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50 Best Real Estate Logos For Inspiration In 2024

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Real Estate Logos


Last updated on November 15th, 2023

The real estate industry is dotted with hundreds of new and established companies. And, for these companies, the foremost way to create brand value and grab customers’ attention is – LOGO. A real estate logo acts as a visual tool to the prospects. It creates an iconic impression that can separate one company from others. However, only unique and inspirational real estate logos can reflect the brand value. Keeping that in mind, designers should also take note of the new design trends emerging for this industry in 2024.

Like all industries, the companies in the real estate sector should also come up with unique branding strategies. Logos are time-tested visuals to establish a company’s brand and authority in niche markets. Besides, a well thought of logo design also engages viewers and customers with the brand. Note that a logo maker can also help you get dozens of unique logo ideas instantly responding to your design brief.

In the real estate sector, some typical elements such as a rooftop frequently used in designing a logo. But, still such a design failed to evoke an emotional response from the viewers. Therefore, for designers, out-of-the-box ideas to create a real estate logo matter a lot.

The Importance Of Design Trends

What is the new and emerging design trend? Graphic designers often ask this question to fellow designers to get an update regarding the use of colors, typefaces, symbols, icons, etc elements.

They understand that a new trend can emerge because of the subtle changes taking place in people’s preferences for colors, designs, etc. Like the fashion world, the design world too has new trends emerging every year.

With a trendy logo, a business becomes relatable to people. They can instantly connect with a brand that uses their changed preferences of colors etc.

Adhering to some key design trends is also important to engage an audience with a brand. However, follow the trends only when you think it will contribute to making your logo stand out.

But you need some inspirational ideas as well to charge your creative brain. To help you create real estate logos that are trendy and unconventional, we give you a long list of inspirational constructional logos from the real estate world.

These designs give you a hint of what the year 2024 has in store in terms of logo design trends.

Have A Closer Look At These Inspirational Real Estate Logos

01. Minnesota Home Pro

This logo has a conventional rooftop with four windows. People immediately know that the company is in the real estate business. The use of serif fonts for the company name conveys the company’s professional approach toward dealing with the customers and other matters.

Real estate logo

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02. Cruxcel

The Cruxcel is in the field of development, construction, and management of properties. Its logo is an example of how designers now prefer creating minimalist real estate logo designs.


Rather than using conventional elements like rooftop and windows, now just a few lines convey the message. In this logo, a square box in a thin line represents the property business. The message is in the text under the company name.

03. JT Home Team

The JT Home Team logo design is neat and clean design. It has the company name and a circular shape with the company’s initials created in it. The emphasis here is to create a design that can be projected as a simple and unique symbol of the real estate company’s business.

Real Estate Logos

04. Riverfront

Sometimes, designers make good use of the location that a client mentions in a design brief. In the Riverfront Tittle agency’s real estate logo design, you can notice the scenery that surrounds the company’s office building.

Real estate company logo

So, the designer included a factory with three smokestacks, a river, and a bridge. These elements created an identity of the company through the logo.

05. AP

This logo is for a real estate & mortgage company. The company’s initials are styled beautifully in this design. The letter A is shaped as the sailboat icon and the P is a fish hook.

real estate logo ideas

To make the logo look like a monogram, as per the brief, the designer enclosed the letters in a circle. So, when using a logo maker, create a design like this one that is precise and conveys its message instantly.

06. Denver Real Estate Professionals

You can classify this logo as simple, catchy, and unique. The colors are inviting the audience to have a look at the design and, therefore, the company’s real estate and mortgage business. The three colored lines also stand for the construction business.

Denver Real Estate Professionals

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07. North Stream

This logo is an indication of what direction the real estate logo designing is going to take in 2024. The logo is a clear departure from the use of conventional elements and, instead, adopts a clean and simple design approach.

North Stream

Here, the designer incorporated the company name with the S in the middle shaped like a musical instrument. It gives the logo and company identity.

08. Sagamore Hill

Sagamore Hill is a new investment company. Since a new company looks for quick recognition in its market, the designer used the company’s name in the business logo so that everyone can read the name. Moreover, the rectangular box with navy colors evokes professionalism in the investment business.

Sagamore Hill

09. Woodlands Ridge

A reason for this logo having a pine tree is that there are a lot of such trees in Woodlands, Texas. That shows how local elements can help create an identity of a business and its logo. In 2024, real estate logo designers are likely to incorporate regional identities to create logos that stand out.

Woodlands Ridge

10. Novak Solutions

This logo is for a commercial building, which is a place to buy land, houses, and construction. Soluciones inmobiliarias Is the company’s slogan. The designer created a house shape using line art.

Novak Solutions

The lines are in “N” shape for the company name and there is the right sign also that stands for the perfect real estate solutions. Make sure that as a designer, you come up with unique graphic design ideas such as this to stand out.

11. Abbott Row

The Abbott Row logo design is for a condo building in Washington DC. The logo was specially created to sell a set of fresh condos in the area. You can notice the simplicity and precision in the design, which is now like a hallmark of modern real estate logos.

Real Estate Logo Idea

12. Rooster

Multicolor logos are rare in the real estate industry. Therefore, this Rooster logo design stands out in its niche market. Rooster Real Estate Group specializes in residential sales and commercial development.


13. Michael Gourkani

This logo design for Michael Gourkani conveys targets affluent people who buy luxury homes. The key is the symbol of owning a property. The logo is an upscale, clean and simple design that focuses on the name. Also, the color combination of black and gold stands out to target million dollar high-end luxury homes.

Michael Gourkani

14. BRM

This logo has two date trees as its way to catch the attention. Blue is the color to evoke feelings of friendliness and black stands for power and authority. To find a tree element in a real estate logo design is very rare but indicates to the future trend.

real estate logo design

15. Titn

Another unusual logo design for a real estate business. The company plans and builds residential and commercial properties from the ground up.

real estate business

Its logo as if depicts the lifting movement that is so visible at a construction site. Blue and black are the main colors that convey friendliness and authority of the company’s services.

16. The Peach Team

The Peach Team offers mortgage services. Here, its logo depicts a peach that is borrowed from the company name in the design. Green leaves stand for growth and house design reflects the company’s real estate business.

The Peach Team

17. Motor And Tabor

This is the real estate company luxury apartment logo that the client wants to have as its identity. Some rectangle boxes and lines make gives the appearance of a rising building. The trend of conveying a message by drawing a few lines is picking up with designers to create logos in this sector.

real estate company luxury apartment logo

18. Mckelvy

McKelvy Realty, LLC is in real estate and mortgage business. The designer used the company name’s initial letters into forming the logo in the shape of a small square box.

McKelvy Realty

Notice that there are no conventional real estate elements here. Only blue and black are the powerful colors and the use of the bold design of the letters conveys the message.

19. CAA

The Commercial Assets Advisers logo is another example of simplicity. An arch is the sole eye-catching element that dominates the entire design. It also makes the design stand out.

Commercial Assets Advisers

20. Estates Budds LLC

Sometimes, the designers use twist letters into creating some shape out of them. The Estate Buds LLC. real estate logo design is one such example. You can see the letters E and B created in the design beautifully. I hope you found the B.

Estate Buds LLC

21. House Of Hawley

The House of Hawley logo conveys luxury and class due to the conventional element of the classical style of the gate design and letters. In this way, the company stands out in its realty services.

Construction Logo Design

22. Siteline

Siteline is a real estate developer based out of Boston MA and specializes in custom build-to-suit single-tenant stores. The company’s name is represented by the letter S on the left and the lines on the left side of the design. This is a beautiful way to create unique designs that also stand for unique construction solutions for the clients.

Unique Construction Logo

23. Michel Beeman

You can notice the three bees in the design because of the Beeman in the company name. These bee designs make the logo unique and remarkable in yellow. Such precision of expression through design is the trend to watch out for in 2024.

Company Logo Design

24. Cobalt Residential

Cobalt Residential is in residential property construction. Its logo has the company’s letter C makes the logo design with the inner thick lines giving the impression of a building. Black and blue colors are subtly mixed in the lines to convey sophistication and quality of the construction work.

Real Estate Logo Design

25. Mid Atlantic

Mid Atlantic is a real estate group. The designer used the letter M as the main element to shape up the design into two rooftops and a window along with a little line for a chimney. While the rooftop is the conventional element, here it is in its trendy new form, making it look unique and cool.

Mid Atlantic

26. God Father

This logo has four rooftops and still, it does not look like a conventional logo design due to the high rise building behind. Golden color along with black evokes the emotions of power, authority, and luxury.

conventional logo design

27. Ogden Valley

The client wanted to include a valley with a mountain that reflects the area where the company operates. So, the designer cleverly included the mountains as part of the rooftop design. The hand lettering of the company name spells out the authority of the brand in delivering the services.

Ogden Valley

28. 7th Street

This logo uses the company name as the main design element. The ‘h’ letter takes the shape of a house with a yellow lined door seen in the middle. We can say that the trend of simple and unique logos is picking up in the real estate industry.

unique logo

29. Verdera

Verdera logo stands out with the design of a fingerprint as a towering building. Black and green colors stand for the growth and authority in this design.

Verdera logo

30. Sunrise

Sunrise is a real estate agency. The yellow and red colors give us feelings of hope and growth. These colors are also there in the design due to the company name.


31. Ville Sphere

Ville Sphere logo has the letter V-shaped like a trophy, which stands out. But it also conveys a victory sign to the clients and customers of the property. Some classical design elements give the logo a touch of sophistication and class.

Ville Sphere logo

32. Legacy Freedom

Another multicolor real estate logo idea that you can appreciate. These different colors stand for the partners of the company and their services. It also conveys the conventional values of freedom and working together with the customers.

Legacy Freedom

33. Heavenly Home

Heavenly Home is an investor for resale, rehab, wholesale and rentals. The client wanted to add angels wings that is lifting a home in the logo design.

Heavenly Home

The designer came out with this brilliantly executed idea which makes the design look stand out with classic style of wings. Golden color used in the logo is for a touch of class and luxury.

34. Anthony T Crews

The letter A in this logo is specially designed in a classical style with a modern touch. Such simple but unique logos are now increasingly being used by real estate businesses to build brand identity.

Anthony T Crews

35. Link Realty

Here is another example of line art that is steadily making its way into real estate logo designing. The letter L and R are created in such a way that they become part of the lining. The red color catches the eye while the grey is for sophistication and class.

Link Realty

36. Jarred Jones

Jared Jones real estate logo is unique in the sense that it has the letter ‘J’ also in inverted shape and still, the designer conveyed the message of class and style to the audience. Four windows in the middle represent homes and property. This indeed is a powerful black and white logo.

Jared Jones

37. Properties Direct

The designers make use of the rooftop element in various ways for real estate logo designs. In this design, the rooftop has been turned into giving the impression of a growth chart. The red color evokes the passion and energy of customers in buying a property.

Properties Direct

38. Humberto Ponce

Humberto Ponce logo is another example of how a minimalist design should look like for impression and uniqueness. Despite the logo having only the initial letters of the company name, with the full name below it, the design stands out due to thin lines. It also gets the square shape.

Humberto Ponce logo

39. Bader Properties

Bader Properties real estate logo looks like a conventional design due to its sun-like circle behind and some plain towers in the front. Still, it is capable of making an impression on the target audience due to the golden color and the company name in grey.

Bader Properties real estate logo

40. Big Tent

Big Tent logo uses a different element of tents, which are a symbol of comfort as people use them for camping and rest. But these are also circus tents, symbolizing the entertainment.

Big Tent logo

41. Chateau Orleans

Chateau Orleans Realty Company is in real estate and mortgage business. The company is associated with french style building style involving wrought iron and white columns. The classically styled design in the logo stands for the company’s business.

Chateau Orleans Realty Company

42. Here’s a house

This a unique design as the designer created it like a conversational logo. The company is in a classified property listing business with a conversational undertone. The design speaks well for what the company does. Green and blue colors evoke the emotions of friendliness and growth.

Here’s a house

43. Meadows

Notice how the line art is working for this logo design. The designer used the grass as a clue to shape the letters of the company’s name so that the design looks consistent. The green color and hand-lettering art make this company’s logo stand out.Meadows

44. Christina Teahan

Christina Teahan is in the real estate and mortgage business. To build trust, the designer used the conventional compass element showing the four directions. This symbolizes the company’s dominating presence in the industry.

Christina Teahan

45. The King

This logo stands out for its unique use of the king theme. The very design of the crown, dome, and three rooftops along with the golden color gives the impression of royalty. Notice that the entire logo overwhelms the viewer, reflecting the company’s aspiration to dominate.

The King

46. Focus Fulfilment

Focus Fulfillment is in the business of closing mortgages for lenders and creating closing documents, order wires from banks, and authorizing funding.

Focus Fulfillment

To create the logo, the professional graphic designer used the letter ‘f’ and shaped it as two rooftops. Thus, this design represents the company’s loan-related business for real estate customers.

47. Sugar Developments Ltd

Sugar Developers Ltd is in the business of creating luxury residential properties. For this reason, its logo is a classy design and still, it looks fresh.

Sugar Developers Ltd

The retro elements from the bygone era make this design unique. In 2024, many such logos in real estate may come up to depict luxury and class.

48. Emirates

This is another glaring example of a real estate logo expressing luxury for affluent clients. The company wishes to target customers who are Arabs and expats. Therefore, the logo is a bit royal and bold.


49. Moran Real Estate

Moran real estate logo is one of the most attractive when it comes to conveying a message through the precise use of lines only. In its design, the logo stands out in an otherwise crowded market of logos in the industry.

Moran real estate logo

It surely is an original and sleek logo. But when offering your graphic design services, talk to the client to know more about the brand as you are not creating it for the client. It may be that the client may not approve of your sleek design.

50. Halcyon

Halcyon Home Loans is in the field of offering financial services in the real estate and mortgage sectors and required a simple logo with a modern look. The designer used the company’s first letter H creatively to give it a home shape.

Halycon Real Estate Logo

The contrasting colors of yellow in the home and black in the company name is outstanding. It surely is a neat and clean logo inspiration that stands out due to the simplicity of design and the ability to convey the brand message.

So, these are inspirational logos from the real estate industry and business. As you have observed, the trend for 2024 to create real estate logos is most likely to shift from conventional to minimalistic designs.

Instead of traditional rooftops, windows, etc elements, the designers prefer using a wide range of elements that may not be directly connected to this industry to stand out.

You can visit Designhill, a leading creative marketplace, for dozens of other inspirational logo designs from the real estate business. This marketplace is also home to creative designers who can help you come up with unique logos for your business.

Wrapping Up

The design trend for creating a unique real estate logo is tilting toward using unconventional design elements. Many designers now prefer to create logos that convey the message at a glance. So, the emphasis is on designing a simple but unique logo to catch the attention. These inspirational logos from the real estate industry should give an indication of what design trends are going to emerge in 2024.

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