Art Of Minimalism In Logo Design

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Art Of Minimalism In Logo Design

Last updated on February 12th, 2019

Minimalism has been a movement in art which involves creating a logo design with rudimentary features only. Some expert hail minimalism as a creative logo design trend and this form of designing has been a trend these days. Today’s designers believe that simple is better but the designers should be careful in creating a logo with this approach.

Art Of Minimalism In Logo Design

  • Nike’s swoosh design is a successful example of such a logo. The sign depicts the culture and performance of the company.
  • Many minimalized logo design actually failed as they could not convince and impress the customers. GAP logo design is an example of such a blunder and the company had to ultimately withdraw the logo and reverted to old logo.However, there are many famous global brand logos that are fine examples of minimalized design.
  • One of the purposes of minimalism in logo design is to create the company’s message by using the minimum design elements. This is where the designer should be careful since there is lots of creativity required in conveying the message through such a design.
  • FedEx logo design is another gleaming example of minimalized logo. Its attraction is in hiding an arrow between the letters E and X. The arrow is the message of courier giant’s business aspirations and progress.
  • Similarly, take a look at Amazon’s logo, which is a minimalized design. The logo cleverly conveys its business message of selling everything by connecting the letters a to z with a flowing arrow.


While minimalism is surely an impressive way to create logo design for a business, sometimes the designers take it easy and create clichéd designs. Some of them do not want to make extra efforts and take resort in minimalism, but such designs do not work for a business.

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So, make sure that such a logo is impressive and people like it so that they can relate to your business through the logo.

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