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10 Amazing Book Cover Designs From Pro Designers

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Book Cover Design

Book Cover Designs

Last updated on October 29th, 2021

Book covers must have a unique design so that it quickly attracts the target readers. A brilliant book cover design stands for the core content or main topic of discussion of the book. The designer must come out with a unique design concept and use of typeface, colors, and other elements. A professional designer understands the importance of unique book design.

We can say that book cover is the place where authors, illustrators, typographers and graphic designers meet. Even an author of a book takes interest in a book cover design to see whether or not it perfectly conveys the core message of the book. If you want to achieve truly amazing book cover design, you turn to the pros, and they really knocked it out of the park.

Here Are 10 Amazing Book Cover Designs From Pro Designers

01. Drawing Type : An Introduction To Illustrating Letterforms

Renowned typographer Alex Fowkes is the author of Drawing Type. The cover of this book is its real selling point. Creative Blog rated this book cover in its top 20 best graphic design books. Typographers, illustrators and graphic designers are the target readers of the book.

An Introduction To Illustrating Letterforms

The cover has hand-lettered typography, expertly illustrated by a master’s hand in appealing colors. The simplicity of the cover design speaks volumes about the skills and professional approach of the designer.

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02. The Book Of Heaven

Patricia Storace is the author of this book and the cover design is the work of Linda Huang. This cover uses just enough contrast to make the title pop up. The design is just abstract enough to make you look at it more curiously.

The Book Of Heaven

The geometric, crystalline structure on the cover is designed from pieces of the sky at different positions and times of the day. This unique design concept helps make “heaven” the focus of the novel’s cover as much as its title.

03. California

This memorable book cover design was listed by The Casual Optimist as one of the top 50 covers. The book is a novel by Edan Lepucki. The novel brings up images of the future that can’t be allowed to happen, a terrifying dystopia wrought with danger and intrigue.


The cover, designed by Julianna Lee, gives an image of familiar Nor Cal woods. But the woods image has been turned on its side, much like the world in Lepucki’s novel.

04. Dog Ear

This book by Jim Johnstone, is a poetic illustration on the marks humanity leaves on the world. David Drummond’s book cover design expertly illustrates the book’s narrative into a single image.

Dog Ear

The cover design has “dog-eared” letters, cut from another title, and the scratched and worn out backdrop. Very few book cover designs so flawlessly encapsulate the image of human marks left behind on the planet.

05. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki And His Years Of Pilgrimage

The cover design of Haruki Murakami’s newest novel stands out in the crowd. Designed by Chip Kidd, this design appeals to multiple senses. This cover design uses unfamiliar design elements and maps. It has a simple design which you can define in your own way to understand its meaning.

Haruki Murakami

06. Never Love A Gambler

This book is Keith Ridgway’s collection of stories, which are called “idiosyncratic and fascinating.” The book cover design by Rachel Adam is a minimalistic design. It is in pure white and some dots of black.

Never Love A Gambler

The title of the book itself becomes the basis for the cover design. The viewer can guess and see a gaming device, which stands for the ‘gambler’ in the book title.

07. Nobody Is Ever Missing

This book cover design was listed among Buzzfeed’s most beautiful book covers. The author of the book is Catherine Lacey. The cover design is by Charlotte Strick and illustration is by Patrick Leger. This book cover image depicts the antagonist who is slowly drowning, indicating her life’s struggle in finding a purpose.

Nobody Is Ever Missing

08. Leaving The Sea

Leaving the Sea is a book of short stories by Ben Marcus. The book cover design is by Peter Mendelsund. This is a unique cover design. The sea wave concept is unique for a book cover design. Also, blue is a perfect color for waves.

Leaving The Sea

09. The Third Plate: Field Notes On The Future Of Food

Dan Barber is the author of this book. Cover of this book was designed by Gabriel Wilson. It’s beautifully organic, colorful and simple design. The typographical effect gives the design a unique look and feel.

book cover design

The designer used the book title to create an image of what is going to happen in the future. To depict it, the letters have sand over them and grass growing around.

10. All Our Names

This book cover is one of the simplest designs. This novel by Dinaw Mengestu is about two young men for whom the line between idealism and violence, blurs after they come out of the safety of university compound.

A line crosses the title in the book cover design. This indicates to the bleak future that young people faced in the novel. The black background is also symbolic of a dark future.

All Our Names

Handwritten lettering and uneven letters also are indicative of the uncertainty of the future. This design is a great example of the perfect use of typeface.

At Designhill, our designers have created beautiful book cover design. We have selected two of them to show you the creative art of our designers-

01. Equipped For Project Entrepreneurship

Use of just two color, simple font and minimal design element is what makes this book cover design amazing. The designer as per the requirement of client has placed a starfish and beautifully merged it with surrounding by having sand color in the background.

book cover design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

02. Nada Es Lo Que Parece

One would simply love the simplicity that the book cover design has. The cover has an image of human as zebra which the author has used to compare the character in his story. Also the use of black and white color only gives a beautiful look to the cover design.

Nada Es Lo Que Parece

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

So, these are inspirational book cover design. All of these designs are unique and have no cliched elements. The designers made it sure that the essence of the content in the book is reflected in the book cover design. Which one of these designs impressed you the most. You can share your views with us here.

If you are an author and looking for impressive book cover design for your upcoming work, then Designhill can be of help. This is a leading crowdsourcing platform where hundreds of experienced and new book cover designers look for work.

Authors like you can launch their design contest for the designers on this platform. You can expect dozens of new cover design ideas from many talented designers. What’s more, if you do not like the designs, you have 100% Money Back Guarantee from the site.

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These inspirational book cover designs are unique and memorable. All of these designs speak for the content inside of the book. The use of colors, typeface, space, images, and symbols is excellent. All the cover designs are minimalistic, using minimum design elements to express an idea.

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