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8 Awesome Ways To Make Money Online On Designhill

by Henna Ray Tweet - in How To Make Money

Make Money Online

Last updated on February 1st, 2023

Graphic designers and artists love to canvas their imagination into reality. They are design warriors who can provide a host for visual identities and artworks. But, many of them struggle to tune their skills into a source of livelihood. They wish to make their name in the market and gain more potential clients but, somehow, fail to do so. For them, Designhill can be the leading creative marketplace that offers many opportunities for artists and designers to make money online. This platform is the perfect platform to showcase their talent and increase earnings as a freelancer.

One of the major concerns faced by graphic designers and artists is that – they lack clientele. They are good at artwork but not good enough in marketing strategies; skills that can help them to gain potential clients.

They need platforms where they can showcase their art and get as much attention for the work. They consistently look for new opportunities to make money online. In this scenario, Designhill can come to their rescue.

What Is Designhill?

Designhill is one such marketplace that can help design and artist community to explore various options to make money online. Most of the online design platforms are known for design contests and winning prize money.

But, Designhill offers much more than the contests to the designers and artists. While design contests are chief attractions in the marketplace, it offers many other impressive earning opportunities.

If you want to grow in your design career, then this leading marketplace is your one window to have a consistent flow of work from clients. An interesting part of exploring the site is that you do not have to work hard to earn money all the time.

A designer can just focus on the core activity of participating in design contests and winning prizes. The rest of the resources for earning will automatically be working after you activate them.

Also, if you are not interested in design contests, you can settle for one or two ways at this site as your main tactics to make money online.

So, take advantage of this creative platform to advance your design career and earn money at the same time. Now, wondering what are these. Have a look to explore the best ways on – how to make money online on Designhill.

Different Ways You Can Explore Designhill To Make Money Online

01. Open A Shop And Sell

Designhill has been consistently introducing useful new resources to the design community. It has now added another platform for designers and artists, PrintShop, where they can sell artworks and earn good enough.

To cover a variety of skills of talented artists, this site allows them to sell art under categories – Men, Women, Kids & Babies, Accessories, Posters, and Home & Living.

Also, if your interest is in creating unique illustrations, hand lettering styles, etc, then start exploring the earning potential of the site.

Make Money Online

All you need to do is sign in to PrintShop and open a shop at this site to start making money online. Then, upload your artworks under different categories and sell.

As far as marketing, promoting, and delivering the artworks is concerned, the site does that for you, freeing your time for creative work. So, while you focus on the job of creating your art, the site will handle the sales-related aspects.

You can set the art prices all by yourself to make money on Designhill. Just calculate your cost of creating artworks, then add your profit margin to it. In this way, you will arrive at the right selling prices to earn a nice profit. This is your way to price the artwork competitively and earn decent money.

Want to Sell Your Artwork?

Upload your artwork on PrintShop by Designhill and get massive exposure. You can sell your artwork on dozens of products to millions of customers worldwide. Thousands of artists and designers have already started. Now, it’s your turn to sell your art and earn big!
Sell Your Artwork

02. Earn From Design Contests

Design contests are, of course, the most popular with graphic designers and artists. When they visit Designhill, the first thing they come across is hundreds of newly launched design contests.

These contests are put on the site by business owners who look for unique design solutions such as logos, brochures, business cards, websites, flyers, and many more.

To lure the designers into working on their projects, they offer attractive prize money to the winner. So, each design contest is an opportunity to make money from home as you win hundreds of dollars using your skills.

how to make money online

You have plenty of work available from design contests. These contests are your huge resource to make money online consistently. The clients start their design contests under four price packages. They set prices for the winners at $199, $399, $499, and $999.

A majority of these contests come with a guarantee that the contest owners will award the prize to the winner. So, pick a contest based on the attractive prize money, your skills, and interest to increase your chances of winning. Experienced designers have won dozens of contests and made big money in this way.

03. Sell Your Graphic Design Services

Another potent way to how to make money online while exploring the Designhill marketplace is by creating your custom services for the clients.

Based on your years of experience and skill sets you possess, you should be creating a range of exclusive services. Then, sell these services to thousands of needy business owners from across the world.

Graphic Design Services

There are over 35 categories of graphic design services you can browse and pick to sell. If you are a busy designer, devote your spare time to create, sell, and earn extra money.

You will need a portfolio to sell the services. So, how much money you will make depends on the amount of work do and efforts you make.

While deciding on the prices of design works, a beginner can even set prices as low as $5. By keeping the prices that much low as a starting point, your chances of selling the services increase manifold.

Once the buyer has informed Designhill about the transaction, you will receive the money in your Designhill e-wallet. You can then withdraw the money to your bank account.

04. Work Exclusively For One To One Design Projects

Talented graphic designers make money online also by exclusively working on one-to-one projects with clients. This feature at Designhill works both ways for clients and designers.

This means that both clients and designers can take the initiative to invite the other to work on a project. So, both of them can eliminate the design contest route to create unique visual identities such as logos.

One To One Design Projects

When thinking about how to make money online, know that the one-to-one design projects are your great resource for earning big money. While working on the projects, a designer can ask for higher prices based on skills and experience.

It is solely between the designer and the client to negotiate and settle for the remuneration. To give a start, you can use various tools like free poster maker for creating posters, our logo maker tool for creating tools.

You can work with any client who invites you directly to do a project. Even a designer can also invite clients to start a one-to-one project. You will get paid through PayPal or Skrill after completion of a project.

05. Pick The Task And Earn

In addition to earning money online from design contests and selling your services, you can find out hundreds of tasks as well at Designhill.

Browse through those tasks and pick the ones that suit you in terms of skills and expertise. In this way, you will earn more as you complete various tasks.

Pick Task & Earn

Unlike design contests, the task route is a good option to avoid competition from other dozens of designers. So, select your tasks and start earning confidently.

All you need to do is to send source files of your quality work to the clients to pick the tasks. Hand over the files to the client to complete a job. Then, move to the next task to earn more.

06. Sell Logos At Readymade Logo Store

Most logo designers have a good stock of old logos. They created those unused logos long back for some projects or to learn the art. Now is time to sell them and earn.

Before putting them for sale, you can modify the logos to make them look trendy and impressive. Then, upload them to the Readymade Logo Store of Designhill to sell and make money online. You should also think of especially creating new logos for the store for sale.

Readymade Logo Store

A majority of small business owners look for cost-effective readymade logos that suit their business personality. They will go through your display of a wide range of logos in the store.

Then, they may pick a logo and ask you to tweak the logo design before buying it. So, put your stock of old or new logos to good use in the logo store and earn by selling those pieces one by one.

07. Earn From The Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a proven source of money for many people. Under this tactic, you promote a product through your activities such as a blog, video, etc. Then, you get a commission on each sale generated through your promotional campaigns.

Affiliate Program

Considering its big earning potential, Designhill has its affiliate program running for whoever wants to make money online in this way. Under this program, you will be promoting Designhill’s logo maker tool.

How To Start With The Affiliate Program?

The process to join the affiliate program is simple. When you sign up, you receive a trackable link in your email inbox. Then, just share the link with your peers, family and other people who come in your contact. You can add the link in your blog posts, etc promotional content.

To earn money, you need to share the link with those who are looking for design services. When such a person coming from your promotional sites buys the logo maker services at Designhill, you get an attractive commission.

Every time your referral generates a logo maker sale, you will earn a 30% commission in cash. You will get the payment directly and automatically in your bank account.

So, start promoting Designhill’s logo maker service and other products through your emails, videos, blogs, social media, etc platforms.

Some of the advantages of Designhill’s affiliate program include high-converting ads, real-time sales reporting, frequent offers and promotions, free joining, and enjoy Rewards & Challenges.

The Rewards & Challenges feature is your additional source of earning money. You have many exciting opportunities here. You get 1 free design add-on such as business card, t-shirt design, letterhead, etc.

Once you join Designhill Referral Program, you can earn $50 if you generate 10 sales within 2 months. You will earn $5 for posting on social media platforms. Also, if you create a video testimonial of your experience, you earn $30.

08. Create A Portfolio To Entice Buyers

At Designhill, even your portfolio becomes one of the great ways to make extra money. This marketplace lets you create a dedicated portfolio page, where you can upload your best designs. You should include your creative art pieces and designs in the portfolio to make a great lasting impression on prospective clients.

Create A Portfolio

A feature of your portfolio at Designhill is that it lets you sell your artworks and designs right from the page. So, you can directly make sales and earn from the portfolio.

But make sure to create your testimonial page that has recommendations for your services from many of your satisfied clients. And, display your best work, including the designs that won your prizes in design contests.

When potential clients visit your portfolio, they have a glimpse of the range of your design skills and styles.

Upon finding your design collection exciting and suitable for their brand identity, many clients can hire you to work on their design projects. So, the portfolio is your way for instant client conversion and getting work consistently.

So, pay heed to these effective ways to make money online when you are at Designhill. Ideally, you should take all the resources offered by the site as a chance to earn more. But non-designers can focus one or two tactics such as affiliate programs to earn.

Wrapping Up

Designhill is a leading creative marketplace that business owners use to access design solutions. But designers find this site as a great opportunity to make money online and boost their earnings. The site offers to earn resources such as design contests, one-to-one projects, affiliate programs, PrintShop, etc. So, the site becomes a dependable source of getting clients and work regularly to earn more. But explore these features with the utmost efforts to earn consistently.

Sell Your Art Online

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