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51 Bakery Logos That Are Sure To Make Your Sweet Tooth Tingle

by Rehana Kumari Tweet - in Logo Design

Bakery Logos

Last updated on February 9th, 2023

Nothing says home like the smell of baking. Bakery business is one of the never dying businesses as people have a soft corner for sweets. No wonder it’s a highly competitive business that provides high profit too. Hence, the bakery logos plays a vital role in the growth of the business. A well-crafted logo draws potential customers’ attention and conveys a brand message. Your small bakery shop can benefit a lot from its uniquely created logo.

Bakery logos should be fun-filled and fanciful visuals. These logos intend to capture people’s liking and taste for bakery products. The success of a bakery logo is in conveying a message instantly at a glance to viewers. Typical images and symbols used for bakery logos usually include baked cakes. Such images are used to evoke some hunger for these tempting delicacies.

When talking of the bakery logo, looking at the bakery industry will be helpful. More than 3,000 independent bakeries in the U.S., generating an annual revenue of $30 million. The country has more than 6,000 retail bakeries that generate around $6 billion in revenue.

Yours may be a small bakery business that runs on a tiny budget. But do not worry about the costs of creating your bakery logo. You can even design your own logo using a logo maker.


Such a DIY tool has all the design tools and elements of colors, fonts, and images. All you need to do is pick your choice of colors, etc and drop them into a design template. The tool allows you to customize the design as many times as you want. You get your logo in this way even without any design experience.

If you are a logo designer, looking at some inspirational bakery logos will be helpful. Such well-designed symbols stimulate your creative mind to develop some unique design concepts.

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Here Are The Top 51 Bakery Logos That Will Motivate You To Drive Attention and Engagement For Your Clients

01. Claudia’s Cupcakes

First on our list is the beautiful bakery logo of Claudia’s Cupcake! This innovative logo has been designed to tickle your sweet tooth! The designer used only two multicolored colors to keep the logo design simple.

Claudia’s Cupcake

There is one handwritten lettering to create some environment of joy and happiness. The word ‘cupcake’ is an informal typeface to give an impression of a professional approach to conducting the business.

02. Hammer Sleys Bakery

Next in the line is the exquisite Hammer Sleys logo! This fantastic logo looks no stones unturned to give a mouth-watering illustration of juices dripping from the strawberries!

Hammer Sleys Bakery

There is a good use of hand-written lettering to symbolize happiness and joy. This is the way to use typeface ideally in a business logo design. The chocolate color in the middle conveys a brand message of the bakery shop and touches our sense of smell. Classical ribbon design at the bottom of the logo reinforces the message that it is an old and trusted bakery business.

03. Blue Bow Bakery Logo

The simple, subtle, and exciting logo of Blue Bow Bakery looks so yummy that it is difficult for anyone to resist the temptation of sinking your teeth in their specialties.

Blue Bow Bakery Logo

Only two colors and a handwritten typeface make this logo design unique and memorable. A perfect combination of such design elements is essential in creating a well-designed logo.

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04. A Cookie And A Cupcake

Like the unique yet straightforward name, A Cookie and a Cupcake’s logo is unique and detailed. The simple idea that a cookie and a cake go hand in hand is outstanding. Chocolate and pink colors are used every day for bakery logo designs.

A Cookie And A Cupcake

These are the perfect color choices for bakery logos. You can also notice handwritten typography to express joy and happiness associated with a party mood.

05. The Cakery

There is no great use of typography in this logo. But, this is a memorable logo because of its unique drawing of the ice cream and cherry plus ribbon elements. This helps in winning the customers by evoking their feeling of trustworthiness.

The Cakery

06. Let’s Bake CUPCAKE

This alluring ‘Let’s Bake CUPCAKE’ logo is interesting about the sweet delicacies served at the famous bakery. This stylish logo never fails to inspire and impress onlookers.

Let’s Bake CUPCAKE

This logo is an excellent example of the simplicity of design, one of the essential tips to creating efficient business logos.

Bakery logo

07. Kal’s Bakery logo

Kal’s Bakery’s logo uses a conventional chef figure holding different cakes and pastries. Though the chef figure is somewhat cliched, still it is a pretty good logo because it impresses with its use of light yellow colors of the handwritten font.

Kal’s Bakery logo

08. Hanalima Bakery Logo

Hanalima Bakery logo is that of an old-school Hawaiian bakery. The designer uses the garland as an identity of the logo and the island. The red color represents the passion and warmth of the Hawaiian people.

Hanalima Bakery Logo

09. Jennifer’s Kreations

Jenifer’s Kreations bakery logo conveys a feeling of warmth, health, freshness, and homemade products. The designer used a cursive font that is both friendly and formal to hint that the bakery professionally makes high-end products. A big tomb-like shape gives the logo design a unique look.

Jennifer's Kreations

10. Sweet Bliss

The Sweet Bliss logo looks attractive because it has a classic hand-lettering style that evokes trust and quality. It is unique due to the big S and B letters and simple sketching of an ice cream and coffee cup.

Sweet Bliss

11. Oh My Sweet Cakes

This is one of those bakery logos that make good use of iconic figures to catch attention. Here, the logo designer used the Eiffel Tower not just to drive engagement but also to hint that the quality of the products is dependable. The combination of black and red gives the logo a unique look.

Oh My Sweet Cakes


This is a bakery logo with no bakery pictures or anything that directly tells about the company’s business. Still, it conveys its brand message by incorporating a flying bird in the design to evoke the joy of tasting the bakery products.

bakery logo

13. The Zita Zone

The Zita Zone bakery logo shows an experienced and proud woman with bakery products. So, the women figure instantly evokes trust and ensures the customers of the high quality of the products. This multicolored logo is undoubtedly an attractive design.

The Zita Zone

14. Yes Please Bakery

This logo looks attractive because of the casual handwritten letters in gold. A touch of classical style is given to the letters, and golden colors look great against the black background.

Yes Please Bakery

15. Mints & Mellows

The Mints & Mellows bakery logo has its brand name in big size fat letters that look unique and classic as well. A combination of green and light pink provides the contrast which drives the attention. There is some retro feel to this design.

Mints & Mellows

16. Haneen

A cupcake, a flower bud, and a leaf make this bakery logo stand out. The logo is in red, while there is a hint of green on the leaf and letters underneath the brand name. So, people can identify this brand immediately due to the impressive design.


17. Sj’s Sweet Spot

This logo has a giant ice cream serving stand that catches our eye immediately. With pink and chocolate colors, the design targets sweet buds. The emblem appears excellent against white, grey, and other backgrounds.

Sj’s Sweet Spot

18. Old Standard

Old Standard is a baking company with a straightforward logo. Its logo is in serif fonts which stands for the formal and professional business environment. So, the company wants to convey that it produces backer items professionally by following the set quality standards.

Old Standard

19. Crumbs

Like many other bakery logos, this one also uses cursive lettering style in gold for the brand name. Some bakery elements like a stirring pot, chef’s hat, and a rose make this design beautiful and convey the message.


20. Cookie

The Cookie bakery logo has the brand name in bold and big letters to catch the eye. It is a straightforward symbol of the company to make a statement of professionalism. But it is a unique design, though there are no bakery elements incorporated in the design.


21. Bayside

The Bayside bakery logo has all the elements of trees, rising sun, and ocean to depict that the brand mainly serves bakery products to the beach-going crowd. The pink color is for the brand’s tagline that says -homemade.

Bayside bakery logo

22. Sugar Lane

The Sugar Lane bakery logo stands out due to its signature style of classic lettering. It evokes sophistication and elegance, conveying that the bakery brand serves high-end baker items.

Sugar Lane bakery logo

23. Damn Good Cookies

This logo may look messy at first sight, but it leaves a good impression on the viewers. You can notice a thumb for like, a chef’s hat, cookies, and a rolling pin. The pink and dark green colors contrast to make the design stand out.

Damn Good Cookies

24. Daily Bread

Daily Bread is in the business of delivering bread to the people’s door, as is clear from the brand’s name. So, its logo has a bicycle, mainly used to deliver the brand to homes. The bakery logo shows some bread loaves, a can of flour, and flowers that stand for happiness.

Daily Bread

25. Triplets

Since the brand name is Triplets, its logo has three baking tools to depict the business. The brand name is big and bold, sans logo fonts, announcing the company’s arrival in the niche market.


26. T. Bella’s

T. Bella’s bakery logo displays a big cup with a pile of ice cream. Its pink color dominates the design. Overall, it is a simple circular logo that looks impressive.

T. Bella’s bakery logo

27. Sister Loaves

The Sister Loaves bakery logo mainly has the brand’s initial letters and pair of wheat crop stems. Its circular shape evokes the authenticity of the bakery brand identity.

Sister Loaves

28. Carter & Kai’s

The Carter & Kai’s logo looks like an old school retro design that uses thick handwritten letters with many flourishes. A stirring tool makes the letter K visible clearly, telling about the business. This black and white logo stands for some nostalgia for good taste.

Carter & Kai’s logo

29. Majic Cake

The Majic Cake logo is a beautiful design with a big star and a few smaller stars at the top of a celebration cake. The star magic stick stands for the brand name Majic Cake.

Majic Cake

Like many other bakery logos, this one also uses a classic lettering style to evoke the high-end quality and taste of the bakery products the brand makes.

30. Morning Bliss

The Morning Bliss logo designer got inspiration from the brand’s name and created the morning sun, which stands for hope, joy, and a promising future.

Morning Bliss

All this translates into creating a message that the bakery delivers professionally made bakery products that makes people’s day.

31. Cookilla

Another bakery logo with many classical art elements. The company’s logo has a trophy-like circular shape with the brand name in classical letters. Then, some flourishing lines make a flower-like structure underneath the company name.

bakery logo

32. Leeky Fig

This is among the most beautifully created baker logos that drive attention instantly. The designer placed two figs and a branch of leek at the top, taking inspiration from the bakery’s name.

Leeky Fig

Its circular shape symbolizes flower-like completeness and stands for high-end quality products from the bakery. A mix of sleek and thick lettering styles makes the design even more appealing.

33. Caklao

Caklao is another impressive bakery logo that exemplifies how a logo can send its brand message to the audience and tell what the business is all about. Since it is a dairy business, the designer incorporated a hen crown on the first letter C, and there is a half-eaten cookie.

impressive bakery logo

34. Simple Sweets

The Simple Sweets logo is an impressive design with some classic elements. The ice cream pack is placed at the top like a crown. There are the letters with classic flourishes to evoke trust.

Simple Sweets logo

35. Dolce Morsi

This is another nice logo for a bakery brand. It features a few cookies inside a half circle and the brand name designed in capital letters.

Dolce Morsi


The logo is amongst those bakery logos that are simple but effective in conveying their message straightforwardly. Its design has a giant ice cream cone as the main feature, and then there is the brand name in big and bold letters.

bakery logos

37. Cookies

This logo has the brand name in bold and black letters that announce the business loudly. Then, there is a green stem at the top of the design inside of the circle. Indeed, an impressive design.

impressive bakery logo design

38. Sunday

Sunday is the day to enjoy family time and roam around. So, the brand name expresses this message by creating the name in casual and handwritten letters.


39. Sweet Looks

The Sweet Looks logo design is in one pink color and lighter hue. There is a beautifully designed big cake with the brand name in cursive letters.

Sweet Looks logo

40. Haute Cakes

The Haute Cakes bakery logo gives the impression of an ice cone with some colorful flourishes of the brush in blue and maroon.

Haute Cakes bakery logo

41 . 45th St.

It is one of the best bakery logos for its simplicity of design. A chef’s hat is the only feature of this design with the brand name in handwritten letters.

best bakery logos

42. Southern Baked Charm

This logo design shows a decorated birthday cake within a beautiful circle. While the graphic designer used the clicked element, it still is a nice logo to look at.

Southern Baked Charm

43. Merlin

This logo conveys its business and message by creating a curvy wheat stem that forms a half-circle. The brand name also appears nicely as part of the design. It is undoubtedly an attractive logo.

attractive bakery logo

44. Miss V’s

Miss V’s logo is in a stamp shape to convey a message of authority and trust to the target audience. This design uses a lot of elements and still looks clean and straightforward due to one dominant color.

Miss V’s logo

45. Julu Bzz

The Julu Bzz bakery logo has an enthusiastic little chef as its chief figure that draws our attention quickly. Pink, white, black, and a touch of brown colors make this design look unique.

Julu Bzz bakery logo

46. The Sandy Donut

The brand name in this bakery logo is in curvy and stylish letters, which stand out and make the design attractive. Green and brown are the two colors used in creating the logo.

The Sandy Donut

47. Havana Dulce

This is one of the attractive bakery logos, a baker’s hat to tell the business. A few curvy and flourishing lines further make this design unique.

attractive bakery logos

48. Jemimas Bakes

Jemimas Bakes logo is in a beautifully decorated stamp shape. A combination of yellow, black, and grey gives it a unique look.

Jemimas Bakes logo

49. Crusty

The Crusty logo is an impressive design due to the beautifully handwritten letters of the brand name.

Crusty logo

50. Accio Cake

Another excellent bakery logo uses traditional trophy shapes that evoke trust. The red color conveys the passion behind making and serving bakery products.

Accio Cake

51. Rockin Cake Bakery

The Rockin Cake Bakery uses the conventional elements of a cake. It looks great in colors as well as in black and white. Also, the designer combined cursive and straight letters.

Rockin Cake Bakery

So, these are the unique bakery logos for your inspiration. You can find out which elements make the logos from bakery business and industry. Make sure that your logo is a simple but impressive design that uses minimalistic design principles and incorporates not more than two to three colors and fonts.

You can create your bakery logo all by yourself with the help of Designhill Logo Maker, which is an updated DIY tool with hundreds of colors, fonts, and images choices to make. You can drag and drop your choice of design elements to create your logo without any prior design experience.

Alternatively, you can launch your logo design contest on Designhill and get multiple unique logo ideas from professional designers from the world over. You will get a winning logo design for your business in a few days at a reasonable price.

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Wrapping Up

Bakery logos should be unique so that they make a lasting impression on viewers and convert them into loyal customers. These inspirational logos from bakery businesses inspire because of their outstanding use of colors, fonts, and icons from the bakery industry. You should have a deeper look at these logos and get inspired before you set out to have a logo for your small business.

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