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Last updated on October 29th, 2021

Small businesses and startups always look for various ways to cut down running costs of their enterprises. And crowdsourcing is one surefire method for them to do many works at affordable prices. They even crowdsource a logo design to keep its cost to the minimum.

There is no doubt that crowdsourcing is no more a buzzword but a norm for the modern businesses. When you collectively mobilize ideas, expertise, funds, time to a project, it is known as crowdsourcing. Almost all types of works are being sourced to a bunch of talented people rather than doing them in-house. Today, crowdsourcing is shaping our world everywhere.

Crowdsourcing is no more taken as something cheap to cut the costs. It is a way to reduce the cost of a project to some extent without compromising with the quality. But more than that, it is about associating with a talented pool of people, tangible resources, and passions. This is precisely the reason that almost all industries benefit from crowdsourcing at different levels. Growing connectivity has made the sourcing even more accessible than ever before.

So, crowdsourcing is all about the ability to co-create by inviting participation. Considering this, many startups, small businesses, and even big companies find crowdsourcing a rewarding way to get work done. This new method is also being increasingly used in the graphic design industry. To cater to the demands of businesses and individuals, plenty of crowdsourcing sites in the design field have come up over the years.

Most such sites ask clients or business owners to launch a design contest. Then, the designers compete to win the contest by creating designs as per the requirements in brief. This way, the client gets dozens of design submissions from as many designers.

In the short period of a week or so, the client can have dozens of design samples out of which they can choose one as the final design. Prices for packages at these sites are kept considering the budgets of small to medium enterprises.

A logo is one of the most sought-after designs at crowdsourcing sites. Every business needs a logo as a face of its company. But it should be a memorable design that stands out.

Here Are Some Key Advantages To Getting Your Logo Design From Crowdsourcing Sites

01. Budget-Friendly For Small Businesses

Startups and small businesses usually run on a tight budget. They have to cut marketing costs as much as they possibly can to save money for a lot of other expenses. Therefore, when it comes to designing a logo, they send their logo work to crowdsourcing sites.

When you hire a professional graphic designer, you have to bear the high fee charges, which most startups cannot afford. The designer may charge thousands of dollars for a unique logo. For established companies, such expensive spending on creating a business identity is not an issue. But startups cannot afford. For them, crowdsourcing is the right option.

Most crowdsourcing sites dedicated to designing of logos etc. visuals have affordable pricing packages. The starting price package is undoubtedly an exciting offer for startups as they can get a logo at the bare minimum price.

However, the pricing of a logo on crowdsourcing sites depends on the number of services and features you want. For example, if you’re going to involve more designers with your logo contest for more design concepts, the price will go higher. So, you can choose a package depending on your budget. You are no more dependent on an individual designer’s high price for creating your logo.

So, crowdsourcing is a kind of pay-as-you-go services that allows you to pay only for the design you get. In fact, if you do not select a winning design, you do not have to pay to the designer or the crowdsourcing site.

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02. Minimize Financial Risks

Most crowdsourcing sites offer a money-back guarantee to the business owners or individual clients. It is not just an attractive feature to lure them to the site. It is undoubtedly an enticing offer but also a way to provide financial security to the clients.

These sites offer 100% money-back guarantee. This usually implies that if you do not like the designs submitted to you by the designers, you can ask the site for the refund. The site generally cuts its nominal processing fee and returns the rest of the amount to the client. Thus it is a safe way to try if you can get a quality logo by crowdsourcing the work.

But these sites give you the option to renew the contest for more graphic design ideas. So, instead of asking for the money back, you can revise your brief and post it again to attract more designer to your contest. This way, you can get a better logo design for your business.

03. Access A Global Pool Of Talent

When you are dependent on graphic design services of one particular designer, there are only a few design concepts you can compare. The designer will not be offering you more than 3-4 design concepts to choose from. It may be that you will be asked to pay extra for any additional logo concept.

With crowdsourcing sites, however, your logo contest will attract dozens of talented designers. They come from various backgrounds. They also have different levels of skills. In fact, most crowdsourcing platforms have a global pool of talented designers which you access easily without paying additionally.

Most crowdsourcing sites have hundreds and even thousands of designers. No company has such a vast number of designers in its in-house team. So, easy access to a massive pool of professional and amateur designers is a significant advantage. You get the services of skillful designers who can solve your design issues. This collective brainpower works on your design project.

04. Flexibility

As a business owner, you will have a wide range of design solutions. You can then pick the one that suits your business. Since there are diverse experiences and skills available from the designers, you have the flexibility of choosing a design from many. This allows you to have a solution that is the most appealing to your senses and business as a whole.

For example, if you get the services of an individual logo designer, you will at best receive only three to four logo concepts. Therefore, your choice is limited to these concepts, and you have to select out of them. With crowdsourcing site, however, you have dozens of design concepts to choose from. If you choose a higher packaging, you can even get many dozens of ideas from as many designers. This means that your chances of finding out a better design are higher with crowdsourcing option.

This flexibility is especially suitable for startups that have a limited budget. They can receive dozens of creative and unique design entries with just on design contest on crowdsourcing site.

Many crowdsourcing sites are equipped with a host of features that allow you to explore these sites even more to your advantage. For example, these sites will enable you to work one-to-one with your choice of a designer from the site. This way, while cost of the logo will be under control, you will have more design concepts and work flexibility.

05. Reduce Your Overheads

Another advantage of crowdsourcing is that your startup and small business can reduce its overheads. You do not have to hire many people just to create designs and pay them salary every month.

Crowdsourcing gives small companies access to a wide range of services and feature to create a logo, eliminating the need to hire many people. This reduces your monthly expenses and cost of running a business is manageable. With crowdsourcing, you can access a different set of design skills without keeping the designer on your payroll.

If your company has a workload and need to meet a deadline, still crowdsourcing can work well for you. You can outsource your design work to many online communities of designers. Since many skilled professionals are working for you online, you can get your work done on time.

06. Reach Out To A Broader Community

Another advantage of crowdsourcing is that it helps startups and more prominent entrepreneurs in reaching out to a larger community of designers. New businesses can use these sites to establish links with many designers.

You can get solutions, advice, and services from a wider community of designers through crowdsourcing platforms.

07. Create Buzz For Your Business

Your new business can generate some publicity using crowdsourcing sites. When you start a logo design contest, hundreds of designers come across of it. They immediately come to know about a new company that exists at a particular place. You would be telling them about your business in your design brief. Many of these designers will be actively working on your logo project for more than a week.

They will search your social media page, website, and other marketing materials, which results in awareness about your startup. The crowdsourcing sites also allow for running a poll to find out which design they like the most. These polls are also a way to promote your business. You can thus create a buzz and excitement for your contest and also for your business.

08. Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Logo Contest

When using crowdsourcing sites to get logo work done, make sure that your design brief is perfect. The designers will get an inkling of what your logo should look like form the brief. If the brief is precisely written, giving the necessary details, the chances are that you will get a logo that helps build your brand identity.

So, give details of what your company produces. Tell about the products or services you make. Give some history of your company and tell your business goals and aspirations. The brief should also give your choice of colors, typefaces or any other element if any that you want in your logo.

To attract more talented designers to your logo contest, opt for a higher pricing package. Crowdsourcing sites let you have access to more designers if you are willing to pay more for the services.

So, these are the key advantages you avail from crowdsourcing sites when you want a logo design that is impressive and unique. One such leading crowdsourcing site is Designhill that you can use to your advantage in many ways. This site provides many key features that help in attracting many more talented designers to your contest.

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Logo design is expensive to avail from an individual designer. But a memorable logo is possible to get at affordable prices from crowdsourcing sites. These sites are not only cost-effective but also allow you access to dozens of designers and design concepts. There is no risk as most such sites offer the money-back guarantee.

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