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Artist’s To-Do List: Top 5 Must-create Products For Your Artwork

by Designhill Tweet - in Printshop Artist

Artist’s To-Do List: Top 5 Must-create Products For Your Artwork

Last updated on November 23rd, 2022

Artists are creative people. They have an instinct to create something unique that catches our attention and fills us with joy. But only a few of them know that they can make a decent earning by selling their artworks. Yes, there are several ways to make money as an artist. For instance, many print-on-demand platforms offer global artists a chance to create beautiful artwork, print on various products, open an online shop and make them live for a sale. In this article, we have listed a few must-create product categories that artists can use to showcase their artwork and make money. Have a look!

If you are an artist, you have two options for career growth and making money. The first one is to display your art pieces at expensive art galleries. Not every artist can explore this option due to the high fees of galleries involved.

But, the other one is affordable and accessible. Artists can go online and display unique artworks on their website or online store.

Most of the artists today showcase their works on online stores and use print-on-demand platforms to sell art. They think out of the box, use social media platforms and drive traffic from all over the internet to your online store or website and have more potential customers.

However, while selling your works online, one of the crucial things to consider is the product choice. People generally do not want to buy an art piece alone due to its expensive cost. So, they prefer buying art printed on a product that they can use in their daily life.

There are endless product categories on which you can print your impressive art pieces. But, choosing every second product may not lead you to anywhere in terms of earning money.

You will be experimenting a lot to find out which products will sell more, and that will consume your time, money, and energy.

Therefore, a wise move will be first to get advice on picking the right product categories to print your art on and sell.

Top 5 Daily-to-Use Products You Can Use For Your Artwork

The popularity and usefulness of a product is a firm basis to pick it for displaying your artwork prints to make money. Keeping that in mind, we can line up some products that people buy frequently. Here is the list.

01. Men’s and Women’s Apparel

Men’s clothes under this category include men’s t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, zip hoodies, ringer/polo t-shirts, long sleeves t-shirts, and custom tank tops.

Creative minds inspire others Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Women love to shop for a variety of clothes, but some products are their favorite. Women frequently buy items such as t-shirts, long sleeves t-shirts, tank tops, and custom crop tops.

Cute Tiger Women T-Shirt

02. Kids & Babies

Parents buy lots of clothes for their kids and babies. But, most selling clothes in this category include t-shirts, hoodies, and bodysuits.

Take Your Time Kids t-shirt

03. Tote Bags

In the accessories section, tote bags are perhaps the most frequently bought products. Artists can surely earn more by printing their beautiful works on these bags.

Smile in Same Language Tote Bag

04. Home & Living

Home and living is another popular category of products you can explore. But, if you need to choose just one type of product to display your custom wall art on it and sell it more than others, then a framed poster is the choice. Framed posters are the art that people like to put on their home walls.

Bubble Leaf Wall Art

Your artworks will be framed and put on the walls. Since all walls in homes and commercial buildings have framed posters, your chances of selling your art become even higher.

05. Phone Cases

Phone cases are no more bought to protect the costly smartphone from falling, scratches, and other damages. More than that, these cases are a way to make some fashion statements due to printed art.

A costly phone case can also speak much about your status. You can create custom phone cases and print your illustration, etc. art on iPhone and Samsung phone cases to sell it more.

Night View Samsung Case

Print-on-demand Platform to access the products and get your art printed.

When looking for a platform that gives you access to the most popular products, think of PrintShop by Designhill. Printshop is a print-on-demand platform owned and run by Designhill, the leading creative marketplace.

PrintShop has more than 50 product categories for printing your artwork on them and selling them. But, first, you need to open your online store at this site.

It is a quick and easy process that you can complete in a few steps. There is no fee charged to start your shop on this platform.

Once you have the store in your name, start displaying your artworks such as illustrations and designs on t-shirts and phone cases.

You should try many products to find out which of your art pieces look great on which products.

Or, you can specially create illustrations, design, typography-based art, considering the product type and upload on various products just at once by using their latest feature – The Master Product.

Also, you get the chance to set the price of your artworks all by yourself. This means that you will decide the profit margin. You get the price that you deserve for your creative work on this platform.

Apart from this, you can easily promote your artworks and products on your personal social media accounts by using their self-promotion social sharing feature available on each product webpage. All you need to do is simply click, select and share.

How To Choose The Right Product As Per Your Art Style And Skills ?

Designers and artists boast of different skills. Some of them like to create illustrations and typography-based art. Others are more interested in creating pattern delights that are attractive and pleasing.

At PrintShop, you come across a wide range of artistic illustrations, and pattern design works. These two types of art skills are also the most sought-after by people when they intend to buy art.

So, Here Are Some Examples Of How Designers And Artists Should Choose Products To Print Artworks

Illustration Artworks

Are you an illustrator who loves to turn some unique ideas into colorful figures? Then, you can start showcasing your illustration works in your online store at PrintShop. But which are the products you should prefer to put your illustration pints on?

Well, going by the trend, it looks like t-shirts and phone cases are the two most favorites of illustration artists.

Here Are Some Examples Of How Illustrators Have Showcased Their Skills

i. Cat Illustration Toddler Short Sleeve T-Shirt Designed by Janinedoringo

Here, the artist has depicted a cat in an attractive cartoonish style with contrasting odd colors. This illustration was meant for kids, and so it appears on a kid’s t-shirt.

Cat Illustration Toddler Short Sleeve T-Shirt

ii. Vintage Car Illustration Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt Designed by Janinedoringo

This is another illustration art example of a men’s t-shirt where the illustrator shows a vintage car with a ‘ride safe’ message. Elements of hills, trees, and colors make this illustration attractive.

Vintage Car Illustration Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt

Similarly, women’s clothing, especially custom tee shirts, are favorite products to put illustration prints on for sale.

Phone Cases

Ma girl illustration iPhone Case Designed by Adrichavesoliveira2009

This phone case has an illustration of a girl wearing a ghost mask. It looks great on the phone cover and gives the device a new look.

Girl Illustration iPhone case

Typography Art


Fitness Art: Turn your Pain into Power Men’s Muscle Tank Designed by Manaalee Bansal

Generally, typography-based artists like to print their art on t-shirts as these apparels are considered ideal for carrying a message to thousands of people at a time. This one is an excellent example of typography art showcased on men’s t-shirts.

Turn your Pain into Power Men's Muscle Tank

Most casual clothing such as men’s and women’s t-shirts and even custom hoodies have something written in beautiful typography art.

Tote Bags

Make someone happy EC8001 Organic Cotton Large Tote Designed by Perfect Designers

Tote bags are amongst the most used products by typography artists. This is because the bags are ideal for printing a text-based message. You can see how the artist has created a contrast of big and small letters in handwritten type style in this example.

Make Someone Happy Tote Bag

Wall Art

Wall art is another popular product that typography artists use to print their art and sell. These framed posters can appear on home or commercial building’s walls mostly to convey a motivational message. Here is an example.

GO WHERE YOU FEEL MOST ALIVE Framed Poster with Frame Mat (cm) Designed by W. Harrison

GO WHERE YOU FEEL MOST ALIVE wall framed poster

Pattern Delights/Artwork

Pattern delights are beautifully created art pieces that immediately catch our attention due to the large patterns. Here are the main products that as a pattern delights artist you can prefer to print on your works.

You can use almost all the products when it comes to printing your pattern delight works. This is because people love to see the larger patterns everywhere as these give a sense of joy and happiness. So, whichever product you will use will be a good vehicle to promote and sell your delights art.

Here Are Some Examples Of T-shirts, Tote Bags, Phone Cases, and Wall Art Having Pattern Delights

Women’s T-shirts

T-shirts generally are less favored for pattern designs printing but women’s t-shirts are still the favorite products for the designers. Here is an example.

Dual Koi Women’s Relaxed Short Sleeve T-shirt Designed by Nyx Lux

This t-shirt depicts fishes patterns and looks impressive with the use of blue and brown colors.

Dual Koi Women's Relaxed Short Sleeve T-shirt

Tote Bags

Soule of music EC8001 Organic Cotton Large Tote Designed by Maryam Kabirian

This artwork consists of some abstract patterns which look modern in style and has many colors, making it appear unique and beautiful to everyone.

Soule of Music Tote Bag

Phone Cases

Phone cases are the most popular products that pattern delights and design artists often use to take art to the masses. Here are two examples.

i. Houses fantasy design. Liquid Glitter iPhone Case Designed by Ekaterina Gurova

This phone case repeated a house sketch repeatedly, forming a pattern, which looks unique.

Houses fantasy design iPhone case

ii. Blue birds world phone pattern Eco iPhone Case Designed by Ekaterina Gurova

You can see how birds in blue with a hint of red just enliven this phone case and makes it adorable. Women especially love to buy such phone covers as an expression of their personality.

Blue birds iPhone Case

Wall Art

Wall art is a lifestyle product that is mostly bought both as part of home decor as well as for commercial buildings. Pattern delight or design artists can depend on the wall frames to print their work on and sell.

Rings of polarising Framed Poster with Frame Mat (cm) Designed by Nainsi.nainagr

Here some swirling movements are shown repeatedly, making it an attractive pattern art for framed walls.

Rings of polarise framed poster

So, these are the top product categories that artists can make good use of by printing their works on them and selling more. Choose these products based on your skills and interests.

However, once you have showcased many such artworks on your online store at PrintShop, do not rest there. Instead, actively promote your online store on your social media pages by posting content regularly.

You should frequently post images of your artworks on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Give a description as well. Active promotion of art will help you drive more traffic and customers to your online shop to sell art.

But set prices of your artwork reasonably so that people can afford to buy many of your art pieces.

So, get started with PrintShop to showcase your art and designs and earn money.

Wrapping Up

Artists must pick the right products to print their artworks, such as typographic art, illustrations, and pattern designs or delights. They should choose the products depending on the art style and their skills. Most artists like to sell art printed on t-shirts, kids’ clothing, tote bags, phone cases, and framed wall posters.

Sell Your Art Online

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