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Last updated on September 7th, 2017

Small business owners have a very small budget and so they want to spend on much on graphic design products such as logos. They can always explore logo design crowdsource sites to reduce their costs on creating an effective logo to represent their businesses.

Affordability of the logo design is the biggest motivating factors for the small businesses. They can easily have a logo designed at less than $300, depending on how many submission you are looking for from the designers under a certain package. A larger chunk of the prize money announced by the client goes to the winner of the logo design contest.

Logo design crowdsource sites work in a simple way. As a client, you need to launch a logo design contest after choosing a package from the site. You will be creating a design brief that gives all the required details to the designers. In response to the contest, you will have dozens of submission or design entries. Then, you can select a winning logo design and award the prize to the designer. Or, as per the condition, you can opt for not selecting any winning design.

Besides being affordable to own a logo design, the crowdsource site is also useful in saving your time. A business owner does not have much time to take care of several issues that come up in dealing with individual professional logo designers or a design firm. The client has to make many appointments which consumers precious time. The crowdsourcing site, on the other hand, requires you to post your contest once and then choose the logo that you find the best.

You also have access to variety of logo designs as against just three to four design concepts from an individual designer or a firm. Clearly, you can compare dozens of new design concepts submitted by the designers on crowdsourcing sites.

Crowdsource Your Logo

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