero

52. Erik Adigaro

53. Karl Lagerfeld

54. April Greiman

55. Robert L. Peters

56. Jacob Cass

57. Daniel Mall

58. Brenda Laurel

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59. Stle Melvr

60. David Craib

61. Massimo Vignelli

62. Leisa Reichelt

63. Victor Papanek

64. Marty Neumeier

65. Thomas J Watson

66. Edward Tufte

67. Drew Barrymore

68. Alina Wheeler

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69. Chris Pullman

70.A Mint Of Creativity

71. Bringing The Art To The Cart

72. Massimo Vignelli

73. Too much ego will kill your talent

74. Thomas J Watson

75.Malcolm X

76. Salvador Dali

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77. Paul Rand

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