4 Best LinkedIn Banner Templates In 2022

LInkedIn banner templates

LinkedIn is an employment-oriented service that operates through mobile apps and websites. This is a widely used online platform used by job seekers and employers, especially in the private sector. Job-seekers post their resumes on their accounts and directly communicate with other professionals. At the same time, recruiters can view their profiles to check if their profiles, skill set, and experience fit their requirements. To get the maximum eyeballs, your LinkedIn profile must look impressive. LinkedIn banner templates help you design professional banners with great ease.

Leaving a good impression is a must to initiate communication, and a well-thought-out designed LinkedIn banner helps your profile stand out in millions of profiles.

LinkedIn banner templates are the best option these days to design excellent LinkedIn banners. LinkedIn banner templates are handy to create precisely the desired banner design.

Anyone can create professional LinkedIn banners in minutes using the Designhill Studio tool with hundreds of template designs for different needs. These template designs are fully customizable in terms of every element like font, text size, etc.

Below Are The Top 4 LinkedIn Banner Template Designs In 2022

01. ‘We Are Hiring’ LinkedIn Banner Template

This LinkedIn banner template is one of the most popular among all due to its text. Hiring in a company is what every professional person wants to see.

And as many people are looking for a job, this LinkedIn banner template is the best one to grab many LinkedIn users’ eyeballs. It can also be used for other processes apart from hiring by changing the text and image accordingly.

02. ‘Business Woman’ LinkedIn Banner Template

This LinkedIn Banner Template is for the professionals of a specific brand or company. The objective of this design is to highlight the person that is related to a specific brand. Individuals can use this banner design to associate them with their company.

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03. ‘Motivational’ LinkedIn Banner Template

This LinkedIn banner template design is among the top choices for those who want to give others motivational messages and inspiration. Many company profiles or individual professionals use this LinkedIn banner template for their profiles.

There are many quotes that can be used in this template based upon the occasion. While creating a LinkedIn banner, the website link can also be mentioned, as shown in the screenshot above.

04. ‘Photographer’ LinkedIn Banner Template

This LinkedIn banner template design can be used by individual professionals and those who are working for some company or brand. It is best suitable for the photography industry, where professional photographers can customize this template design and use it on their LinkedIn profiles.

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LinkedIn has emerged as one of the top competitors of job portals in recent times. As there are Company recruiters that can be connected directly with the job applicant, and by looking at the candidate’s profile, the company profiles are also viewed by the candidate before applying for the job. The candidate gets the idea about the company before deciding whether to apply or not.

Therefore, the template design for the LinkedIn banner must be professional looking; that can be designed using LinkedIn banner templates with ease. Be it a company profile banner image or a professional LinkedIn profile banner; both can be created with ease and in just a few minutes.

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