Being An Artist – Electra Ioannidi

Electra Ioannidi

An artist opens up the doorway to her imagination and shows the world how it looks from her perspective. Tangerines could be red and blueberries could be yellow! Yes, that’s how an artist thinks differently. In our ‘Being an Artist’ series, we introduce artists and their exceptional artwork to our global community which helps encourage novice ninjas and provides food for thought. This post is all about a Greek Artist who knows no limits when it comes to painting her thoughts on blank canvases.

Meet Electra Ioannidi, a self-made passionate artist who hails from Greece, the country of beautiful landscapes and rich heritage. Electra found her love for art way back to the days when she was just 5 years old. She even tried making a career switch but her love for art pushed her to great heights of success as an artist. Let’s dive deeper into the artistic journey of Electra and know what inspires her!

When We Asked Electra How It All Started, She Narrated From The Very Beginning Of Her Journey While Telling Us –

“The love for art started when I was just a 5 years old girl. I used to learn the names of the color thoroughly. After high-school, I chose to study Journalism but soon found myself drifting back towards art. Currently, I am studying graphic design and illustrations, both are my favorite domain. They allow me to create a free form of art that inspires me the most. I am a self-taught artist and I love to draw all kinds of surfaces I find, be it digital or traditional. Apart from illustrations, I love spending my time designing logos and packaging for businesses. It is both fun and challenging to give a face to a brand with logos and for that, I seek constant inspiration from my everyday life.”

Printshop: Tell us about your artistic journey, how did you realise that art was something you wanted to do and what career choices did you make?

Electra: When I was 5, I realized my love for art, painting, drawing, and sketching. I liked gazing at colors and every color made me feel different depending on the mood. It was like creating magic on the canvas. After high-school, I chose to study Journalism but soon found myself drifting back towards art and today I enjoy graphic designing the most.

Printshop: What is your process of creating a piece of artwork, what tools and techniques do you use?

Electra: I love watching Netflix and often take inspiration from the content I watch. I also research on Pinterest and Google for inspiration. Sometimes, I step out of my comfort zone and seek inspiration from unusual things and places. After the research, I use Adobe Photoshop to create my art because I adore the tools, brushes, and textures it offers. These tools help me add minute details and highlights in my drawings and other forms of artwork.

PrintShop: How do you find inspiration and stay creative?

Electra: I find inspiration in everything I like, and there are fan-art, plants, comics, series characters and more which inspires me the most to create my artworks. I also like to add witchy stuff to my creations using weird color palettes to make my artwork look unique and fresh out of the imagination.

Printshop: Did you face any challenges in your artistic journey? If yes, how did you overcome it?

Electra: Sometimes, I experience art blocks and it is very difficult to overcome. However; I think it is a positive thing as it makes me relax and think in other creative ways. I follow artistic meme accounts on Instagram that make fun of the artistic struggle. Those memes make me laugh and help me overcome the fear of my art block. I have just begun my artistic journey as a freelancer and it is a tough competition out there. I face rejections often and I tell myself that I can always keep trying.

Printshop: What is the best advice you’ve gotten as an artist or the most important thing you’ve learned?

Electra: As an artist, I have learned that the journey of an artist is long and difficult yet sweet and colorful. The only and the best advice that I follow is practice, practice, practice, and again practice.

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