An Interview With Graphic Designer Kha Von – Winner Of ‘Best 11 At Designhill’

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Designhill – the world’s No.1 graphic design platform helps its users to get connected with talented graphic designers from all around the world. In order to highlight the creativity of designers, every month we choose the top 11 designers who submit their best logo designs for their respective contests in the month. The designer with maximum votes gets a chance to get featured on our blog and social media platforms.

In the month of February, the members of the community have chosen Kha Von as the ‘Designer of the Month.’ Kha Von is a very talented graphic designer from Serbia. He created a logo for a Bakery business. The creativity along with simplicity made his logo stand out from competitors.

In order to learn about his approach towards creative designing, interests, and career ambition, we had a chat with him.

Name: Kha Von

Designhill Handle: Kha Von

Location: Serbia

Specialty: Logo Design

Q1. What thrilled you to begin freelancing full time?

I think freelancing is something that everyone wants or tries to do at some point of time in their lives. Earlier people used to connect with freelancers through their own personal connections. But most of the professional graphic designers used to complain about not getting payments for their work. I remember, long back, one of my friends followed up for three months with one of his clients for his payment.

Honestly, during that time I used to think about how one can trust someone like this. And I made my mind that I will never do freelancing for anyone. But as someone has rightly said ‘No one knows what future holds.’ Today I have been titled as a ‘Winner of Best 11 at Designhill.’ I decided to become a freelancer because of the reality of the existence of graphic design platforms like ‘Designhill.’

Someone saw my designs and recommended me ‘Designhill’ to showcase my talent. The platform gave me the freedom to choose the type of job, clients, amount of work, etc. Thank you Designhill for changing my perception about freelancing! I am happy to become a full-time freelancer. I am getting a good amount of work and hoping to continue my journey with the platform. .

Q2. How do you incorporate feedback into your designs?

No matter what type of work you do, there will always be some flaws. The best thing about freelancing is that it helps you in flourishing your skills. Whenever you deliver a project, your client will always ask you to make changes. The feedbacks help you in understanding what the client actually wants. There is no doubt that before starting any project we get graphic design instructions from the client.

But every client has its own way to explain what he actually wants from a designer. And during the time of feedback, some clients give detailed feedback, and some say just opposite to what they actually meant earlier. But never mind. I always first try to listen to their feedback patiently. After that, I share my own opinion on the design that I create on a particular project. Based on the discussion and my knowledge I make necessary changes.

Q3. Describe your creative process. What are the major steps?

I think, whenever you work for someone, it’s very important to understand what the client wants. It gives you the direction from where to start. And this is how I start my work. I first, thoroughly review the design brief. For example, does the client want me to work on the old design or do they want me to create a fresh new design? After getting the clarity on the requirement, I do some research on how their competitors have designed their logos.

What all elements they are including? How are they communicating their vision, mission, strength or product/services through their logo design? The process helps me in getting ideas for my project. After that, I start sketching my own designs. I usually sketch two to three designs for my project. It helps in coming up with that one unique design that not only satisfies me but also gives me hope that it would be liked by the client as well.

Q4. What was the inspiration behind the ‘Happy Flour Bakery’ that made you win the title of ‘Best 11 At Designhill’ award?

Well, I am very fond of cookies, chocolates, and cakes. Whenever I saw any new bakery, I always taste something from there. Apart from that I also observe the designs, colors of the store. Bakery business is one of such businesses that require creativity in products, logo design, and store design. I always try to take some inspiration from such stores.

Talking about ‘Happy Flour Bakery’ design, well, for me the inspiration was home-made cuisine, delicious smells of food, and freshly made bread that my grandmother just pulled out of the oven. I was impatiently waiting to get that hot piece of delicious baked bread. In addition to that, the client wanted to have a logo that not only looks professional but colorful and fun too.

So I have designed the logo in such a way so that customers get lost in their own memories of childhood or days past. The use of a rolling pin will help the brand in avoiding themselves to get highlighted one particular baked goods store.

Q5. What are you passionate about besides your work?

Besides my work, I love to spend time with my family. I always make sure that I give as much time as I can to them, especially to my daughter.

I also love to listen to music, be surrounded by nature. Spending some time with nature helps in attaining mental peace.

Q6. Do you have any superstitious beliefs or rules that you live by?

Once I heard one Native American Indian saying “Whatever is yours will come to you and whatever is not coming was never yours”. In my own experience, it is true.

Q7. What’s the best of piece of advice you have heard and repeat to others?

There is a story which I heard in my childhood: There was a fire in the woods. Everyone got out of it, but there was only one small bird flying towards the fire. The bird was carrying water in her small beak.

Everyone wondered where she is going! What is she doing? And she replied ‘As much as I can do, I will do it.’ Whenever someone feels very low, or I feel the person is losing hopes in his life, I always narrate this story to them and try to cheer them up.

Q8. What’s your favourite music?

It totally depends on my mood at a particular moment.

Q9. Which is your favourite food when you run out of ideas?

As I said earlier, I am fond of chocolates, cookies, cakes, and derivative of that 🙂

Stay Tuned, Folks!

So, that was Kha Von, winner of ‘Best 11 At Designhill” for February, ’19, sharing his experiences as a graphic designer and his personal liking. We’ll come up with the ‘Best 11 At Designhill’ for the month of March very soon. Stay tuned.

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