5 Best Wallpaper Maker Tools You Should Try In 2022

Wallpaper Maker Tools

You can revamp your desktop, mobile, and laptop with the help of custom wallpapers. While attractive wallpapers are essential to change your computer experience, they enhance productivity fueling a dose of enthusiasm and creativity. On the other hand, standard wallpapers can be boring, thus reducing your efficiency and productivity.

There are many wallpaper maker tools available that help you create hundreds of attractive, funny, and professional wallpapers for your desktop and mobile & laptop screens.

These tools have pre-design wallpaper templates you can choose from according to your interest. And further, you can customize every element with great ease.

Here Is The List Of The Tools That Are User Friendly And Easy To Use For Beginners As Well And Don’t Require Any Technical Skills

01. Designhill’s Wallpaper Maker

Designhill’s wallpaper maker tool is one of the best tools to create stunning wallpapers for your device’s backgrounds. It has thousands of pre-designed wallpaper templates to choose from for your specific needs.

You can design your own wallpapers in just five simple steps. Select a wallpaper template that best suits your needs and start personalizing it. You can upload an image from your desktop or add from a plethora of images in Designhill’s library. Replace the details, fonts, and wallpaper size as per your choice. Now your final design is ready to download in jpeg, png, pdf format with one click.

Here Are The Key Features Of The Tool

  • 100% customizable,
  • High-resolution vector files,
  • Unlimited design ideas,
  • Print-ready designs,
  • Full copyright ownership,
  • 24×7 live support,
  • Share the design anywhere.

02. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is another photo editing tool. It allows you to create and modify images of any size and shape. You need to select one from pre-designed templates.

Here Are The Key Features Of The Tool

  • Several plug-ins for special effects and features.
  • Countless layers and masks.
  • Supports Open Type SVG fonts.
  • Combined Image Library to avoid wasting of time searching for impressive pictures over the Internet.
  • Convenient video & animation editing.

03. Fotor

Fotor helps to create wallpaper easily in minutes with a drag-and-drop process. You can do it by dragging the photo on your desired template and doing the modification. This tool is also used for photo-editing, image touching, and graphic designs.

Here Are The Key Features Of The Tool

  • Pre-installed filters and photo editing tools.
  • Advanced HDR technology.
  • Quick RAW file conversion.
  • Expanding Fotor social network.
  • Both desktop and mobile versions are available.

04. Canva

Canva is one of the best wallpaper makers available today. Hundreds of pre-designed customizable wallpaper template designs are available to use in your designs. Alternatively, you can start from scratch. There are plenty of fonts available in the tool to try. You can download your final design in any format and share it on social media platforms or other places.

Here Are The Key Features Of The Tool

  • Excellent library of more than 2 million images.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Social media designs and illustrations.
  • Built-in social sharing and presentation mode.

05. Visme

You can also try Visme for a great wallpaper design experience. It lets you fully customize any pre-designed template. Visme’s library has a vast collection of images, icons, logo designs, and more.

You just need to start by clicking the create option, find the web graphics tab, click on wallpapers, and select the wallpaper of your choice.

Here Are The Key Features Of The Tool

  • High-resolution stock images to design astonishing backgrounds.
  • Drag-and-drop option.
  • Plenty of popular fonts to choose from.
  • You can upload your fonts as well.


Do you want to keep your mobile, desktop, laptop wallpaper look professional and unique? Wallpaper maker tools offer tons of editing features that help professionals and individuals in creating customized wallpapers. You can design your own for free even with no design experience using these tools by following these simple steps.

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