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18 Best Tools That Help You Create Professional Like Content

by Rituraj Gill Tweet - in Content Marketing

Professional Like Content

Last updated on March 3rd, 2023

Content is king, they say. But the fact is that it is the professionally done content that is the real king. Only such strategically created piece of professional like content can win the heart and mind of a target audience. Fortunately, many best tools can help create content that stands out.

You spend a lot of time and energy to research information that would be the basis for a piece of content. Then, you also give your time to developing and polishing the content style and tone, etc. So, you have to go through many stages for content that stands out from your competitors.

But content creation is a challenging activity. You have to devote yourself in its various aspects such as keyword research, generating a compelling title, and researching information that is useful to the readers.

Remember that the challenge in writing content starts with the research. The writer has to scan various sites to get updated information on a topic.

Many times, a writer feels like having no new ideas that are the basis for writing a unique piece. This is a challenge particularly when you have to do many pieces per week.

For the modern age writers, there are many tools available to generate new ideas on a given topic. Several content research tools can help in getting something new to write about on a niche.

But researching tools are not the only ones that writers are equipped with these days. In fact, many tools are available to the writers to assist them in finding out grammatical and spelling errors, suggesting effective titles, and others.

Here Are 18 Best Tools That Help You Create Professional Like Content

01. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the keyword research tool. But it is also equally helpful in getting you new content ideas that you can use to target your audience.

The tool uses Google Suggest and AdWords Keyword Planner for expanding a seed keyword. You can then have several keyword ideas that are best for your content title.

Professional Like Content

Most expanded keywords are ‘long-tail’ keywords. Such keywords have three to four more terms, and these are considered useful for driving traffic.

With long tail keywords you the chances of optimizing your content higher on the search engine result page, which is so important also to create a brand identity.

02. SentiOne

Do you want to know what people are conversing about on social media? You surely would like to as it will give you valuable insight on what to write about.

If you write on topics that your audience is interested in, this will drive an enormous amount of traffic. Such content is also valuable for making people chat about the issues you raise.

SentiOne is one of the best tools that allow you to track any keyword besides what others are chatting about your brand and social media profiles. You can also track people’s negative opinions about your brand by using this listening tool.


So, if you spot a negative comment about your brand, you can then create a post that addresses the false information. This is the way to counter the arguments about your products or services to restore your brand reputation.

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03. BuzzSumo

Content research is a lengthy process if done manually. But you must do extensive research to add updated information for the users.

BuzzSumo will save your time as it lists out all you need to research on a topic. It eliminates the need to scan the entire web in search of relevant content by giving you a long list of the researchable topics.


All you need to do is to type a keyword in the search bar to have several links to the content ideas. You can then sort out the results as per your requirement. You can also find out which issue is currently making rounds on Twitter, Facebook, and other channels.

This way, you can scrape the ideas that your target audience on social channels is discussing and busy with. You also get ‘how-to’ posts if that is the way you want to do a piece. You can also narrow down your search under various categories.

04. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is another tool that lets you have several ideas to write on. It is a free tool. So, you can always try it to find out its usefulness for your niche. With this tool, you can produce unique content that interests your audience.

Content Idea

05. Cyfe

How about spying on your competitors to know about their content related activities? Cyfe does that for you. If you know about the content strategy of your competitors, you can write something that stands out and drives customers.

This tool is a dashboard platform. You are able to use this dashboard to get data from several sources. It is amongst the best tools to track the posts that your top competitors are publishing. All you have to do is to use the RSS widget. Then enter the feed URL of your competitor.


Cyfe gives you access to multiple widgets per dashboard, this feature allows for tracking many RSS feeds from a single page. Additionally, you can use external data sources to aggregate data.

For instance, if you use the ‘Twitter Search’ widget on your social media page, you can quickly find out the news and trends related to your niche. Similarly, ‘Google Webmasters’ widget lets you know the topmost clicked keywords.

06. Google Alerts

Whenever something new and exciting comes up, Google Alerts will quickly inform you about it. This tools works much like the first scoop. If you can work on the alerted topics immediately, you will be the first one to generate the updated content to target your audience. You will tell a story that your competitors have not told yet.

Google Alerts

You get this tool with your Google account. Just type in a relevant keyword of your business and click ‘Create Alert.’ You can also get real-time alerts. Go to the ‘Show Options’ menu to set How Often to ‘As-it-happens”. The tool will send real-time alerts on your choice of keyword.

07. Quora

Sometimes an online community like Quora can be a great source of getting content ideas. This Q&A website can be used as a tool to find out what interests your audience. People post their questions on this platform and seek answers from the community.


The tool comes with a built-in search feature to get suggestions on an issue. This is also a useful tool to promote your content. You can answer the questions related to your business to promote your own products or services. This helps in enhancing your content reach.

08. Reddit

Reddit is another useful platform that lets you have several great content ideas. Basically, you should explore this tool as a discussion site. The site has subcommittees on many issues. These are called ‘subreddits’ on different topics. You will surely find people discussing your niche.


Another reason for using Reddit is that it provides you with insights and feedbacks on something you need. This helps in updating your content.

For example, you have done a great piece on the new ways of creating a web page design, get some advice from the audience on the topic to add new points. You can even find new partnership opportunities with content marketers.

09. Google Docs

Google Docs is a cloud-based document editing platform. One of its great features is that it allows multiple users to share what they are writing. So, you can share the document live with your peers or community while you are working on your content or graphic design services.

This tool is known for its simple interface that has refined features for the users. It has all the features that you have from a word processor. The tool lets you customize your fonts, insert tables, created bulleted lists, add images, and a lot many helpful features for content writing.

Google Docs

The ‘Share’ button allows you to share a file instantly with your community people. You are also able to access the linked people’s documents with their permission.

10. Hemingway Editor

Anything you write should be grammatically correct when you create professional like content. It must be a piece of content with good readability quality and proper spelling. It is a simple tool to use. You need to just enter your text, and it will instantly highlight your errors.


To make the mistakes visibly clear, each type of grammatical error is highlighted in different color. You also get a readability score. Good readability is essential for making the information easily absorbable for the users.

11. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best tools to effectively pick grammatical errors and give perfect suggestions to resolve the issue. With AI writing tools becoming popular, the scope of using Grammarly for proofreading has doubled. You can correct any typing mistakes as you write.


The tool is also a great help in checking for plagiarism. It can correct ten times more mistakes when compared to your word processor. If needed, such tools can provide you with grammarly discount that you can use to your advantage.

12. Trello

To create professional like content, sometimes you need to collaborate with fellow content creators. Trello is the platform that allows you to work with a team. You can visibly manage your assigned tasks. This helps in maximizing productivity.


Trello is the place where you can organize your projects into ‘’Boards’’, ‘’Lists’’, and ‘’Cards’’. To share your project details or assign tasks, all you need to do is to ‘’Add a card’’ to the Cards with your project details. You can leave a comment, add attachments, set a due date, assign tasks to the members and do a lot many works.

13. ProofHub

ProofHub is also a popular platform that content creators use to improve collaboration among team members. But a reason why you should take a look at this tool is that it is mainly made for content development. Your team members can create checklists, hold discussions, share important files, and set deadlines.


This tool has the ‘Calendar’ feature that is especially useful for content development teams. You can use this as your editorial calendar to track the assignment to your team members.

14. Dropbox Paper

It is a cloud-based minimalistic app that helps you in many ways to write content. It also is a useful tool to add files and images. You can prepare your list of essential things to do. The tool gives you access to practically all the features you get from a word processor.


If you need help in refining your content, the tool lets you invite other users to edit and comment. You can also share documents.

15. Yoast

Yoast is a highly useful tool when it comes to judging SEO-friendliness and readability of content in real-time. It can also highlight some issues that you must know about in your content.


The tool also helps you to set a focus keyword for your posts. It also gives you a checklist of objectives that you need to fulfill to optimize your content.

16. Oribi

Oribi is a useful analytics tool for marketing your content. Often, content developers also want to know about the response of the users. The tool lets you visualize the response through charts, data, and numbers. For example, you wrote about different aspects of graphic designs but have no idea about marketing it well on different platforms.


By using this tool, you get the data that can help you develop content as per your objective. You can focus on the leading performance indicators. You can find out the bounce rate, traffic, conversions, and session time, etc. related to your content. This fast and clean user interface allows you to prioritize the top events that you think are essential to creating content.

17. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free platform to help you improve your content quality. This analytical tool is useful mainly for measuring the essential engagement metrics like average session duration, bounce rate, page views, etc.

Google Analytics

You will identify those specific types of content that your target audience finds appealing and useful once you have the data from this tool. You can easily integrate this tool into your website.

18. Aminstitute

Advanced Marketing Institute tool is highly helpful to check the emotional marketing value of a headline. Just enter your headline in the box, and you will get a percentage score.

The tool assigns a percentage to your headlines in terms of how readers are going to react to it emotionally. If a headline score is low, you can rewrite it until it gives a high emotional marketing value.


Gifted copywriters have 50% to 75% EMV words in their headlines, while professional writers have 30% to 40% of such words, according to the tool.

This tool is a great way to tell how your audience will react to your headline of blog or email. You can use the data to recreate the content title to make it more responsive.

So, these are the essential tools to help when you need to create professional-like content. However, these tools work just as supportive. Which means you have only an indication of how you can make content useful to your audience.

While content creation is a great way to market your business, pay attention to your visual identities such as a logo design and website, and business cards.

For that, you can source the design works to Designhill. This platform helps businesses create amazing designs that effectively market your brand.

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Content creation is a great way to enhance the reach of your brand in your niche market.To create professional like content, you can use different useful tools to check grammatical and spelling errors,get suggestions about SEO-friendliness of content and headlines, and so on.

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