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8 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Visual Strategy

by Designhill Tweet - in Social Media

Social Media logo design

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

Upto 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, so no wonder that people respond way better to a great design and catchy images.

Well on that note, Do you post compelling images across your social media networks?

People are drawn to visual content and it won’t be much to say that human beings are visual beings. This is the reason, Photos, Images and Infographics dominate on every social media news feed these days.

Social Media Presence

To extend your brand recognition in the present over crowded digital landscape,posting interesting and engaging graphics across each of your social media platforms is critical.

So, to gain brand attention, you need to build a social media strategy that focuses on visual content. This post covers how you can improve your social media visual strategy.

Here Are The Tips To Improve Your Social Media Visual Strategy

01. Image Optimization For Different Social Networks

To keep your followers engaged, you need to maintain social media presence across popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

To get the maximum results out of your posts, add captivating images in them as mere links and texts posts are comparatively less engaging. Avoid the common mistake of sharing image of same size on each platform, use images of different dimensions for each platform.

Social Networks logos
Image Source: Canva

Well, you don’t need a designer every time you need a creative post for your social handles there are so many free online photo-editing tools available that allow you to create your own unique images.

Best part is these tools come with built-in templates and are so easy to use that even a non tech person can also use it.

02. Use Your Logo Or Head Shot As Your Profile Image

There is a good debate when it comes to picking the profile image for social networks. Whether one should go with the company logo or the head shot of the person behind the brand as profile image.

Well, the general rule of thumb here is, if you have big established brand with a well-recognized or famous logo then keeping your brand logo as profile image is a great idea.

However, if you are a public figure let say a blogger, artist, socialite, or politician and building a personal brand then using your personal picture works for you more. People connect more with people and it also helps you build personality behind your brand.

Not to miss once you have selected your profile photo, use the same picture for every social network, making it easier for your followers to recognize you across all social platforms.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to get creative and get a variation of your logo as long as your audience can easily recognize the brand.

Profile Image logos
Image Source: Coschedule

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03. Profile Image And Cover Photo Must Complement Each Other

Another rule to stick by is, make sure your profile image and cover photo complement each other. It can be achieved through the use of similar imagery, mood, text or applying a filter to the cover photo image for achieving harmony and balance.

For Instance

Amazon, is a great example of using profile image and cover photo that complements each other and they keep it consistent over all social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Amazon uses its logo as profile image and their cover image displays nice graphics and an open amazon box with a message that your goodies have arrived and it’s time to enjoy your goodies.

Social Network logo

Image Source: Hubspot

04. Use Of Consistent Style Of Images

For building brand recognition and awareness, make sure images you post are consistent with your brand. Images you pick must reflect the personality and characteristics of your brand. You can answer below mentioned questions when selecting images for social media.

What do your followers like?

What kind of graphics or content will go best with the images or services you are trying to sell?

If your brand was a person, what kind of things it would like to see or do?

For Example

Lululemon Athletica, a yoga and sportswear brand, is a good example of this. Brand consistently uses images that depict healthy eating, beautiful landscapes, outdoor activity and motivational quotes.

These images perfectly depict the idea behind the brand and have successfully helped them in creating solid brand awareness.
Profile image logos
Image Source: Canva

05. Use Consistent Branding

For Brand recognition and success, consistency is of great importance. You can achieve consistent branding with the use of similar fonts, images and colors in your social media design. It is no secret that colors evoke emotions.

So, make use of colors in your posts to evoke emotions, to guide your audience through a story and to create a sense of harmony within your images.

Like, when you think of Coca Cola, bright red color comes in mind, Cadbury reminds of deep purple and green is associated with mountain dew and so on.

For Instance

Among all these brands, my favorite is Coca Cola. This long standing brand has done some serious work to capitalize on the power of social media to build brand recognition.

Company uses bright red color in all it’s display images along with consistent use of text and content giving it a very recognizable look and feel over all social platforms.

In their social media branding, Coke focuses more on developing an emotional connection to the product by showcasing coke bottles in different moments and settings.

Take a look at their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page.

Branding Images logo
Image Source: Hubspot

Their Facebook cover image is an excellent example of how they have used coke bottles to bring out the emotional connection to their product.

Similar to Facebook, their Twitter cover image also has a symbolic background image and again messaging is same here, showing coke bottles in different settings and moods.

Social Image
Image Source: Hubspot

On LinkedIn, brand follows a subtle approach but they are still consistent with the overall brand message.

brand images
Image Source: Hubspot

06. Create A variety Of Valuable Content

Create variety of valuable content and consistently share it on your social media platforms. Make sure content you share is rich in information and is relevant to your audience and site.

If the content is good, it will be shared more and there are chances of it getting viral too. Let say you are a beauty blogger then sharing content that includes home remedy for glowy skin, botox for hair etc will be valuable for your followers. Thus, resulting in increased traffic for your site.

You can make content of different types including inspirational quotes, event posts & coverage, company’s latest news and achievements, Infographics etc.

To drive higher engagement from your content, you can use content in many creative ways. You can encourage content sharing or post sharing with a giveaway or reinvent an existing content but add your own flavor to it.

07. Post Shareable Images

To increase the reach of your social media posts, make sure images are easy for users to share.

You can achieve this by including share buttons featuring the recognizable social media icons on your website thus making it quick and easy for users to post, share, pin and tweet.

When users will share your images, they will reach more new users resulting in increased brand recognition and awareness. Without much legwork you can get potential new fans, followers and clients.

Social Media Shareable logo Images
Image Source: Canva

08. Make Images Share-Worthy

This may look like an obvious point but to get the maximum traction and interaction from your images, it is essential the images you post on social platforms are compelling and have good content.

Make images that directly appeal to your audience and do add a call-to-action to get more traffic from your marketing efforts.

Every graphic you post on your social media page, should always include a link back to your website.

As per the Google algorithms, unique content when linked back to a website, instantly gets better ranking in the search engine results. Moreover, make sure your website link page contains all relevant links.

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So, make sure your social media handles are brimming with a variety of compelling and high-quality images to drive engagement and traction.

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