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10 Best Freelance Business Card Designers For Hire In 2024

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Business Cards Design

10 Best Freelance Business Card Designers For Hire In 2024

Last updated on November 14th, 2023

A business owner reaches out to people and target audience using all the possible means. Business cards are perhaps the most used tools to make a good impression on a client. Almost all companies, including the newer ones, introduce their products or services by offering these cards at the first opportunity. However, business card designers play a crucial role in making the desired impact on card recipients.

The first and foremost function of a business card is to hold contact information of a company. A recipient can instantly know about different addresses of a company.

The card thus has not only the name of an enterprise but also its location address, phone numbers, and websites. Today’s cards mention links of a company’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

So, whenever clients or any recipient of business cards think of contacting a company, the card comes handy with its contact information.

However, that is only a primary job of the card. Modern business card designers have transformed these cards into potent tools to drive customers and clients to a business.

Everything from placing a company’s logo design to contact details to white space, modern designers consider a whole lot of design aspects to create the cards.

Consequently, today’s cards are a lot different in their looks, designs, appearance, texture, and style when compared to their counterparts from say a decade ago.

The Importance Of Business Card Design

Why it is essential that your business card design must be unique? Your card design matters a lot in the world where clients already have dozens of such cards. With a unique design, your business card can stand out and give a desirable impression of your company.

Consider these statistics. According to surveys, 39% of people will refuse to do business with you if your business card looks cheap. That stat must compel you to create a card using a card maker that can leave a good first impression on your potential clients or customers.

Similarly, 88% of business cards do not last long with the recipients as they throw away the cards in less than a week. But with a great card design, you can hope that it will still be with the clients for a few more days.

So, either you hire a professional designer or use a business card maker, make sure that the design is outstanding and helps catch clients’ attention.

Basics Elements Of A Business Card Design

Business cards may seem to be a simple and small piece of thick paper to many. But the fact is that a designer plans a lot before picking the right design.

So, Here Are Some Fundamental Design Basics That Modern Designers Consider:

a. Logo

A Company’s logo is a prominent part of a business card design. The logo is mostly put on the front side so that it is clearly visible. It also conveys a message of trust and authenticity to the card recipient that the card belongs to the company. Usually, it is in the center of the front side of the card with lots of space around it.

b. Colors

A designer picks colors strategically. Since each color has its own power to evoke an intended emotion, the designer will use only the color that expresses the desired emotion.

So, for a fast food business, the card designer will most probably pick the red color for its ability to evoke passion, aggression, love, etc. youthful emotions. The target customer for such businesses is usually young people.

c. Typeface

Another crucial element is typeface. It gives some personality to a design. A designer picks typefaces depending on the type of business a company is in and the type of market it targets. For example, businesses dealing with toys are likely to have some handwritten comic style of letters in their business cards.

d. Space

Best business card designs look neat and clean. This is because the contact information and logo is visible clearly due to a lot of space being vacant around the elements.

Besides working on these crucial elements, freelance business card designers should ensure that they create cards that stand out. Since businesses want to present their brand in a unique style with right business card size, they want their visual identities, such as the cards to look remarkable.

They require card designs that look different from their competitors’ cards. So, simplicity and uniqueness are two qualities modern cards have.

When small business owners look for designers to work on their business card designs, they usually want a freelancer to do the job. This is because most freelancers are affordable and give more design ideas to clients to choose from.

Working With Freelance Designers

One of the best options when thinking of designing your business card is to work one-to-one with a freelance designer.

This is especially when you find that your design project is a little complicated. If you have a clear idea of what you want from the design, then also freelance designer is the best option.

Working with a freelancer, you can ask for as many revisions of a design until you achieve perfection. Such flexibility is often good to have for a creative design project. But make sure that you communicate well with the designer.

Here Are 10 Best Freelance Business Card Designers You Can Depend On Delivering You The Right Designs

01. Sara Denica Enrico

Sara Danica Enrico is a Philippines based graphic designer who is interested in creating a wide range of graphic design products including business cards. The visual designer possesses all the required skills and values expected from a designer.

Sara Denica Enrico

Small to large-scale businesses can depend on this designer for your print and non-print graphic design solutions. Going by Sara’s design portfolio, we can say that the designer loves to play with colors. Use of multiple colors seems to be a chief attraction of the designs that Sara has created for clients.

02. Sabuz Ahmmed Niyon

Sabuz Ahmmed Niyon is a business card designer from Bangladesh who shows a keen interest in a client’s design project. He has so far won 4 design contests on Designhill. Clients have showered praises on him for creating unique cards and timely completion of the projects.

Sabuz Ahmmed

His business card design for medical and pharmacy company H&M USA INC won him the first prize in the design contest launched by the company.

03. Anjali.glowcanas

Anjali is a graphic designer from India. She is particularly interested in creating various types of business card designs. The designer seems to enjoy playing with typefaces as part of creating unique designs.Anjali.glowcanas

So far, she has contributed many card designs and included them in her design portfolio. Because of her ability to read a design brief well to give clients what they want, she won a design contest at Designhill. The winning card design was for a compressed air solutions provider company.

04. Younes

Younes is a graphic designer having experience of working in many projects that involve not only business card designs but also logos, illustration, and app designs.


He is a computer graphic designer by profession, and now he teaches designing and also available as a freelance designer. He has won a business card design contest.

05. Blacklady

Blacklady is one of the most experienced graphic designers whose works range from creating logos, illustrations, packaging, and labels to business cards. This professional graphic designer believes in delivering design solutions fast and is available for work.


One of the convincing reasons to hire Blacklady is that the designer has won 32range design contests. This speaks volumes for the designer’s ability to feel what design parameters clients look for.

06. Sumana Borbora

Sumana Borbora is a graphic designer interested particularly in creating business cards. Recently, the designer won a business card design contest. The winning card design was for, which is in the wellness business.

Sumana Borbora

The card design was appreciated for its unique use of shape and letters. Clients can expect some exciting business card ideas while working with this designer.

07. Lejon

Lejon holds a good experience of creating different graphic designs, including business card designs. The designer is based in the United Arab Emirates, who has created many best business card designs and won several design contests at Designhill.


So far, the designer has won 33 design contests. This speaks volumes about clients’ faith in the designer’s ability to create appealing visual identities of businesses.

08. Raphis

Raphis is another serious contender when you are looking to hire the best business card designer for your project. The designer has so far won 19 design contests, which shows this Indonesia based designers’ great skills in creating brand identities for different clients. This designer seems to have a liking for liner art and geometrical figures, along with different typefaces.


09. Antitled

Antitled is a Romania based graphic designer. The designer is a perfect choice when you are thinking of hiring the best freelance business card designer. With interest ranging from designing websites, logos, packages, labels, etc., it shows different skills and experience. The designer has won 41 design contests till date.

Catalin Dumitru

10. Mandy Van Der Merwe

Mandy Van Der Merwe lives in South Africa. About her passion for creativity, she says, “creating something out of nothing gives me complete and utter satisfaction.

Mandy Van Der Merwe

If I can dream it, I want to create it!’’ With this zeal for creative works, she has won 15 design contests at Designhill. Her graphic design services will surely help you design your unique visual identities of business.

These are the major freelance business card designers with whom businesses can work confidently. They have all the required skill to make a design stand out.

Designhill is the leading marketplace where you can look for talented designers. You can launch a design contest for them on this site. Or, for a bigger project, hire a freelance graphic designer to work on a one-to-one basis with you.

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Wrapping Up

Freelance business card designers have the right skills and experience to work on a design project related to cards design. They can turn the cards into impressive visual identities of businesses. These major designers are master of their craft. They can make business cards designs look outstanding that help building a good perception about a company’s business.

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