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10 Best Fonts For Eye-Catching Business Cards

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Font

Did you know business card fonts can make or break your professional image? You get limited space on a business card to display all the information. And if the content of your card isn’t readable, it’s useless. Ultimately, your business card will end up in the trash bin. Hence, it’s clear that choosing the best fonts for business cards is crucial not just to show information clearly but to build your brand identity. 

But, how to choose professional fonts for business cards? If this question is making you anxious, don’t be. While Arial, Times New Roman, and Helvetica are some of the best business card fonts, there are many others that give your printed or digital business cards a legible look.

Here, we have created a list of 10 good fonts for business cards for your consideration. Let’s see them one-by-one. 

10 Best Fonts for Business Cards to Leave a Lasting Impression: 


Arial font belongs to the Helvetica font family. Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders designed this font in 1992. These two designers were famous typeface designers. Though Arial has similar curves and weight like Helvetica, Arial fonts have more rounded designs. You can find them in various sizes and styles with different weights. This versatility helps them give your business card a neat and clean look. 

That’s why Arial ends up being one of the professional business card fonts. 

Arial font


Riviera is a script font that comes with a unique character design. Though logo designers prefer this font for logo design, it has started appearing on business cards too. It’s great for headlines and titles, but selecting it for business cards needs a bit of consideration.

Riviera font

Time New Roman 

Times New Romans has been the professional font for business cards. It appeared decades ago and it’s still in use for body text, headlines, logos, and more. You can utilize new roman in any style or size. 

Time New Roman font

It looks great when you use it for body text. We recommend using it as a secondary font for your business card.  

Proxima Nova 

Proxima Nova is a sans serif font that the designers use to create a minimalist modern typeface for tech businesses. So, if your business card is for a tech company, this can be your ideal typeface. It is also amongst the clean and legible professional business card fonts, meaning that small letters on the card will also be readable. 

Proxima Nova font

Intrique Script

If you want to write your business name and title in an attractive style, then Intrique script is a great choice. Inspired by calligraphy styles from the 18th century, this is one of the good fonts for business cards. It renders a classic touch and charm of the bygone era to your card. 

Intrique Script font

Brands making luxury and high-end products can use this script font in their business cards, invitations, and other materials. 

Myriad Pro Bold

Myriad Pro Bold is a popular sans-serif font that most graphic designers use to create business card designs. This font for business cards is known for its clean, modern look suiting minimalist designs. This versatile font gives your company name and title a personality and makes an impact. 

Myriad Pro Bold


Clarendon is a bold font with strong strokes. It has bracketed serifs. You can opt for this font to give your business card a commanding appearance. This slab serif typeface is popular with brand materials. Graphic designers use this font to stand out from the competition. This font also works well when you create a logo for brands that must project a bold image.

Clarendon font 


Futura is yet another elegant font that looks great on a business card. Its availability in various sizes, styles, and weights makes it one of the best fonts for business cards. The font was designed in 1927 and revolves around geometrical shapes. Its extensive use has earned it the title of “the typeface of today and tomorrow.”

Futura font 


It’s one of the designers’ most loved fonts for business cards. This neo-grotesque font belongs to the sans serif font family that comes in 28 alternative styles! Its 6 different weights make it quite versatile.

Roboto font 


Do you think the thinness of a script font might not go with a business card? if yes, you can consider Bontella, which is a bit bulkier version. 

Bontella font

The decorative character with a fancy appeal adds a bit of creativity to your business card. Having alternative weights, 420 glyphs, and grooving baseline, this font looks great if you combine it with serif vs. sans serif fonts.

These are the best fonts to explore for creating your business card. Choose the one that expresses your brand perfectly. The font should be able to tell the recipient about your brand, whether it is a formal or non-formal brand.

You can also consider font pairing to create a unique card design. Your company name and title might be in one font, while other details are in a contrasting font style and size. That catches the eye. So, try out different business card font combinations. 

But before pressing a business card font download button, know the pricing. Your small business may not have a specific budget kept aside for costly fonts. So, find free business card fonts or the ones that are less expensive. 

There are many resources available online to download a font you like. But at present, Google Font API is the most popular platform in terms of font usage. You can find and download your desired here. The interactive interface lets you increase the font sizeto see its appearance.

Finally, another note of caution is that if you use Illustrator to design your business card, consider its card sizes. Pick business card font size carefully to get a professional design. You have these sizes options to choose from: 1038 x 696 pixels (300ppi), 88mm x 59mm (300ppi), and 8.8cm x 5.9cm (300ppi.)

Besides the card, you might also be looking for an impressive logo design for your small business.  

Designhill is the platform to source high-quality logo designs. The platform also lets you create a logo on your own. 

Wrapping Up 

Business cards fonts are vital to give the cards a unique look and personality that people can easily identify. These top 10 fonts are popular amongst graphic designers. Let us know which font you liked for the business card. 

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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