How to Avoid Visual Cliches In Logo Design

Avoid Visual Cliches In Logo Design

A unique logo design can do wonders to enhance a company’s chances of beating the competitors and grabbing a sizable market share. It is now a well accepted fact that the customers like to buy from a company that can attract their attention and logo is one of the most used symbol on marketing products. This is the reason that a logo must be unique in its design. The designers should, therefore, avoid visual cliches when incorporating an image or any other elements.

Many logos have the images or any other types of visuals that we all have seen before somewhere. A company showing its patriotism often resorts to using Stars and Stripes in its logo in order to evoke the emotions towards the nation. Or, many other companies have globe in their logos. Similarly, beams of light radiating over head of an figure to portray goodness of company.

Murphy the Molar is another example of visual cliches used in logo designs.

The Molar has been overused in lots of logo designs for dentists and these are the cliches now. Your logo will not be viewed as original work by any one if such visuals are incorporated. They should be discarded right away for the very reason that people have seen them before.

Never use clip art images or stock images that are available free of cost on the web. Besides copyright issues cropping up later, you also have a to counter loss of identity for your business and you let your competitors take away a larger share in the market.

So, what to do to replace these types of routine visuals? The answer is very simple. Just insist on having a new concept of logo for your business. Though you need to pay a good amount of money to the designer, but the end results will be rewarding enough. In the long term you will realize the benefits of unique logo since it is a way to create a brand identity for your business.

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