Great Cafeteria Logos That Lure Us To Sip A Cup Of Coffee

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Great cafeteria logos that lure us to sip a cup of coffee 1

Last updated on February 11th, 2019

Cafeteria is a place where people frequent so often to spend some quality time with friends. Warm colors and other design elements used in cafeteria logos are common and so it is difficult to find varieties of design. Still, cafeteria logos with great design are examples that we can find to list them here.

Don Cafeone has a classical cafeteria logo design. The logo carries a stylized face, which has mustaches and glasses. The design forces us to resemble the mustaches and pair of glasses with a pair of cups of coffee. The designer created the face that refers to Don Corelone’s image from a movie.

Wi-fi café logo gives the idea of a café that serves the people with internet connection whenever they need. The logo design is in a classic wi-fi icon that is stylized in a coffee cup. The moment you see the logo, you come to know that it is the place where you can open your laptop for internet connection with a cup of coffee.

Begemot café is one of these cafeterias where you can spend time with your books. Begemot is cat character that speaks from a classic novel. Therefore, the logo is stylized as a catty head symbolizing the place.

Caffeinefuel is the result of thinking that coffee works as a stimulant and makes the people feel awakened to help them read a book. So, the place has a logo design that gives us the impression that coffee is a fuel.

Zenetti Nadali’s logo design symbolizes awakening effect of the caffeine. The design stylized coffee as an owl which is a night bird known for its wide eyes. The logo design is original and attracts consumers.

Coffee Flower’s logo is another popular design, which has a flower in the shape of a coffee. Due to symbol of flower, the logo represents freshness that we feel after consuming caffeine. The pink background is for attracting female consumers to the cafeteria.

These are some of the cafeteria logo design that attract our attention instantly. Which other similar logos are your favorites?

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