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Best 30 T-Shirt Designs For School Sports

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Tshirt Design

T-Shirt Design

Last updated on April 11th, 2023

School sports are also competitive games. So, school boys and girls need some motivation to give their best while competing hard in sports. For motivation, they can wear specially created T-shirt designs that boost their confidence in a sports event. However, these T-shirts are also regular wear for the students.

Is there some sports event around in your school? Surely, you feel excited about it. You will be making preparation to win the competition. Many of you will be sitting on the sidelines and cheering your favorite team. The excitement is in the air.

To express that enthusiasm, school sports T-shirts are the best school wear. Just roam around wearing the shirts and create the environment. However, you must make it a point that the shirt designs are unique and attractive. These shirt designs speak volumes about the coming events. In addition, it also expresses your own feelings about the sport and team you support.

Unique Design Ideas Matter

T-shirt design ideas should be creative and attractive for school sports. If your idea is innovative, it will make heads turn. You need to brainstorm to get one such idea. Then to realize that, ensure creative use of fonts, colors, images etc in the design to show the school spirit.

Here Are Some Inspirational T-Shirt Designs For School Sports

01. Bulldogs


This is a beautiful sports T-shirt design for its unique use of the football image. It shows only the top lace part of the football to give the hint of the game.However, when creating school sports T-shirts, borrow the design elements from your school logo design. This way, your team can draw inspiration for fighting it out hard in competition.

02. Bearcats


There is an excellent use of the basketball goal basket in this school shirt design. It also gives the impression of a beehive which is a symbol for teamwork. Creative design ideas are essential to doing a T-shirt making and selling as well.

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03. Basketball


This is one of the attractive T-shirt designs for some unknown school. Usually it uses the US flag and basketball as main elements of design.If you have a strong sports team in school and you want to promote it, create a logo for it. Place the logo on social media as part of the promotion of the team.

04. U.M.D 19


The U.M.D 19 is one of the cool designs as it features only the letters.

05. Hubbard


This T-shirt expresses the aggressiveness of a sports team due to the image of a dog in the center. The black color is for power and authenticity. Since there is just one color, your shirt printing cost can be reduced to a larger extent.

06. Champ Osage

Champ Osage

The Champ Osage has a drawing of a Red Indian warrior. This image is a representation of raw aggressiveness that the school team wants to project to compete.

07. Humansville


This is amongst the attractive and funny t-shirt designs that catch the viewers’ eye. The use of red color, sewing lines of the softball and most importantly the tiger figure convey the message.

08. BMS


The use of yellow in this sports T-shirt design is for catching the eye against the background of stars, trees, etc.

09. Fair Grove Eagles

Fair Grove Eagles

This shirt design has just a hint of the football in the shape of its top line. The ground lining marks and bold letters make this design beautiful.

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10. Missouri


The Missouri T-shirt design has a big soccer image as its chief feature to draw attention. Do you want to create your t-shirt with this design? Use Designhill’s t-shirt maker tool and create your own t-shirt.

11. Panthers


‘Panthers’ shirt design has a softball, giving a hint of the sport, and stylish lettering of the school team name.

12. Unknown


It is one of the most innovative T-shirt designs for school sports. The benefits of running are obvious for good health. It keeps your lungs healthy. This shirt design has two inverted shoes in place of the two lungs. It conveys the message of the importance of running for health.

13. Liberty Tennis

Liberty Tennis

A yellow tennis ball is a chief feature in this design. An eagle here is the symbol of a sharp eye for the game and determination to win. Two fonts used in the design are good enough to catch the attention. The tennis ball appears as the sun. Such a simple drawing can also go well with your sports logo design of the school.

14. Tumbles


This is one of those typical school sports T-shirt designs that speak its message in the special formation of letterings. Here the capital letters are set downward to form gymnastics. Some gymnast figures in the background give the logo a unique look.

15. Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove’s T-shirt design has Champs written in bold letters which draws our attention. This is a font based design that depends on a variety of letters to convey its message. If you want custom t shirts like this, you can use Designhill’s t-shirt maker tool.

16. Basketball Champ

Basketball Champ

There is just a basketball basket net drawing that makes this school shirt design unique. The net design and basketball figure with letter G in it give the shirt a new look.

17. Baseball MOM

Baseball MOM

This is one of the simple and letter based T-shirt designs. There is just a baseball figure in the center and the rest of the elements are letters. The black color gives the shirt a remarkable look.

18. BHS


Just the use of big letters and a basketball figure in the middle makes this T-shirt design attractive. The bold letters are in a serif font to show the robustness of the game.

19. Coppertown


This school shirt depicts the marathon running event distinctly with a runner finishing the line. It inspires school children to take part in the running event.

20. Target Shooting

Target Shooting

This is a simple shirt design that has only the target as the only eye-catching element. The red color of the target catches our attention quickly.

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21. Playoffs


T-shirt designs like this one from Playoffs are memorable. There are just basketball and the player as the major design element. Rest of the design is in typefaces.

22. Eagle Pride

Eagle Pride

Eagle Pride is a T-shirt design for Eagle Rock High School. The design is font based in blue and red. A faded look given to the design is for conveying the toughness of sports.

23. IOWA Boys Basketball

IOWA Boys Basketball

What makes this design unique is the bulging basketball figure in brown. Different font sizes of the text give a new look to it.

24. Kirby High School Basketball

Kirby High School Basketball

A half-cut size of a basketball at one side makes this one of the cool designs and has a memorable look. Three font sizes of the letters also is an attractive use. Naturally, such unique designs give a brand identity to a team.

25. Fanfare


Fanfare high school is amongst the attractive T-shirt designs. It has an eagle figure in the center and some stylishly written letters. To get such impressive shirts, hire graphic design services of an experienced designer who understands your brief well.

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26. Mission Hills

Mission Hills

The Mission Hills basketball camp T-shirt design uses minimalist principles of design. However, only a few lines make the basketball figure and the rest of the design is in letters.

27. Macon High School

Macon High School

The Macon High School football team has a bulldog as its main figure in the shirt design. This sends a clear signal to the opposing teams that it will fight and compete hard. Make sure that you hire a professional graphic designer to create such impressive shirt designs.

28. Fairfax


This is amid the simple and unique T-shirt designs for track and field events. Above all, there is some element of fancy here.

29. Hamilton


The Hamilton High School T-shirt design for its baseball event has the ball as the main feature. The triangle figure in the center draws our attention.

30. Ithaca


One of the simple black and white T-shirt designs, this was created for Ithaca basketball team. A bulldog figure and basketball give the message of hard competition to the rival teams.

These attractive T-shirt designs catch our eye instantly. In other words, each of these shirts expresses emotion in its unique way through graphic design.

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To Sum Up…

These T-shirt designs attract for their unique use of colors, fonts, and other elements. Most of the designs are simple but they have some message of aggression and competitiveness of a school sports team.

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