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A Complete Guide To Modern Logos : Types, Tips & Tools

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Modern Logos

Last updated on April 26th, 2023

A logo is something that provides identity to a brand. Its full form is “language of graphics-oriented” which means it aids in public recognition and helps in increasing the faith of the audience in the brand. A logo represents what a brand is all about. Over time, the approach to designing a logo has changed to a large extent, and now it is called “modern logo” design. This guide states everything about what modern logos are all about, their types, tips, and tools to create stunning logos.

Earlier, logo designs were based on several letters joined together but not forming a word. However, modern logos incorporate several types and a variety of techniques, which make them unique and recognizable. Also, having a modern logo makes your audience memorize it for a longer period.

What is a Modern Logo?

Modern logo design consists of classic and trendy elements, the combination of which results in a beautiful design of a logo. Moreover, perfect usage of colors and shapes brings a kind of attractiveness into the logo.

The modern logo design incorporates types like an emblem, mascots, abstract and more. The importance of designing modern logos lies in the fact that it helps in gaining audience faith and seems trustworthy.

In order to stand at the top in any of the businesses, a logo is a must to have. There are several tips to create a modern logo, which we will be discussing later on.

What are the types of Modern Logos?

A logo is a very first thing that a visitor notices at first sight. So, it must be attractive and should stand alone at the top of the uniqueness. There are several types of logos using which an individual can bring life to the brand.

So, Here Are 9 Types Of Modern Logos Which You Can Opt For

01. Brand Marks

It is an image-based logo design that represents a real-world entity like Twitter, which represents a flying bird, clearly indicating that the brand deals with tweets.

Also, you can take an example of Youtube. Here a play button is used in the logo, clearly indicating that YouTube deals with playing videos and much-related stuff.

Brand Mark logos are easy to remember as they are related to a physical entity. Also, it sends a clear idea of the business to the audience.

It is well suited for those who have a single product or service to offer to their clients. You can take a clear idea of Brand Marks from below mentioned images or icons.

Brand Marks

02. Abstract

Although this type of logo is based on images, it does not represent a real-world entity and is mostly customized to give uniqueness to the logo.

Abstract logos are customized in a way so that the audience could get a clear message about them. It gives the client a chance to emphasize a certain service.


But an excessive customized logo can lead to misunderstanding and hence gives a false message. So, proper attention is required while creating such kinds of logos.

Also, an experienced graphic designer, who has a clear idea of colors and shapes can create amazing logos, which will suit the businesses.

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03. Mascot

Mascot Logo design got its first start in Sports, where there is a need of associating animals in the logo, so as to give an activeness gesture, like the logos of Olympic, where animals act as brand ambassadors.

So, in the mascot, a unique brand ambassador is used to give the brand logo a memorable feature. Also, it enables the audience to get connected with the logo.

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Here, a cartoon or a real-world person can be used, like in the logo of KFC, where a man is put on the logo. Although any kind of business can use a mascot logo but generally restaurants, food brands use this kind of logo on a primary basis.

Find below some mascot logos.

Modern Logo

04. Combination

As the name suggests, it is a mixture of something, so here it is a combination of images and words. The mixture of these two helps in making the logo versatile and is easy to remember.

This logotype has a special impact on visitors’ memory and makes an individual think of the logo easily. Here find the best examples of this type of logo.

Company's Logo

professional logo

05. Emblem

It brings the traditional feel of schools and universities where text used to be fit inside of the shape, most of the time that font used to be fit inside a circle or rectangular shape.

Emblems are easy to remember and blow air of professionalism. This kind of logo should be favored if your firm has a certain type of dress code.

It does not give much liberty while customizing as the combination does. So, special attention is needed while creating an emblem logotype. Some examples of this kind of logo are BMW, Starbucks.

Types of Logo

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06. Dynamic

This type of logo can be considered a new age logo as it gives the liberty to use any kind of font style for text inside the logo, also it gives freedom of using any kind of image.

So, there is no boundation of any kind relating to font and images. As the name suggests that it is vibrant in nature, so here it is giving a chance for higher creativity.

Such kinds of logos are suitable for the entertainment industry, media industry, or can say any creative industry. The best example of dynamic logo design is FedEx, AOL, etc.

Logo Shapes

07. Pictorial

It is sometimes also called a logo symbol and is completely based on graphics. Biggest question while making this type of logo is what picture to choose? as pictures are available in abundance on the internet.

So, before choosing any image a special focus should be given to the tone of service or product a firm is providing. After all, this logo is going to be used till the firm will exist.

Social Media Logos

08. Wordmark

This logotype only deals with letters and their styles, there is no usage of images or any kind of graphics. Since this logo is based on letters only, it gives no vivid idea about the logo and is clearly visible.

It is precisely bound to font style and has very little to do with graphics, hence there is not much scope of creativity. Some of the best examples of this kind of logo are coca-cola, Subway, Uber, etc.


Start a logo contest to get a winning design.

09. LetterForms

It is also one of the most famous logo designs and is based on letters only, basically single letter only. Since it is single letter-based, it can be easily memorized and have a huge impact on the audience due to its ease.

It requires less space and can be stuck anywhere without any hustle regarding the area. The most famous letterform-based logos are WordPress, Yahoo, etc.


Tips To Create Modern Logos

For any kind of business, a logo holds great importance, as it represents the brand value and attracts visitors’ attention, leading to a major acquisition of customers.

A good logo is essential as it produces faith among customers and gives a feeling of trustworthiness. There are few points that are necessary to be upheld while creating any logo, such steps will be discussed ahead in this article.

So, Tips To Create A Modern Logo Are

01. Identify The Brand

One of the first steps is to know the type of brand, as logo design varies from brand to brand. So, the niche of the brand should be taken care of while attempting to select the best design for a logo.

A medical-related logo can not be used in a fashion-type industry and the same is the case with other types of sectors. So, there is a need of defining the brand industry and selecting the most appropriate logo design.

02. Usage of Pictures

There is a saying that a picture speaks a lot, so the usage of an image or any kind of graphic can lead to the formation of a perfect and most appropriate logo.

While selecting a picture, perfect attention should be taken care of, as it will be used with the logo and will be defining the brand as well. There are several brands already in the market which use picture logos, like Apple, Twitter.

03. Good Color Combination

Selection of the Best Colors combination increases the attractiveness of the logo and hence leads to the uniqueness and perfection of the logo.

In order to achieve a good color combination, various shades can be used. Also, some colors are harsh to the eyes when it comes to logo design like solid dark colors. So, a perfect selection of colors gives a soothing effect to the logo.

04. Usage of Shapes

Shapes give a simple but attractive approach to the logo. Several professional firms use it and Shape-wise logos are attractive on letterhead, presentations, etc.

In order to use shapes, high creativity is needed which can lead to the formation of a better logo design. Shapes can be circle, rectangles, squares, etc.

05. Empty Spaces

While creating a logo, spaces are the things that are meant to be taken care of, as the excessive usage of shapes, pictures, and colors can lead to badly mixed logo design.

Surely, no one is going to like a highly customized logo design. So, the usage of empty space is a good idea. Empty spaces prove that there is a need of using colors and graphics on a minimal scale.

Top 10 Tools To Create Modern Logos

After doing homework with the type of logo and tips to create the best logo, here comes some online tools which can be proven beneficial while creating a logo.

Create a logo that captures the essence of your brand!

Generate Logos

1. Choose relevant templates

Enter your company name. Choose desired templates. Move ahead.

Design Your Own Logo

2. Customize your logo

Pick a logo template you like. Personalize with relevant icons, font, or color. Save changes & move ahead.

Logo Maker

3. Download your logo files

Check the logo preview in real time. Select a suitable package. Download high-quality logo files.

There are several tools available online, but among all of them, I am choosing the top 10 only which can vary from time to time. So here is a list:

01. Designhill

It is one of the most favored AI (artificial Intelligence) based logo designers available online and it is easy to use. With the predefined 100+ templates, you can choose a good-looking logo for your brand.

When it comes to customization, Designhill provides the perfect solution and has proven its worth by giving 100% client satisfaction. When it comes to the duration of making a logo, it takes nearly 5 minutes to generate a perfect logo for a brand.

Ready to make a logo? Start personalizing these templates!

Also, it has provided logo-making solutions to more than a lakh of brands with greater satisfaction. Once you get your logo designed, there is a minimal fee after which you can download the logo directly without any hustle.

It provides a complete social media logo solution and helps in making the brand more simplified. Designhill comes with 24X7 live support and provides better solutions at any time. It uses a DIY logo maker tool. You can reach Designhill from here

02. Logo Maker

It is another logo designer tool available online and can be reached from here. Logo Maker is not as easy to operate as others are, the reason being, it has some sort of learning curve that is not as steep but for a beginner, it can be time taking.

It provides some files for free but for more logo sizes there is a need of making payment. It is partially free. And, it also provides the possibility of high customization of the logo.

It can be considered a good option if you have prior knowledge of designing a logo, although several videos are available online where the usage and operability are beautifully defined.

03. Looka

It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to evaluate and analyze your business needs and helps in making a great logo design. It is easy to use and moderate when it comes to customization.

The Looka can be reached from here. When the interface is opened, it asks for the industry to choose, then it asks for picking up some logos, then it shows pallets after that it asks for picking up some symbol types, and finally, the logo is created. So, creating a logo with a Looka is much simpler.

Ready to make a logo? Start personalizing these templates!

04. Brandmark

This logo designer tool is easy to use and possesses lower potential when it comes to customizability. It operates all stuff in the form of a carousel.

The process of generating a logo starts with entering a keyword relating to the brand, following which it asks to choose a color, and then it is done. Hence, It is much simpler than others.

But when it comes to customization it requires some bucks to be invested, which we can say is not healthy as several others are providing customization without any payment.

05. NameCheap

It can be reached from here. Its interface starts with entering a brand name then it asks to choose a font style, later on, multiple colors come up to choose from, and then it asks to choose icons and finally, it is done.

Once it is done, you can download files without even creating an account. It is free to use. This logo builder provides some gradients to the end product and beautifies the logo.

Ready to make a logo? Start personalizing these templates!

06. Ucraft

It is easy to use and a medium curve arises when it comes to customization. It can be reached from here. With the inception of this logo designer tool, a blank canvas comes up which provides some tools for creating a logo design.

If anyone is new to such a canvas then it will not be easy to handle but after a few practices, it can come in handy. It is free if you require low-resolution images but need to pay for an SVG vector file.

07. Logaster

This logo designer tool is handy when it comes to operability and requires some sort of experience while customizing. It starts while entering the company name and industry, following which color pallets are needed to be chosen, and then it is done.

It requires payment to be done for downloading the files. This logo generator tool gives logos in various layouts like business cards, flashy mockups, etc.

08. Canva

This logo generator tool starts with signup and then comes up with lots of design templates as well as a beautiful canvas for creating a highly customized logo.

You can choose either of them, both are equally good. But for canvas, a little bit of experience is required, the rest is an amazing tool to generate the logo. You can download your files without giving any penny.

09. Hatchful

Hatchful belongs to Shopify and starts with the brand name. Later on, it provides several options for creating a logo. It provides files for social media as well which you can download for free.

This tool is easy to use and holds a lower difficulty level when it comes to customization. Although This logo generator tool is good enough, it does not provide vector files at all. It is useful for the newer business model, as it costs nothing while creating the files.

Ready to make a logo? Start personalizing these templates!

10. Placeit

The owner of Placeit is Envato, it provides designs among several categories like logo templates, mockups, and videos. It starts by entering the company name and industry type and then immediately you are presented with sample designs.

After finishing up the process, files are available to download in the format of PDF & PNG which can be used with both web & print. It is easy to use and has medium customizability.

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So, this was the complete guide for modern logos, its types, tips, and best top 10 logo designing tools. The Information given above is curated online. I am sure after going through this article all your queries regarding a logo should have been answered.

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