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22 Best Massage Logo Ideas For Your Spa And Massage Centre

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Massage Logo ideas

Last updated on June 29th, 2020

Today, the spa has become one of the popular alternatives for people to get relaxed and pampered. It has also become an ideal option for those who look out for spas to get anti-aging skin care treatments or to attend retreats that focus on mindfulness. With the rising demand, entrepreneurs have started considering it as an ideal option for business. They need to come up with compelling massage logo ideas to grab the attention of the target audience and for a long-lasting impression.

A spa offers a range of health and body relaxation services, which include steam baths, massages, body scrub, etc. The term ‘Spa’ usually relates a resort situated on the grounds of the mineral springs having health-promoting properties.

The word also refers to a vast range of commercial facilities that offer various wellness treatments. The International Spa Association defines Spa as “a place devoted to well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body, and spirit.”

According to Allied Market Research, the global spa service market is expected to touch $154.6 billion mark by 2022. Increase in a hectic lifestyle, demand from teenagers, numbers of working women, popularity among male customers are some of the factors that are responsible for the global increase in the demand for spa services.

Creating med spa logos require creative thoughts to bring out the relaxing and calming feel to the audience. So whether you are a massage business owner or planning to start a massage business you should have a clear idea of how the massage therapy logo should be then you can choose between creating logo on your own using online logo creator or getting it designed by professional designer. That is why we have come up with inspiring logo ideas for your massage and spa center. Let’s have a look!

22 Best Massage Logo Ideas For Your Spa And Massage Centre

01. Body Medics

Body Medics is into neuromuscular massage therapy. They’re specialized in sports massage as well as therapeutic massage for chronic pain and soft tissue injury. The designer chose to have a wordmark logotype.

Massage Logo

The design of the logo not only conveys healing but also communicates athleticism and strength. The green color represents natural, healthy; while black color depicts strength, power, and authority. Out of 120 designs, the client chose this design as a winner.

02. RestoreMove

This is one of the best massage therapy logos we have received on our platform. The designer has smartly come up with the design that evokes the feeling of hope for relief from chronic pain & tension, and restoration of the free movement that clients used to have.

massage therapy logos

The logo features an icon ‘R’ and an ‘arrow’, which is a visual representation of ‘Move’. The brand name has been positioned just below the icon. The green and blue colors in the logo represent natural, healthy, professionalism, and trust.

03. Mountain Cascade Massage Therapy

Modern, unique, eye-catching, and memorable – this is what best describe this massage logo. The ‘M’ gives the impression of the mountain and a cascading effect. It provides the rippling effect that the person feels after the massage while interacting with others. The cyan blue with a combination of white looks great on black background, making this one of the best massage logo ideas.

Therapy Logo

04. Aesthetica Wellness

Aesthetica Wellness is a company that provides skin care services like waxing, eyebrows, facials, etc. to the clients. The brand is also planning to expand its services like anti-aging, weight management, nutrition, fitness, etc.

skin care logo

Keeping all that in mind, the designer has created a logo that features an image of wellness flower. The brand’s initials are inside the flower. ‘Aesthetica Wellness’ is written just below the image. Overall, the design evokes the feelings of health, happiness, calm, bliss, and pleasures.

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05. WestBliss MedSpa

When it comes to creating spa logos, most of the designers choose the image of a lotus flower. To make ‘WestBliss MedSpa’ stand out from the crowd of competitors, the designer has incorporated the New Zealand silver fern around the flower.

WestBliss MedSpa

The brand name has been placed just below the image. The blue and grey colors in the logo represent professionalism, trust, and stability.

06. Secret Spa & Salon

Secret Spa & Salon specializes in waxing, facial, skin care, eyelash extensions, and many other beauty services. ‘S,’ being the dominant letter in the brand name, the designer has created an icon with a triple S effect. The brand name is below the icon.

Secret Spa & Salon

The usage of silver and blue color signifies modernity, sophistication, professionalism, and trust. The unique design with an unusual color combination brings it into the club of the top skin care logos.

07. Soul T.O.U.C.H Massage

Soul T.O.U.C.H is a mobile massage business. The abbreviation ‘T.O.U.C.H’ stands for “therapy offering unconditional care and healing.” The designer has used the half-curvy female icon in this massage therapy logo.

Soul T.O.U.C.H Massage

The brand name is adjacent to the image. The simplicity of the logo makes it a great one of the best massage logo ideas.

08. The Healing Room

The Healing Room is into providing specialized chronic pain management and relief services. They work with clients who have pain due to trauma, accidents, and repetitive stress. Just like the brand name, the designer has created an icon featuring hands supporting the heads of two healing individuals.

The Healing Room

To evoke the feeling of hope of life and self-transformation, the designer has drawn the icon in the shape of a butterfly which looks terrific if included in business card designs. The grey color in the logo signifies strength, balance, and reliability.

09. Nature’s Rock Salt Therapy

Nature’s Rock Salt Therapy provides halotherapy treatment that involves inhaling salt particles. Such type of medications is beneficial for several respiratory conditions.

Nature’s Rock Salt Therapy

The designer has used the image of nature along with the inhaling salts to give a visual representation of the brand name. And the usage of green and blue colors represents natural, healthy, professionalism, and trust.

10. Pura Vie Spa

Pura Vie Spa provides holistic massage, facials, and yoga instruction to the customers. The name of the brand is a combination of French and Spanish, which means ‘Pure Life.’ The designer has created an image of hands, along with the water droplet sign, which signifies care, healing, cleansing, and renewal. The blue color represents professionalism, power, and trust.

Pura Vie Spa

The catchy name and logo design make this logo one of the best massage logo ideas. It’s advised to research and get some spa business name ideas if you are planning to open a spa and massage business. This exercise will help you get a unique and catchy name for your business.

11. Magnifique Vous Spa

This French day spa specializes in rejuvenating, reenergizing, and reinvigorating the mind, body, and soul. The spa is providing its state-of-the-art services to luxury seekers all over the world. Luxury seekers being the target audience, the designer has created a simple and modern logo that also looks luxurious.

Magnifique Vous Spa

12. CocoBerry Woman’s Organic Spa

Modern, simple, earthy, organic look – these are the words that best describe this beauty of logo. Since the brand focuses on women treatments, the designer has given a feminine appeal to the logo design. The green color represents nature, health, and growth. To bring out the message that the spa is for women clients, the designer has used pink color in the logo.

Organic Spa

13. Peonies Day Spa

This brand also is focused on proving day spa services to women clients. Keeping this in mind, the designer has created an icon featuring a pink lotus with a relaxing woman face. The brilliant use of negative space makes this hair salon logo one of the best logos of the industry.

Day Spa

14. Dynamic Mobility Consultants LLC

The brand specializes in mobility training and massage therapy (Functional Range Conditioning/Functional Range Release), working on restoring range of motion in clients, and then adding endurance, stability, strength, hypertrophy, and power once a base level of mobility is acquired. The designer has created a design that perfectly matches the brand personality.

Dynamic Mobility

15. V La Von Studio Spa

V La Von Studio Spa provides professional skincare, customized facials, body treatments, waxing, and make up for all occasions. The designer chose to have a wordmark logotype. The type of lettering and usage of green and pink colors give the logo a fresh, innovative, and friendly look.

V La Von Studio

16. Oasis Float Spa

Float spa provides a means to relax and mentally rejuvenate. It also provides physical benefits, but its main focus is on relaxation and wellness. By removing sensory stimuli (sight, touch, hearing), Float gives its customers the benefits of brain fitness very similar to the deep meditation, without the need to develop the discipline of a master meditator.

Oasis Float

The designer has created a wordmark logotype. To convey the business nature, they have given a watery effect in the letter ‘O.’ Overall, the design is simple and subtle and will look great in a web page design.

17. Art Of Rejuvenation

The brand provides medical spa and aesthetics to both men and women of all ages. The designer has created an image of a lotus flower; which is a symbol of purity of body, speech, and mind. The brand name has been positioned just below the image. The gold color used in the design gives this logo a luxurious, classy, and high-end look.

Art Of Rejuvenation

18. MoSa Spa

Chic, modern, and elegant – these are what best describe this med spa logo. The designer has created a design artistically. The font style and the colors are simply outstanding.

med spa logo

19. Hot Tub Headerz

The designer has created an image of a hot bathtub to give a visual representation to the name of the organization. By looking at the logo, one can quickly identify the nature of the business. And this is one of the great things designers throughout their career journey.

Massage Logos

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20. Off The Essence

Off The Essence is yet another brand from our list that provides massage therapy to clients of all ages. The designer has created a simple yet elegant logo for the brand. The logo features an image of a lotus flower, along with the brand name that is placed just below the icon. The best thing about the logo is the usage of colors (blue color family) in the design.

Massage Logo Ideas

21. Ageless

The brand offers the latest trends, such as an IV bar, but they also give Botox/Filler injections, facials, and other spa services. The designer has created a design by using the initial of the brand name. The simplicity of the design with a powerful impact has motivated us to add this under our best beauty logo ideas list.

Massage Logo Idea

22. The Skin And Lazer Spa @Vitality

It is a high-end medical spa that offers laser skin services, botox, fillers, facials, laser hair removal, and other cosmetic procedures. The logo features an image of leaves along with the brand name that has been positioned below the image. Just like its target audience, the design is modern, feminine, and elegant.

Massage Logo Ideas

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