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30 Birthday T-Shirt Design Ideas

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Tshirt Design

Birthday Tshirt

Last updated on February 25th, 2023

Birthdays— the aging ceremonies give us all the reasons to be happy. Not only cake and sweet, but the day becomes more joyous when you create a special birthday t-shirt with a unique design. Yes! These everyday wardrobe staples work as a blank canvas to showcase your artwork. Whatever message you want to convey, a birthday t-shirt design is the best way to go.

Whether you are invited to your loved one’s birthday party or you’re going to organize, you need a gift to make it memorable. Or maybe it’s your last-minute gift shopping, and you want something out-of-the-box. There is one thing that will make your recipient smile. And, that’s a perfect custom birthday t shirt design.

You could get it from any store you like, but customizing one with a design in mind, goes extra miles in pleasing the recipient(s). A t-shirt apart from personalized mugs, mainly designed for birthdays, is a memorable yet thoughtful gift.

Here Is A List Of 30 Birthday T-Shirt Design Ideas

01. Cheers & Beers To 21 Years

Is somebody celebrating his/her 21st birthday in your known list? If yes, custom tshirts is what will make their 21st memorable! Use the imagery of beer mugs to make it stand out. Trust us, he or she won’t mind cat walking in this tee.

t-shirt design

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02. I Can’t Keep Calm It’s My Birthday

Well, who would keep calm when it’s his or her birthday? I don’t think any! And now you have got a great opportunity to fuel that excitement. So, don’t stay calm, ‘coz it’s your loved one’s birthday.

My Birthday

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03. Kings Are Born In…….

The craze of this t-shirt design is soaring day by day. Even, people don’t mind wearing it and notifying others of their birthday month. Instead of getting a typical happy birthday t shirt for adults, pick this one. For women folks whose husband’s birthday is around the corner, this tee tends, tank tops to be the right choice.


04. Queens Are Born In……..

Just like the one we showed above, this tee has a huge fan-following as well. T-shirt designs that say “Queens are born in January, February, March…….” etc. are wide spreading. So, if it’s your girlfriend’s, wife’s, female friend’s or colleague’s birthday, you better get this tee and WOW her!


05. Holy $#*!% I’m 30

Turing 30 is funny yet scary at the same time. If you have got anyone in your list who is turning 30 lately, this funny t-shirt design is a great choice. Know somebody? Make him or her smile and cry at the same time with a dose of laughter.


T-Shirt design

06. This Guy Is The Birthday Boy

Why should youngsters have all the fun? Your grandpa deserves to have a blast on his birthday as well. A custom tshirt printing with the above text is something that will remind him of his youthful days. Surprise him this time!

Birthday Boy

07. This Girl Just Turned 50

Is your granny turning 50? Or your mother is going to touch this mark on her birthday? Remind her that she’s still a girl, and you love her persona even in her fifties with this tee.

birthday t-shirt

08. Birthday Squad

Let everyone be a part of the birthday fun with this custom tshirt quote. To give your t-shirts a cooler look, you can add an image or artwork with the text.

Birthday Squad

09. Awesome Since (Month),(Year)

It might look a little clichéd for you, but this custom t shirt design still is popular. You don’t need to know a lot of designing skills to customize a t-shirt printing. Just use a t-shirt maker and add above text with month and year to give a tee a personal touch.

t-shirt maker

10. Sign My Birthday Shirt

This shirt will surely recall those school days’ memories. Gift it to the birthday boy or girl and let everyone else sign it and turn it into a keepsake!

Birthday Shirt

11. It Took 60 Years To Look This Good

Age is just a number, and that’s true. This birthday t-shirt design is simple but pleasurable. Just customize the number to make it relevant for people who are going to celebrate their special day soon.

60 Years

12. Kiss Me It’s My Birthday

Well, that would be a double surprise for anyone who’s going to celebrate his/her birthday. The tee is sure to bring a fun-filled smile on the wearer’s face.

My Birthday

13. Happy Birthday To Me

That’s completely out-of-the-box! Besides everyone going on a wishing spree, it’s time for the wearer to wish himself/herself too. Gift this custom t shirt to your loved ones on their birthday and see how they burst into laughter.

Happy Birthday

14. Happy Birthday (Brand’s Logo)

Sending birthday t-shirt to a customer or client is the best marketing strategy to boost your brand identity. Placing a logo with a wish is the best way to personalize it.

Brand Logo

15. Make A Wish

Do you want your recipient to make a special wish on his/her birthday? Give them a clue with a tee personalized with the above slogan.

Make A Wish

16. Not Everyone Looks This Good At 80

Your elders need to be told that they are still awesome. Their age isn’t a barrier and that they have always been a heartthrob. Take the help of a professional graphic designer to create this design with the attractive typeface. Once it’s been designed, gift it to your elders and see a pretty curve appearing on their faces.

Good At 80

17. Straight Outta 1990

Is someone born in the 1990s going to celebrate his/her special day? A t shirt with the slogan “Straight Outta 1990” is the head turner. They are sure to go into the flashback and rejoice those memories! You can adjust the birthday year and give the t-shirt a personal look.

Straight Outta

18. Garfield Birthday Shirt

Some people love wearing cartoon tees. If someone in your group is fond of Garfield, you can make his/her day extra special with a personalized Garfield t-shirt. The cute and funny graphic designs of Garfield will make them fall in awe with your thoughtfulness.

Garfield Birthday

19. Unicorn Shirt

There is no dearth of creativity when it comes to customizing a birthday tee. Be it for your whole squad or just for the birthday girl, you can count on graphic design services for a stunning design. A unicorn shirt is one of those designs that would be great for female recipients.

Unicorn Shirt

Give it a little pop of pink and it will go on captivating everyone including the wearer.

20. B’Day Tee With Abstract Design

If a line of text or a slogan isn’t your pick, you can choose some abstract designs to be printed on the tshirt. You can draw one using a t-shirt maker tool or find one on the Web.

Abstract Design

21. Sports Tee

For recipients who are sports enthusiasts, it would be great to get birthday t-shirt design that resonates with their interest. Choose their favorite team’s insignia or favorite player’s image for an unforgettable birthday tee.

Sports Tee

22. Birthday Cake Tee

How about customizing a t-shirt with birthday cake imagery? It will go best with almost every recipient. Just pick a cake design and let your recipient have a gala time ahead.

Birthday Cake Tee

23. Hamburger T-Shirt

For food lovers, custom tshirts with food-related graphics are the best birthday gift. A hamburger tee is one such example that will fill your recipient’s eyes with joy.

Hamburger T-shirt

24. Party Shirts

A party shirt marks an ultimate pick for partygoers who are going to celebrate their special day soon. Stunning graphics, appealing typeface, and a little artwork are what make a tee party-ready.

Party Shirts

25. Superhero T-Shirts

Birthday t-shirt or shirt ideas are endless. One of the many ideas is creating a superhero t-shirt. From Avengers to Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, Superman, pick the image of any superhero character that your recipient likes and customize it.

Superhero T-shirts

26. Face T-Shirt

That would be a hell of a gift for your recipient! One of the best ways to create a custom t-shirt design is to use the face of your recipient. It would be funny AF!

Face T-Shirt

27. Officially Sweet 16 Birthday Tee

Turning sixteen has the sweetest response. It’s an official age to start partying and celebrate teenage. Get a custom t-shirt design ready for the 16th birthday that would charm your recipient for sure.

16 Birthday Tee

28. Not Old Just Vintage

Aging celebration doesn’t have to be boring. And, your recipient shouldn’t worry about being old. Get your recipients this tee that clearly says they are turning not older but vintage.


29. Insane Since 1976

This custom t-shirt design is simple but funny. Use bold typeface to make it appealing and surprise your recipient. Just adjust the year as per your needs and you birthday tee is ready to be gifted.

Insane Since 1976

30. Don’t Grow Up It’s A Trap

Growing up involves us into many responsibilities. How about designing a shirt with a little twist and turn of the words? What day would be better than a birthday to remind the world that growing is a trap?

Grow Up

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Birthdays are special days, and creating excellent birthday t-shirt design with a little customization is a great way to show you care. For brands, it’s a great day to boost their brand identity with a personalized tee. But before picking any, make sure you know the likes and dislikes of your recipient. And, take help from Designhill to create custom tshirts for adults and kids.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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