Best Wattpad Book Cover Template Designs For Writers & Storytellers

Wattpad Book Cover Template

Books are considered as the best source of knowledge for ages. Usually, a book is judged by its cover at first look. Now, as we know that digitalization has taken over the way we lead our lives, replacing several tasks ed the ways by which many of the tasks were carried out in recent times. Like coaching classes in recent times that were taken in separate classes in a specific location are now taken online, sending letters through post boxes are replaced by emails, and much more. Like these activities, many careers based tasks are also being done online these days.

One of such examples is story and book writing. And when we talk about doing it online, one of the best online platforms is Wattpad. It is a website that lets writers create and add stories and books. Not only the experienced ones but amateur writers can also submit the stories and writings on this platform.

Now, to catch the eyeballs of viewers, the book cover plays an essential role on Wattpad. Designing Wattpad book covers require the same creativity that is needed for original book covers.

It must reflect the type and idea of the book. When someone looks at the book cover, the viewers should get an idea about the book’s contents. But designing the book cover needs skills and creativity.

Professional graphic designers usually possess such designing skills. But it is not easy for writers to create book cover designs easily. Therefore, Wattpad book cover templates come to the rescue. Below is the list of some top Wattpad book cover templates for writers and storytellers.

Here Are The Best Wattpad Book Cover Template Designs For Writers & Storytellers

01. ‘Bundle Of Joy Clothing’ Wattpad Book Cover Template

This Wattpad book cover template is relevant for the book genres that cover kids and babies related topics. This template can be customized according to the requirement of the content of the book. This cute-looking baby shoe image gives this template design a perfect feeling for the book for mothers like ‘tips to take care of toddlers.’

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02. E-Book Children Book Cover Template

This Wattpad book cover template design is also related to kids. But this template can be used for different categories of topics. From sports category to tips for mothers to handle school-going kids, this e-book template design can be updated to meet the book’s title. Not only this, it can be used for e-books & textbooks for kids as well.

03. Oddball Imaging Studio Wattpad Book Cover Template

This book cover template design is perfect for making Wattpad book covers related to profession and career. Suppose the writer wants to write books about a specific career or give tips about different business categories. In that case, this template design can be easily customized by adding a relevant image and updating the title and other text.

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Designing a Wattpad book cover is the game of skill. It needs expertise in professional designing tools. But not everyone has time and expertise; online template design plays a significant role in solving this issue. There are many amazing Wattpad book cover design templates available on Designhill that can be customized entirely and help create amazing Wattpad book covers that increase the viewers’ excitement level.

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