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Build Your Brand Image With These 15 Company Update Tips

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Social Media

Last updated on February 24th, 2018

The information a company provides to the people in general and to professionals is also helpful in building a brand image for the company. Social networking site LinkedIn lets companies create a Company Page so that they can update information for the followers and other viewers.

After you are assigned a Company Page at the social site, you are ready to post company updates with the intention that the site members will see your updated information. These updates will also be available to your Page followers. Any LinkedIn member can comment on your updates and share them with others. So, the updates are also seen on the home page of the members who comment and share. The updates supports formats such as text, link to a website, images, YouTube and Vimeo video.

The updates from your company can be the items like promotions, news, relevant industry articles, Slide Share presentations and YouTube videos.

Here are some tips to ensure that the professionals respond to your Company Updates.

1. Start with the most important content

When writing your update on LinkedIn company page, make sure that you’re most important content finds place in the first line. This should be the lead of your company news or article and other content. Never make the mistake of burying the lead in the second or third sentences. Also, the headlines and intros must be catchy to grab the viewers’ attention and higher engagement from them.

2. Call-to-action link

A well-written content should be accompanied by your call-to-action link. It should be clearly visible to the readers so that they can click on it to visit the desired pages. A study has pointed out that call to action is capable of driving two times more engagement from the visitors as compared to the content having no such link.

3. Ask compelling questions

You should evoke response from target audience by asking them some thoughtful questions in your content. This energizes the readers as they want to seek more information about the concerns raised by the questions.

4. Include an image or any media

Another way to enhance readers’ participation in your content is to make it graspable. What you say in the lead text can be supported by the images incorporated in the company update. The image must match with the content. Some any other form of rich media is also a great way to generate more comments from the readers. According to a study, images inserted in the company updates results in 98% higher comment rate.

Company Update Tips

5. Double-check an image

Before posting your content on company updates page, double-check the image that you have uploaded. The image must convey the message of your business. Also, the message of the image should match with the text.

Graphic Designing Process

6. Videos

You can post YouTube video to maximize response from your readers. Videos tell a story of your company and brand in a very memorable way. Effective videos with useful content are shared many times by the visitors and it results in getting more customers for your business. Videos are said to be increasing your share rate by 75% when they are in the LinkedIn feed.

7. Provide valuable content

Your readers will respond only when they find the content attractive and useful. So, make sure that you align your content to needs and interests of your LinkedIn professional members. The information related to your company must be such that the readers can consume it quickly. Plus, it should be quality content worth sharing.

Valuable Content Strategy

8. Potential audience

You should not try to include every set of audience when targeting them through your content on company update page. So, do not add many targeting filters as you may end up excluding potential audience. Instead, targeted a specific and potential audience that you think is valuable for spreading the word about your company and its business.


9. Experiment to know your audience

A way to make your content interesting and engaging is to present it in a varied way. You can consider mixing inspirational posts with some entertaining content. Also, add some insightful updates along with informative content.

10. Comment

When the professional members visit your content and offer their opinion, you should respond with intelligent comments so that the conversation goes on. These positive reactions and responses allow for more engagement from the visitors. But remove inappropriate comments as you monitor discussions. Also, handle any customer-service issues promptly.


11. Provide content regularly

Your company update does not mean that you should be posting the content rarely. Instead, maintain your editorial calendar and provide the content regularly. While you post the content as per the schedule, make sure that you do not miss the current relevant news, trends and topics.

12. Content strategy

You should evaluate your content strategy regularly with available analytical tools. Provide content as per the needs of your target audience. Know what type of content you would be writing. Ensure that you know about the content your readers are interested in.

13. Sponsor your content

One of the ways to generate faith in your content is to get it sponsored by a well-known company. LinkedIn allows for Sponsored Updates that help you reaching to targeted audience so that the content does not remain to your followers only. So, find out which of your content is performing well and get it sponsored by a major brand

14. Optimize sponsored updates

After sponsoring your most valuable content, you should also keep a tab on its performance in terms of getting response from the visitors. LinkedIn’s detailed reporting tools are helpful in assessment of the content’s performance. Make sure that you adjust the content to make it more effective and responsive.

15. Post the sponsored content regularly

Make sure that you post fresh sponsored-content regularly so that visitors can be engaged throughout the week. Professionals always look for new information. More fresh content implies that there is an increased interaction with the visitors from your end.

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