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10 Best Ideas To Generate More Income As A Graphic Designer

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Graphic Designers

Graphic Designer

Last updated on January 27th, 2023

The popularity of graphic designing has been soaring over the past few years. Many aspirants take training or courses to become a professional graphic designer, after successful completion which they land lucrative job offers. However, it has its own pros and cons. There comes a time when your professional growth stops. It also halts the scope for new learning and technical know how unless you push yourself against the boundaries.

Working in a 9 to 5 job doesn’t mean you should limit yourself. You can find out new methods that would bring more money. With those options, you can have the best passive income as a graphic designer!

Do you know that there are many ways to earn handsome money as a professional graphic designer? You can increase your income without graphic design side hustle or work overload.

Top 10 Ways To Generate Passive Income As A Designer

01. Start Blogging And Monetizing It

Do you enjoy writing? If yes, blogging could be the best option for passive income. Monetizing it can generate extra income. However, you don’t need to involve in the rigorous maintenance of your blog. Don’t be someone perfecting your blog in one go.

Remember, what Neil Patel has to say about it — “If you want to grow your blog continually, you need to learn to blog consistently.”

A blog is one of the best ways to draw attention. Being a creative professional, it won’t take much of your time. However, you need to focus on building a relationship. Later on, you can leverage it in many ways.

Start Blogging And Monetizing It

If you post good content along with pictures, other websites and people would be attracted towards you. Even, you may land some paid sponsorship’s from other individuals and brands.

Don’t worry if you have no prior experience to start your blogging site. Go through our — how to start a blog on graphic design guide to create one.

You can also include podcast in your blog in case writing isn’t feasible for you. The number of podcast listeners is growing exponentially. If you have covered topics related to design, which may benefit other designers or help people, then your blog would be successful in no time.

Consider The Following Stats Before You Jump On Creating One

But before you jump on creating one, we suggest you go through these stats first:

i. By 2020, the total number of bloggers in the United States is expected to achieve 31.7 million users. At present, the number is about 31.2 million. (Source: Statista)

ii. 81% of B2B firms find Blogging as a doable content marketing strategy. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

iii. Marketers who do blogging on a priority basis are 13 times more likely to witness a positive ROI. (Source: HubSpot)

You can use your blog as a tool to generate passive income.

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02. Freelance To Crowdsourcing Sites

As a designer, creativity comes to you naturally. All you need to do is to get creative about creating passive income. Freelancing is one of our top ten ways to do so.

You can consider freelancing as your passion or start it as a way to pay your bills. If you create reusable art, stock templates, graphics or design a logo, it could be your ultimate source to earn money online. Publish your artworks on crowdsourcing sites or create your own profile.

The popularity of making money online through freelancing is gaining momentum in designing community. In the past few years, it has turned out to be a growing industry and a perfect choice for professional graphic designers to make money online. Creating profiles on crowdsourcing sites isn’t challenging.

It exposes you to a broad marketplace. You can take part in various design contests launched by these platforms to earn a higher percentage of revenues from your designs. If you want to start slowly, then there is no better option than choosing a crowdsourcing site.

Freelance To Crowdsourcing Sites

The various contests need you to design a logo, create a brochure design, business card design, create a social media page design, along with others.

Some of the crowdsourcing sites where you can create your profile and participate in contests are — Designhill, 99designs, Creative Market, and Graphic River.

The single logo design, at these platforms, can be designed for $500-$1000 or more as per the client’s budget.

Depending on the work, sometimes clients choose to hire a freelance graphic designer for their design related work.

03. Start Teaching Online

How about sharing your knowledge online and earning money? E-learning has boomed to become a large industry. Even more and more people have started choosing online as a preferred method of education.

Start Teaching Online

You can host specialized webinars or create online courses to earn passive income. Undoubtedly, creating an actual teaching material, organizing and shooting videos is somewhat challenging.

However, if you do it properly, it will start generating traffic and money. You need to do it actively under passive income planning.

04. Start A Workshop

The importance of face-to-face communication hasn’t decreased yet. If you are good at designing, running a workshop would be the best idea for passive income. Of course, you need a studio or ample space.

Start A Workshop

You could also look out for alternative options like using a university library. As people are keen on signing up themselves for online learning, they love showing their interest for workshops as well. They like being part of a live session, learning, meeting, and mingling with other people.

Besides lending a hand to others in improving their knowledge, a workshop can increase your exposure too. It boosts your credibility and gets you new business opportunities.

05. Sell Merch

The craze of custom t-shirt is gripping men and women alike. This has led people like you to start their own merchandise line. Starting a custom t-shirt business isn’t challenging as it seems. All you need an excellent design to create a fan-base in the market.

Sell Merch

There are many drop shipping services and marketplaces, which will help you get passive income flowing. Printful, Designhill PrintShop, and Printify are the platforms worth exploring.

Many designers turned entrepreneurs use custom apparel as an addition to create a brand and revenue stream.

06. Start Design Consultation

Design consultation is one of the best ways for passive income for designers in 2019. Nowadays, businesses cannot prove their existence without a website design. Also, they need a beautiful website to stand out in an overcrowded market.

Start Design Consultation

You can use your graphic design knowledge and make money online! What all you need is to start consulting side business. Start charging an affordable price as a consultation fee. It doesn’t involve any upfront cost for you but your knowledge and skill.

07. Design Decals For MacBook Or iPhone

Here is yet another best way to make passive income as a graphic designer. And, that’s by designing decals. iPhones and MacBooks are perhaps the most cherished devices among tech-savvy consumers today. For many people, they are nothing like a prized accessory. They love to customize it with cool stickers and decals.

Design Decals For MacBook Or iPhone

So, the best way is to start designing decals. You won’t make millions all of a sudden by this, but it is the best way to make some extra bucks. If you succeed to establish yourself as a successful designer, the domain will help you earn thousands per month. Etsy is a great platform to get started.

08. Design WordPress Themes & Sell It

The demand for customized WordPress themes is increasing among entrepreneurs and bloggers. Even, some designers make money in seven figures just by selling WordPress themes that they designed. If they can, so can you!

Design WordPress Themes & Sell It

Create an underlying theme or make a bit more attractive using elements. Use tools such as Elementor Pro 2.0 to customize. Register yourself on a marketplace such as ThemeForest to cut-down the side hustle and create passive income. What all you need is a versatile portfolio that showcases your WordPress themes.

09. Sell A Custom Typeface

Are you good in typography? Do you love creating custom typefaces? If yes, you can earn money online as a graphic designer by utilizing your typography skills! You can develop custom fonts and sell them through various platforms such as MyFonts.

Sell A Custom Typeface

It is one of the most significant sources for passive income. Remember, CocaCola or Yahoo’s typefaces? Both are custom-made. If you have flair in typography, you can make most out of it for extra earnings.

10. Write An eBook

Are you someone who is visually-driven? If yes, words won’t entice you much. But no one would express your ideas and views better than you. As a designer, you should master the art of writing too.

Write An eBook

Writing an e-book might help you crack the code for passive income. No, it doesn’t need you to write a complete scripture. You can create an e-book with high-quality articles that incite actions. If you can create a blog, you can write an ebook too!

Bottom Line

The ten ways discussed earlier should get you into the world of passive income. Try any one of them to earn some extra money. Don’t forget to share your idea of passive income as a designer.

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