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Last updated on December 1st, 2022

Quotations are financial documents that a service provider or product seller gives to a consumer. They state the price of a particular service or product under specified conditions. A quotation is actually an ice-breaker or the first step towards a business deal. No matter whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, your quote or invoice must be created in a manner that clearly states prices for each service or product that the buyer has inquired about.

But creating one such quotation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Customer-centric quote plays a significant role in specific industries. A well-designed quotation provides you the perfect opportunity to impress the target audience with the product/services you offer. If you don’t receive the reply to the quote, this could be due to the poorly prepared quotation document.

In fact, a quotation is a creative work that needs inspiration, creativity, and a good understanding of the niche market and accounting.

Thankfully, we have Designhill quotation generator — an AI-powered online tool that makes quotation making an effortless task. The tool provides a plethora of pre-created design templates for each category. Choose one that best suits your needs and start creating your quotation. You don’t have to design it manually. All the templates are 100% customizable.

So all you need to do is fill in your organization details. You will get the perfect placeholders to mention your company name, address, and logo in proper order. It also has the place to highlight your mandatory information that your customers want to see.

What do you get from Designhill’s quotation maker?

Power Our Fully Customizable Free Online Quotation Maker

01. Choose A Pre-designed Format To Get Started

Designhill’s DIY tool serves you endless customization options to create your desired quotations for your business. Once you have entered your business information, customize the fonts, colors, and image according to your business needs. With a perfectly designed quote, you can thrill your customer and close the deal.

02. Pay Close Attention To Details To Set Off

Before going with your inspired knack, make sure your quotation carries accurate information about your brand services, price, taxes, and cumulative value. You should keep your signature and other important information there in the footer.

03. Take Your Company Quotation To The Next Level

This Quotation Maker enables you to make appealing quotations in just a few minutes and without having design experience. You can customize your quote by entering your required details and making changes in the fonts, colors, texts, layout, etc. Then, you can download or share it with your clients. It doesn’t matter whether you are a manufacture, consultant, or business owner.

How to make a quotation online?


Impress your customers by taking your branded quotation to the next level with Designhill quotation maker. A well-prepared quotation document will help you win the deal. Now close your important deals with a creative quotation maker that makes your quotation client-centric.

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