5 Best Comic Strip Maker Tools In 2022

Comic Strip Maker Tools

A comic strip is used to display brief humor or to put views as a graphic novel. It’s a sequence of images having a small amount of text in each box. A comic strip or comic book is a way of story-telling with the help of cartoon characters or drawings. Some strips can be serious, while some are used to create humor.

You can easily buy comic books from libraries or local bookstores. You might remember some best-selling comic books of all time like superman.

In this digital world, comic books or strips are designed by professional graphic artists or cartoonists. But these days, there are plenty of comic strip maker tools like Designhill Studio available to create comic strips on your own with no experience needed. These tools help you make and share comics in no time.

Here Are The 5 Best Comic Strip Maker Tools in 2022

01. Designhill

Designhill’s comic maker is one of the top-rated tools used by professional graphic artists or cartoonists worldwide. It has an extensive collection of texts, images, colors, and many other elements. This tool is very easy to use, and you don’t need to be a professional designer, cartoonist, or artist to create a professional strip. It has thousands of in-built comic templates.

You can create your comic strip by following some simple steps. Choose a template according to your needs and style from Designhill’s extensive library of pre-designed templates. You can add images from your system or pre-uploaded photos in the library. You can edit or replace the existing details to beef up your design. There are png, jpeg, pdf formats available to download the final design with just a click.

02. Strip Generator

Strip generator is a free automated comic maker tool that allows you to create comic strips. All you need to do is pick the items you want to use from the menu and drop in the design. This tool helps create strips quickly and allows you to add objects, shapes, and human characters and scale, rotate, add colors, add/remove frames, etc.

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03. BitMoji

BitMoji gives you the chance to star yourself in self-created online comics. It’s a great tool for those who love to read comics and easily create comic strips. It has an extensive collection of pre-made characters that can be used for making original comic strips. You can add text in balloons and talk bubbles to create an entertaining comic strip.

04. Dilbert

Scott Adams has relaunched Dilbert for daily comic strips. It enables you to “edit” or “mash” a Dilbert comic by adding your own punch lines. A comic can include several community-contributed strips to form a comic list.

05. ToonDoo

ToonDoo lets you showcase your creativity and imagination and is one of the top tools to create funny comic strips. You can use the hundreds of cartoon strips designed by the other designers. Choose the best strip according to your needs and start creating.

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The aforementioned comic strip maker tools help you make professional strips to innovate your designs and communication. Some of the tools have in-built comic strip templates. You can design any type of strip, like serious, funny, sentimental, or plain, and more. These are easy to use and don’t need skills and experience.

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