5 Best Tips To Edit Thumbnail Templates For Getting More YouTube Views

Thumbnail Templates

You might have created a highly engaging YouTube video with the potential to get millions of views but have forgotten to create a thumbnail. Will it get the desired views? My answer would be ‘No.’ A thumbnail is something that tells viewers what the video is all about. Yes, there is the title, but most people judge by its thumbnail as YouTube is a visual medium.

If a thumbnail is that much important for a video’s success, then what stops you from creating and uploading?

The lack of design skills could be one significant reason. But designing a YouTube thumbnail isn’t that challenging, having many platforms providing tons of pre-created customizable templates for each category available online. You can effortlessly design a thumbnail using one of these YouTube thumbnail templates. But even the best tool needs human intelligence to leverage it to the fullest.

Here, In This Post, We Suggest Various Ways To Create A Thumbnail Using A Template

01. Define Your Audience

As you want maximum engagement with your YouTube videos, it is wise to define your viewer persona. Who will watch your video from which location at what time? Defining persona not only helps you create the right kind of video but also with the selection of the right kinds of images to impart your thumbnail appeal. An elaborately defined persona also helps you select the right kinds of templates and ultimately meet your goals.

02. Select A Template

Once your persona is defined, the next step is the selection of templates. Here you have the option to choose template designs from paid as well as free. While selecting, you should prefer a template that is specific to your genre. There are templates belonging to entertainment, lifestyle, travel, and others.

So, choose one that suits your requirements the best. At Designhill, we have a vast selection of YouTube video thumbnail templates that can be used for this purpose.

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03. Mind The Size

While creating a thumbnail, you should be vigilant about the size. The ideal size of YouTube thumbnail templates is 1280 × 720 pixels. The minimum width should be 640 pixels. Besides the size, you should also be mindful of file size, file type, and ratio.

Thumbnails with inappropriate sizes can’t bring the desired results. But there is no need to worry as online thumbnail templates have all the right dimensions.

04. Customize It Well

Even an average template looks stunning with good customization and vice-versa. So, you should pay great attention to customization. By now, you have selected the right kind of images. You can tweak their colors, apply clip art and change the background. There is a lot more you can do with editing options available in online YouTube thumbnail templates.

05. Attract With Text

Even a well-designed thumbnail may not be compelling unless it has well-written text. It is the text that precisely answers the questions — what is the video all about, and why should you click it? Add a title and other essential text to it. Your thumbnail is now complete. Save and download it.

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