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Attractive Logo Design For Kate Flowers & Petals Shop

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on March 1st, 2022

Flowers and petal shops must attract their potential customers with clever marketing strategies. Their logos play a crucial role in building a solid customer base. A professionally designed logo design attracts viewers’ attention immediately and turns them into your loyal customers. Moreover, a unique logo can also help in building your brand identity of the shop.

However, getting an attractive and memorable logo design is not easy for various reasons. Your small flower shop may be a startup with little financial means. You may not have enough financial means to spend lavishly on branding materials such as logos, business cards, professional websites, etc.In that case, hiring a professional designer may be costly due to expensive fees.

Many small businesses, therefore, opt for crowdsourcing their design needs. There are, in fact, many advantages of crowdsourcing your graphic design works. You get the designs at low prices which are affordable to all the startups including your flower business.

You also get dozens of new design concepts from many designers from across the world. This means that you can choose a design that is worthy of representing your business in your niche market.

Here Is A Case Study Of Kate Flowers And Petals Shops

Keeping such benefits of crowdsourcing in mind, one of our clients Kete’s Flowers & Petals choose to send its logo design work to our site Designhill. Designhill is a leading marketplace that connects business owners with talented graphic designers from across the globe.

The client specializes in organizing fresh flower and special flower decorations for weddings, parties and other events. As the name of the firm signifies, they are into flower selling business and their retail shops are in Houston, Texas and United States.

In its design brief, the company wanted its logo design to bear the symbol of fresh flowers and leaves. It wanted vibrant and refreshing colors with the notion of love and affection in the logo.

The client deals with exotic flowers like orchids and bougainvillea. So, the client wanted our logo designer to create a logo that had some symbolic representation for these flowers.

01. The Contest

For acquiring a creative logo design they launched a contest on Designhill. After the contest launch, within a span of only a few days, the client received numerous responses from logo designers. Around 22 designers responded to the client’s logo design contest.

creative logo design

The client received more than 91 design entries. This means the company Kate’s Flowers & Petals had ample choice to decide on a logo that best described their business type.

However, they liked the logo design submitted by H90 designer and declared him the winner of their contest. The designer received a cash prize of $599 upon winning the contest.

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02. An Engaging Logo Design

Kate’s Flowers & Petals received an engaging logo design for their flowers and petal shop through Designhill crowdsourcing platform. The winning logo bears the image of a flower and a petal in green and light mauve color.

This color scheme gives an impression about the client’s florist business. By simply looking at the logo, viewers can make out that the company is into the flowers and petals supplying and decoration business.

You can also notice that the designer has made creative use of typeface especially to reflect the shop’s business. The sans serif typeface used in the company’s logo conveys a friendly business approach of the shop.

Logo Design

This simple logo design spells out their business in the true sense. In fact, the client’s logo was as per their design specifications provided as part of the design contest. They had specified that they deal in flowers like orchids and bougainvillea flower so it was implicit for the graphic designer to make it an essential element of the design part.

Therefore, the logo design has a perfect blend of orchid and bougainvillea flowers in terms of color and design. The client as they had not specified any specific color scheme or combination, rather wanted love and affection to gush through the design of their business logo.

The name of the company ‘Kate’s Flowers & Petals’ that finds its place at the bottom of the logo too bears a flowery effect. The black outline around the flower and petal defines it very elegantly. All in all, the logo has the elements required to communicate the business type and nature of the client.

After the client conveyed its winning design, Designhill completed the rest of the formalities. We asked the designer to transform the right of ownership of design, to the client. Once that was completed, Designhill gave the prize money to the designer.

Floral logo

03. How To Benefit From Crowdsourcing

You can also benefit from crowdsourcing your logo design or any other graphic design work to Designhill. Here are some of the points to consider.

Make sure that your design brief displays all the necessary information for graphic designers. An accurate description of your company, what it does, what are your business aspirations, etc is extremely important. The designers will depend a lot on your design brief to get an idea of what you need.

If you have any image, text or any inspirational design in mind, mention it in your design brief. This will let a designer know about your preferences of colors, fonts, images etc.

Crowdsourcing site

Once the designers have started submitting their design entries, make sure that you offer your feedback to them. Timely advice on how they are doing will help improve their designs as per your requirements. Pay attention particularly to the designs that you find interesting and closer to what you want from the logo design.

If you get three to four memorable design concepts that are equally great, you may find choosing one clear winner design and designer difficult. In that case, you can use Designhill for posting these designs on social media for a poll.

This way, you can find out which of the designs the people are liking the most. This will help you make your mind and you can decide on a unique logo design.

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Kate Flowers & Petal Shop got its attractive and memorable flower shop logo from Designhill at an affordable price. The client received many unique logo concepts and selected a winner design for its business.

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