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  • Website: https://keevaorganics.com/
  • Profile: Michael O’Brien is a lifelong entrepreneur and co-founder of Crawford and O’Brien and Keeva Organics. Michael has been a web designer and developer since the ripe age of 16 and has always been a complete nerd for technology. He has been the CTO for a magazine as well as a TV show, co-founded The Open Source Project, a collaborative work space, been project manager on numerous mobile, web apps and web sites.
Photoshop shortcut

12 Key Photoshop Shortcuts All Graphic Designers Must Know

Last updated on April 2nd, 2018 There are many basic and advanced tools to use on Adobe Photoshop, and if you are one who spends long hours a day using this program – like most full-time graphic designers, it’s essential to learn and master Photoshop’s keyboard shortcuts. So if you’re ready, we’ll take a look … Continue reading