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The 10 Best YouTube Fonts In 2024

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Graphic Design

The 10 Best YouTube Fonts In 2024

Last updated on December 14th, 2023

YouTube is an incredible platform that marketers use to engage the target audience with business-relevant videos. As a YouTube content creator, you must know the best YouTube thumbnail fonts to make your content more appealing and draw potential viewers’ attention. While great graphics are essential, the font you pick can also substantially impact how your content is perceived. In this post, we’ll explore the best YouTube fonts you can use in 2024 to enhance content and drive more viewers to your channel.

A thumbnail is the first thing users see when looking for YouTube videos. Without an enticing thumbnail, your channel will find growing difficult even if you spend hours and days making well-research videos. A terrible thumbnail can lead to fewer or zero views on your video.

So using the best YouTube font is a must to catch the viewer’s attention instantly. The Gotham font family is one of the best YouTube font options you can explore. It has a broader design and aesthetic appeal.

However, many other fonts are also out there to attract an audience to your videos. So let us buckle up the list together.

Best YouTube Fonts In 2024

Here is our list of the best YouTube fonts you should explore in 2024:

01. Another Round

Bold typography attracts the most as compared to any other font. Another Round font comes with a bold feature. You can easily use it as your YouTube thumbnail font.

This typeface is perfect for YouTube banners and thumbnails. It’s all words that appear in the capital typeface.

Above all, its edges are round and look similar to the San serif font. So, if you are searching for round-type font, consider Another Round.

02. Gotham Font

The Gotham font family was designed in 2000 by famous designer Tobias Frere Jones and Jesse Ragan.

The broader design, elegant look, and amazing features allow Gotham font to stand in the competition. Moreover, it increases the legibility and readability of the thumbnail. As a result, it instantly attracts the YouTube audience.

But it is not similar to the Futura font. Instead, it looks more humanistic, increasing the chances of getting views on your YouTube channel.

Since it looks great for headlines, it is suitable for designing a banner for your YouTube channel.

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03. Impact Font

Impact font is popular among all YouTubers. This simple, bold font will drive the audience’s attention toward the thumbnail.

It will have a significant impact on the audience. You can also use this font with any content. It is a versatile font that can be adjusted with any other font.

04. Traveller Font

Traveller font particularly suits best to the YouTube channels dedicated to traveling. So, if you are a blogger who loves to travel and record videos, Traveller font is an excellent option to use as a YouTube thumbnail font.

It is stylish and bold, attracting users’ attention. Moreover, its wide structure gives you a fantastic look when you use it in your YouTube thumbnail.

05. Bernhard Font

Bernhard is a simple, elegant font that will attract the audience to your YouTube channel. It will give a modern look when you use it in your thumbnail. Furthermore, it is the perfect font for your personal use. You can use Bernhard to give your YouTube banners and thumbnails a fresh look.

06. Chalk Sketch

As the name explained, this font has a chalky look. However, this font type is perfect for tutorial videos such as ‘How To,’ learning, and explainer videos.

If you plan to make explainer videos, you can trust this font.

If you are making a YouTube channel for kids, this font is perfect for your project. So, what stops you from using this font?

07. Glamour Absolute

Glamour absolute font has a fantastic vintage shape at the edges of the alphabet. It will look modern whenever you use it.

Because of its split features, it stands out among a crowd of fonts. It is a font with personality, versatility, and ease of use. Above all, you can use it anywhere on your YouTube channel.

08. Roboto Font

The Roboto is a san-serif typeface font that Christian Robertson first created. If you are a beginner and need to learn about font, you can start your career with Roboto Font.

Its straightforward design gives an aesthetic look to your thumbnail. However, you can also use this font in titles and subtitles.

09. American Captain

If you want to highlight symmetry in your thumbnail, banner text, or YouTube videos, you can do this using American captain. It comes with perfect symmetry that will grab the audience’s attention quickly.

It will allow you to use it by mixing it with any other font. Due to its versatility, you can easily use it with any font. If you plan to use it with any font or a mixture, then you can select this font.

10. Herona Font

Are you planning to start a gaming channel? Then this font is perfect for your niche. It was specially designed for gaming YouTube channels.

The font comes with a retro and bold design, giving an appealing effect when you use it with an outline. Furthermore, it is easy and fantastic for your thumbnail or captions.

So, you can explore these fonts to use them in your YouTube thumbnail and banner design. Compare them and find out which best expresses your channel’s personality.

While choosing a font, consider some helpful time-tested tips.

Steps To Select Font For YouTube

Selecting the right font for your YouTube is difficult, but it becomes easier after you read the steps below.

Easy To Read

Before selecting a font, check whether it is easy to read. If it’s blurry, don’t select such a font because it will negatively impact your viewers.


When you are selecting a font, you must understand whether it is versatile or not. If your font is versatile, it will benefit you because you can use it with any other font.

High Resolution

Using high-resolution font will give a good impression to viewers. Furthermore, if you want to get the attention of the audience, then you will quickly get the views. This will only happen when you select high-resolution font in your YouTube channel.

Consider The Channel Theme

The theme of the channel is quite important in selecting a font. For example, if you are opening a gaming channel, but you use a font perfect for schooling or training purposes, it will negatively impact your audience. You will lose your viewers within no time.


Fonts play a crucial role in YouTube viewership. However, you can easily see a change in the range of viewers when you select the perfect font for your thumbnail. The thumbnail is the first thing the user will see; if the first impression is good, your audience will drastically move toward your videos. Grabbing the audience’s attention is the main thing in the YouTube journey. If you succeed in this, then you can conquer the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which font is best for YouTube Videos?

Two fonts, Impact and Bangers are widely used to design YouTube thumbnails.

What is the best font for YouTube subtitles?

Roboto Medium is considered one of the best fonts for YouTube subtitles. However, you can select any other. But Roboto comes with unique and bold features that will attract an audience.

What font does YouTube use?

YouTube has changed its font to Roboto. However, Roboto can easily adjust with any font, so they prefer to choose versatile fonts instead of others.

Which font is best for a music video?

Fonts come with various features. However, only a few fonts will work best for your music video. Such fonts include Aerial, Roboto, Verdana, Times New Roman, and Open Sans Serif.

Which font is the popular font?

Helvetica is the most popular font. This is because you can combine it with any other font.

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