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A Guide to Branding Package, Pricing & Inclusions 

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Brand Identity

A Guide to Branding Package, Pricing & inclusions

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

Your brand identity is the most crucial part that people associate with your products or services. From logo design to business cards, brochures, and billboards, each marketing material helps portray your right image to the target audience. With the help of a branding package, you can create a unified brand identity. Here, in this blog, we will discuss what a branding package is, how much it costs, and what visual assets it includes.

What is meant by branding package?

A branding package is the collection of visual assets that a brand needs to create a unified identity. A complete package includes different assets in both print and digital formats, such as logo design, business cards, color palettes, email templates, labels, product packaging, and more.

We at Designhill offer you a custom logo package comprising all the brand identity assets.

What does a branding package include?

Based on your needs, you can create a custom brand package with your choice of assets. However, the most essential visual assets that it includes are as follows:

Custom logo design 

custom logo design

A logo is the building-block of a company’s brand identity. Since it establishes a direct emotional connection between the brand and people, the logo makes a crucial business asset. A branding package includes different variations of a custom logo. It helps build a steady brand image across all platforms and marketing materials. 

Here’s what you can expect from a custom logo design for the branding package:

  • 3 to 5 logo design concepts to choose from
  • A primary logo for the universal use and identification 
  • Different logo variations that resemble the primary logo
  • A guide to describe the logo application across various platforms and formats

Brand typography

The branding package also includes typography information. Typography ensures how your brand appears in front of people — playful, serious, fun, professional, or anything else. Look at IBM, Apple, The New York Times, and many others. They all have a specific font that makes them visible and easily recognizable. 

Brand typography

The right font type, size, and placement play crucial roles in online and offline marketing materials such as banners, business cards, email headers, and more. Also, remember to consider empty or blank spaces. A single glance at the brand guideline should inform the designers about the font they can use along with spacing, size, and other typographic features.

What to expect from brand typography:

  • At least two or three fonts for brand identity package
  • Specific font for logo design and fonts from same family for header, subhead, and body text.
  • A guide to describe each font selection with usage and application 

Brand color

Including a color palette in your brand guideline or package is also crucial. It should contain every color you use across your logo, product label, package, stationery, business card, social media, and other marketing materials. No matter which colors you choose, they should reflect your brand’s mission, vision, and personality and evoke emotional responses from the target consumers.

Brand color

Make sure to add the Pantone Color Code or CMYK or RGB values to help identify a color. There shouldn’t be any vague name like “light blue” for color identification. Adding the particular color code helps every freelancer or in-house designer to use the same shade for a consistent brand identity. 

What to expect from brand color:

  • A color scheme comprising two or three colors that best mirror the core brand messaging.
  • Visual clarity that the color coordinates with all the other colors used in branding.
  • Use of color codes and hex codes for easy identification.
  • A guide on which color is suitable for which section and how to use it.  

Style guide 

A style guide is an all-inclusive manual that outlines your brand. You can turn your basic brand identity package into a comprehensive style guide by adding rules and guidelines for images, content, and logo usage. This will help designers and content writers stay on the same page and maintain brand consistency.

Style guide

You can also make your brand style guide more comprehensive by adding formatting, wording, and grammar rules. Your guide may also mention a few words that shouldn’t be used when referring to the brand.

What to expect from brand style guide:

  • A comprehensive guideline for image, logo, color, and font use.
  • It may also contain specific formats and tonality of the content.
  • Grammar rule for better understanding.
  • Words that need to avoid.

Additional branding assets 

Social media images & graphics 

Every social media post, along with your pages, should coordinate with your website. It should have the same color scheme and fonts. The best way to streamline your branding is to add social media to your logo or branding package.

Social media images & graphics

Every graphic, including your profile image, should match your guidelines for easy brand recall. It would be better to create social media templates for visual cohesiveness. 

Brand stationery 

Brand stationery 

Don’t forget to add stationery to create a brand identity package. Put your guidelines in a way that gels well with your branding style and guide. You can also set rules for designers and other stakeholders for incorporating such information. It helps anyone using your stationery to comply with the standards and create a unified visual appearance. 

Brand email templates 

Brand email templates 

With pre-created email templates, it becomes easier to keep our brand guidelines on point. It also helps you save your precious time. A good email template includes these elements for better branding.

  • Logo design: Each email should contain your business logo linked to your website. This will help email subscribers learn more about your business.
  • Images: Every image used in the email should carry your brand identity and follow the branding guidelines.
  • Text: Email text should have same fonts used in branding package. It should be legible and follow the branding guidelines. 
  • Brand colors: Your email should have the same color scheme as your branding package. Each element should match the same color scheme for a unified look.
  • Footer: Even the email footer should match the same color scheme as in your branding package. Adding contact details and social media accounts will make your brand more approachable. 

Misc. brand assets 

Many businesses may create brand identity packages with various visual assets. These may include packaging, custom stickers, event branding, icons, merch, and many more. Adding guidelines for these assets ensures brand consistency all around. It would also be easier for freelancers or graphic designers to understand your requirements and design relevant visual assets.

What’s the cost for a branding package?

The cost of a branding package depends on your business size and requirements. For businesses just getting their branding idea off the ground, the cost may go higher since everything has to be created from scratch. Well-established brands may hire a freelance designer to fulfill their branding package needs.

While agencies may charge you anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 and more, freelancers may cost you anywhere from $50 to $500 or beyond depending on your needs. 

No matter which one you choose — an agency or designer — be sure to check their portfolio, ask for samples, and go through the testimonials to make a final call. Visit Designhill to find the best designer for your branding package requirements.

Best branding package examples for ideas and inspiration 

Here’s a list of the best branding package examples for ideas and inspiration. Look and see what sets them apart from each other to decide the same for your own brand. 


A branding package is a strategic compilation of visual assets. Each visual asset shares the same color, typeface, logo, and theme for a unified identity and easy brand recall. Before you create your own branding package, consider its cost, your exact requirements, and the agencies or freelancers you’re planning to work with. Look at every aspect to get a memorable branding package that’s easy for others to follow and design.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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