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6 Best WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce In 2023

by Mark Coleman Tweet - in Wordpress

WordPress Plugins

Last updated on January 25th, 2024

Ecommerce, or online store, is a technology ‘megatrend’ which is growing at a significant rate. The online market is expected to grow by 56% in 2023. But running an eCommerce store is not a cakewalk. It requires business owners to have expertise at many fronts — managing CMS, uploading products and restocking them, taking care of cart abandonment issues, and so on. But the most important of them all is to make sure that their website ranks well on search engines. However, with WordPress Plugins, eCommerce website owners have a lot of help at hand. They can actually manage their stores without things getting cumbersome.

We assume that you’re an entrepreneur and all set to build an online business. And also that you’ve paid heed to the best practices of webpage creation, along with other essential aspects needed to make an eCommerce website responsive.

In case you are new to the WordPress CMS, you might wonder how the platform acts as an eCommerce enabler and makes things easy. Well, there are many WordPress plugins out there that help you manage your website easily, especially when you’re starting an eCommerce store. So, in this blog post, we’ll share a listicle of the top 6 WordPress plugins meant for smoothly running of an eCommerce store.

Here Are The Top 6 WordPress Plugins For E-Commerce In 2023

01. Yoast WooCommerce SEO

Generating more sales from your eCommerce website is not a cakewalk. The competition out there is fierce, with plenty of websites having interactive webpage design exist, offering users tempting deals. This is where the store’s SEO optimization comes into the scenario.

Without optimizing your site’s frontend as well as the backend for the search engines, your store won’t be able to gain the necessary popularity and come up in search queries. To make sure that you effectively optimize your store, you can try out the Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin.

Yoast WordPress Plugin

With this plugin, you will be able to help your online store rank higher on the search engines. You can also make your products stand out, and make more sales by making your products easier to find. By setting up a blog and optimizing the content via this plugin, your store will do better in terms of its SEO.

The woocommerce store plugin lets you receive instance rich pins by showing details like price, stock, and your website’s link.. You can even set up breadcrumb navigation on your website to help your visitors move easily through the purchase process.

02. Envira Gallery

To run a proper eCommerce store, the owner needs to upload a gallery of their available products or business offerings. After that, it’s imperative to update the store every now and then. This is why having a great gallery plugin for your eCommerce store is a compulsion.

Envira is one of the best gallery WordPress plugins out there. It is a fast and seamless drag & drop photo gallery plugin which has been effectively optimized for web and server performance. After all, an optimized plugin ensures that your website loads fast without taking much time and gets the right SEO scores.

Envira Gallery

With Envira’s drag and drop gallery builder, store owners can easily upload their product images and sort them in order within 5 minutes. Being a 100% responsive and mobile ready plugin, Envira ensures that your website looks great on all kinds of devices.

This WordPress plugin offers social media integrations, video galleries, image proofing, watermarking, deep linking, and WordPress templates etc for customization. You can also create dynamic galleries with Envira plugin.

Photo Gallery by Envira is the lite version of the popular Envira Pro plugin. So, based on the gallery requirements of your eCommerce store, you can choose one from the above.

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03. WooCommerce

With over 5 million active installations, WooCommerce is one of the best WordPress plugins for an eCommerce store. It is an excellent eCommerce solution if you are looking to launch an online business and quickly want to build your online store and start selling.

This plugin lets you easily list your physical, digital, as well as affiliate goods for selling. You can even offer memberships, subscriptions, and reservations on your online store with the help of this plugin.


You can easily convert your single vendor WooCommerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace simply installed by Dokan multi-vendor marketplace plugin.

WooCommerce offers so many features to set up a great online store with maximum ease.

The plugin is fully customizable and extendable, helping you set up your product, cart, and checkout pages and integrate payment gateways to receive payments seamlessly.

It also allows you to incorporate automatic tax calculations, create shipping and delivery options, and Live Chat etc.

With WooCommerce, you can also integrate your store’s Facebook, Google Analytics, and MailChimp account to ensure that you are not missing out on any critical integration or you can even connect WooCommerce with Etsy to manage everything from orders, products, customers… from one central dashboard.

When you decide to use WooCommerce and get acquainted with it, you won’t ever need to hire a developer to manage your online store.

04. Easy Digital Downloads

Selling digital goods with an eCommerce store is quite a trend these days. Without having to manage an actual inventory, selling digital downloads is an excellent way of making some good money. So, if you are looking to create a website to become a digital goods seller, Easy Digital Downloads is a great plugin for you.

Easy Digital Downloads

The plugin helps you sell digital products such as eBooks, PDF files, and online courses on your eCommerce website. The plugin will help you seamlessly incorporate discount codes, create a complete shopping cart, and offer unlimited downloads. Also, you can create customer account page, set file download limit as well as download link expiration, along with many other features.

You can begin with a personal plan of the plugin for $99/year and go up to the extended plan that comes for $499/year. And if you feel trouble managing such plugins, you can also hire WordPress developer at cheaper rates. 

05. BackupBuddy

You need a proper backup strategy using a reliable WordPress plugin as WordPress does not have built-in backups. BackupBuddy is a WP plugin that will provide you with a robust and safe backup solution. Sometimes, in case of the server crash, your host backups may not be enough to protect your company’s and clients’ sensitive data. So, it becomes imperative to have a proper backup plan in place, especially when you run an ecommerce portal.

WordPress Backup Plugin

Other major security threats to your eCommerce website include malware, hacks, user error, running bad commands and deleted files. Any of these issues can wholly or partially wipe out your site.

So, setting up an authentic backup plan for your site is of utmost importance to avoid any such unwanted circumstances. This is one of the safest and most reliable WordPress plugins for e-commerce website design. It’s also easy to set up and restore the website.

06. Omnisend

For every WordPress based eCommerce store owner who is looking to manage their store smartly, the Omnisend plugin should be the top pick. With over 40K eCommerce marketers using this plugin, you should place your trust in it. Omnisend is a complete solution that helps you generate more sales from your platform by connecting your business with several customers. It’s, in fact, a smart eCommerce marketing automation tool.

This WordPress plugin helps you push your occasional website visitors towards purchasing with your store. By offering signup forms and tools to manage marketing campaigns effectively, Omnisend indeed acts as an excellent automation platform.

Worpress Plugin

It also helps the store owners send campaigns and automated personalized emails to their target audience. Besides, it offers features such as email and SMS automation workflows, email templates, advanced subscriber list segmentation, product recommender & picker. A/B testing, complete performance and sales reports are other salient features that this plugins provides. You can also create professional reports using report template.

If you are looking to try out Omnisend, you can begin with a 14-day free trial. Once you are sure about investing in a plan, you can begin with the free plan for 15,000 emails per month (up to 2,000 emails per day).

Bonus WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

Need help calculating the shipping? WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro is the plugin for you!

By being a feature-packed plugin, WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro allows you to determine shipping based on destination, weight, item quantity, as well as cart total.

The Features That Make This Plugin So Special Are:

  • advanced shipping rules
  • usage of shipping classes
  • unique shipping method names
  • hiding shipping methods
  • importing/exporting shipping methods (and editing them in a spreadsheet)
  • forcing the usage of shipping methods
  • and much more.

The platform offers several free as well as paid extensions so that you can keep adding  excellent features to your online store.

Anyone that decides to give this plugin a go can create the best possible shipping rate plan that will match their business, apply shipping rules to logged-in users only, add handling fees, turn on or off the lowest/highest summation of the shipping amounts, and do much more.

WooCommerce Order Export Pro

Your order data is a mess when exported? WooCommerce Order Export Pro can help you with that!

Using this plugin, you can export the necessary data and get it right in your inbox or through FTP. If you are a dropshipper, you will love it!

Not only that, but you can also reorder the columns you need, set up automatic exports, and do many more things.

Exporting is done in a CSV format which allows you to apply sophisticated filters.

Lastly, you can also copy exports between WooCommerce stores making this plugin worth a purchase!

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Having a full-fledged eCommerce store that offers all kinds of seamless features to its customers is the one that gets the maximum sales. Thanks to WordPress, setting up an online store has become an effortless thing to do. Further, the availability of great eCommerce WordPress plugins makes sure that you can customize and extend your online store to the best of its form. So, if you are looking to create a fantastic eCommerce store using the WordPress platform, make sure that you check out the plugins mentioned above. Also, do not take a casual approach to the graphic design aspect of your eCommerce website. For this, hire a professional graphic designer from a platform like Designhill to accomplish the task.

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Mark Coleman is a passionate writer, currently working as an Editor at MarkupTrend . Markup Trend offers free resources for developers, designers, and webmasters and is updated daily. Mark is available for hire for product and business promotions.



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