A Short Guide To Integrating Instagram To Your Website Design

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Last updated on August 14th, 2018

The importance of website design in the contemporary business landscape cannot be overlooked. A high-performance website today goes beyond aesthetics. If you are to reach your target audience and convert, you need a well-designed functional website for this job.

An Adobe Survey shows that 38% of people stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive. A similar number stops engaging with a site whose images take too long to load. In essence, you have to blend aesthetics and functionality when coming with up with a website design.

A Business2community report says 94% of website’s first user impressions are related to its design. In fact, it takes less than a millisecond for a user to form an opinion about your website.

According to the same report, 75% of users make a judgment about your brand based on the website design. Globally, 59% of internet users would rather engage with a website that is beautifully designed as opposed to one that is simply designed. All these statistics highlight the importance of good site design.

This might not be receiving a lot of attention in your current marketing campaign but this is supposed to change.Truth be told, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the volatile internet market when it comes to web design. There are many emerging ideas ranging from responsive web design to AMP.

In such an environment, you have to think outside the box to nail your website design. You might not have thought of Instagram in terms of your website’s design but this is going to change when you are done reading this guide. Leveraging this social media platform is not only about seeking Instagram followers as many brands are now integrating it into their website design.

Here’s a Short Guide On Integrating Instagram To Your Website Design

Seeking Web Design Inspiration From Instagram

There are many areas to seek inspiration for your business website design. This is the only way to stay ahead of the pack in your niche. Your competitors are already upping the game through impressive web designs, which calls for rethinking of your strategy. While web design does not feature prominently in search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing. However, it plays a prominent role in boosting the performance of your online business.

If you are seeking new ideas to fuel your site design, it is time to take a look at what Instagram has to offer. Why Instagram, you might ask? Well, this photo and video sharing app was launched in 2010 and in 6 short years, it has amassed 700 million monthly active users (MAUs).

This is one of the most popular social media platforms today and to appreciate how influential it has become, consider that the number of Instagram users doubled over the last 2 years. Today, about 50% of U.S.brands are using Instagram and it is estimated that 70.7% will soon be on the social media platform.
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However good your marketing campaign is, you will not meet your goals if your target users will eventually go back to a poorly designed website. This means sales will remain poor because traffic driven by your marketing channels will not convert. For this reason, you should go beyond seeking followers for Instagram if you want to fully harness the power of this social media service.

How does Instagram relate to your business website design? Well, many brands have now successfully integrated Instagram into their web design and this has helped them nail their campaigns. Among the different techniques they are using are:

01. Embedding Your Instagram Feed Into Web Design

By embedding a feed into your website, you will have started fully capitalizing on the power of Instagram. You can do this just below the feed below the fold on the homepage. If you have beautiful content on your account, you can bet this will add color to your page. Users will not only be attracted to finding out more about your account but will also seek to check more products down the page. To pull this off, make sure you have an Instagram theme that seamlessly connects with products on the page and web colors.

 Instagram Feed

02. Instagram Badge

Leonardo Da Vinci is famous for many things but what marketers can borrow from the great artist is that simplicity is the height of sophistication. Now that you are trying to add color to your website, you should avoid overdoing it with graphics from your Instagram account. Every aspect of your marketing has a role and it is with this idea in mind that you can simply add the Instagram badge somewhere on your web design. This means users who want to see more of your photos and videos can easily be directed to your account by clicking on the logo.


03. Boosting

If you have an ecommerce website, you appreciate how tough the competition in this industry is. You need every tool at your disposal to drive traffic to your website and also convert. Instagram can be integrated with your web design by using a link to your beautiful landing page on your Instagram’s profile description. The photos on your landing page should make it easier for the prospective customer to learn more in order to boost the likelihood of making a purchase.

e commerce website
[Source: ipixsolutions.com]

04. Sales Approach

You can easily boost your sales by creating a page that has a clear sales focus. This means when users click on the IG pictures, they will be directed through links to the specific products to make a purchase. This boosts conversion and helps you achieve one of the most important marketing objectives.

e-Commerce Platform

05. Hashtag Feed

This is another innovative way to bring Instagram vibe to your web design. You can feature Instagram posts on your homepage to promote visibility and increase engagement with your target customers.

Hashtag Feed

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There are many other strategies you can use to integrate Instagram into your web design. To ensure you leverage the power of Instagram, make sure you first grow your real Instagram followers because these are the ones who will boost your brand’s visibility. As your follower base grows, it becomes easier to bring your site design to life with the vibrant IG vibe.

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