Avoid Common Symbols in Creating Logo Design

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Avoid Common Symbols in Creating Logo Design

Last updated on February 12th, 2019

One of the chief reasons for a business having a logo is that it wishes to create an identity for their organization as well as products and services it sells. But a logo has to be unique in its appearance, message and overall design in order to make any impact on the viewers and targeted audience. This is difficult task to achieve in designing a logo. Many designers falter and create similar looking logos. Such logos do more harm to a client’s business than benefits.They should specially avoid common symbolism in creating logo design so that the viewers do not take the business of the company lightly.

Common symbolism in creating logo design

You can find out many logos that use hackneyed symbols as you search for them on the web or in the market on products and services. Such logos are designed using cliched symbols that we all have seen somewhere. Many designers follow logo design trends of famous logos. They should remember that trends are not permanent and become worn out with the passing time. As a consequence, logos using common symbols soon become obsolete.

A logo designer must be aware of some common symbols and should avoid them in designing a company logo. There are many symbols and shapes that were once famous and are still in good use but they are also bad for your logo due to their overuse.

The Olympic Rings are often repeated symbols in logo designing but it has lost its value. Famous logos like Audi, MasterCard, Chanel and Olympics have used these rings which are multiple circles interwoven into one another.

Swoosh in Nike’s Logo Design has also been overused by logo designers and you should avoid this symbol. In the past years, this symbol has be excessively used by the designers in varied forms such as multiple swooshes. Molecular bonding is another symbol often repeated by the designers. Social networking site Tribe.net and open source operating system Obundu are famous logos having molecular bonding design but it has been used so regularly.

Recycle symbol designed by creating three chasing arrows in varied form is another symbol that you should be avoiding. Although it is a good representation for eco-friendly things that you want to convey, but the symbol has been overused and should be avoided. Geometric shapes like triangle and square are also often used and should no more be used by a creative logo designer.

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