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8 Tested Ways To Find New Clients For Your Design Business

by John Kash Tweet - in Graphic Design


Last updated on January 29th, 2024

Are you thinking of launching your design career? Are you anxious about its effectiveness in finding out the clients since you have no experience? You must keep this in mind that you are entering a highly competitive business as there are hundreds of designers to grab attention of the clients.

8 Crucial Tips To Follow And To Ensure That You Get Attention Of The Clients

01. Build Your Profile

This is the first step you should take. Your profile is the window to look into the skills you possess. The clients never hire a designer without scrutinizing the past works. To build a lasting impression, include only your good quality works in your portfolio.

If you are starting new in the design business, you should first design for crowdsourcing sites and do not worry about winning the contests. All you need to do is to design logos; brochures etc and present your best works in the portfolio. Do not forget to mention your design process which allows the clients an insight of what they can expect while interacting with you if hired.

02. Get A Website

One of the assured ways of making an impression on the clients is to take them to your website. Build a website design for your design business. A website dedicated to your design career is a way to tell the world that you are a serious and professional candidate to hire.

Your design website must include all the information that your clients look for. They need to know about your past works and the clients you worked with. Include testimonials from your past satisfied clients. It is advisable to create or build your website only after you have a credible portfolio.

03. Referrals

Word-of-mouth referral is your trusted way to get clients and keep them for more work. If you have worked with clients previously, request them for testimonials or referring your name to others.

Many clients look for referrals and if your name is with them through your friends or past clients, then you are likely to get more work as you develop a lasting relationship with them.

04. Friendly Interaction

When prospects compare two designers with almost the same qualifications and qualities, they prefer to hire the one they like the most. There are many designers out there having high levels of skills as you have. So, your friendly interaction with the client is the key to successfully winning a project. Make sure that you present yourself as a likeable person.

To ensure this, your every conversation on phone, by email or by direct message must give them the impression that it would be a good experience to work with you. Be a little more personal with the prospects.

05. Explore Social Media

Your clients hang out on social channels. They are looking for the designers and if you are not present, you miss a great opportunity to work.

You should not worry about all the social networking sites as you need to log on to the most popular ones. So, make sure that your profile is available to the people on Twitter, Facebook and you should also create some boards on Pinterest to showcase what skills you possess. Make some efforts to build a consistent social media brand and engage with people to build a good relationship.

06. Explore Traditional Listings

You can find prospective clients from local directories also. List your name in local Yellow or White pages in your area. Another old-fashioned but still useful approach is to get your design business listed in the most circulated newspapers of your locality.

07. Email Campaign

Email campaigning is widely used tool for marketing. You can put this to your advantage. Send as many emails to as many clients you can with lots of information regarding your professional graphic design career. You will most likely get response soon. But get some professional help so that your emails do not end-up in spam folders of the recipients.

Do not forget to include links to your websites, portfolio, contacts etc in the email.

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08. Pricing

Pricing is very crucial. But it is not all about high or very low fees you charge. It is a common knowledge that expensive fees of a designer may result in loss of a client and the work. But that is not always true.

Many clients are willing to pay more if the designer can offer value for money. Make sure that the pricing you quote is all about value. The clients will be attracted to your offer if the value you offer outweighs price. The key to getting the work is in delivering greater value than the price your client is expecting.

So, how do you add value?

You can offer your services such as informing the client about the progress made on the projector incorporating the client’s suggestions into the design during various stages of the project.

Hope these tips will start your graphic designer in a great way.

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