15 Catchy And Creative Business Name Ideas For Startups

Business Name Ideas

Last updated on February 14th, 2023

Entering into entrepreneurship? Great!

Amid all the fuss of business name, you need to have some catchy and creative business name ideas, making sure your products / services stand out. So, how to come up with a creative names then?

While going through some communities for entrepreneurs, I learnt that one hurdle many new entrepreneurs usually encounter is picking a creative business name for their businesses. Getting catchy business names is an exciting moment, but at the same time quite frustrating and exhausting.

I can still recall how fatigue the process of getting a catchy name for business was for me when I first entered into the entrepreneurship. It would kick-off amusing and loose for the first few names, but I would swiftly fall into restlessness.

Putting my best efforts for several hours, I could sense my intelligence deteriorating and finally lost all spirit to even analyze the names I was coming up with a few hours ago. This is how I experienced while coming up with a business name for my first project.

Here Are 15 Catchy And Creative Business Name Ideas For Startups

01. Consider What Makes Catchy Names For Business

Don’t get fascinated by certain name that doesn’t spell your business well. Instead, come up with catchy business name ideas. Consider the names that can attract your target customers. Think how they would respond to your brand at their first sight. Do they find it merely a literary joke?

Names For Business

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Whatever you anticipate your clients would be interested in, is the perfect place to start with when coming up with a brand name. This would definitely resemble your business thus making customers eyeball roll.

02. Begin With The Answer

Why would customers come for? For the answer to their problems, no doubt about it. If your brand conceivably answers to consumers’ questions, this would definitely help you establish in the marketplace.

Business Name Ideas

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Now brainstorm how to come up with a company name by applying tactics such as:

i. Considering Common Phrases / Idioms

Phrases or idioms that are popular are good to start with when coming up with a business name. Brainstorm how they would best express your business vertical.

Best creative business names are those that hard press us to think about a popular phrase in an exclusively different manner. For Example, Ivacy, which derived its name from Privacy. A clever move for a brand operating in the Cybersecurity industry

ii. Keep It Simple

Sometimes you may get fade up while picking catchy business names, you may fail to find even a single name that you like. In such a situation, think about the very basics of the services / products your offer.

For example – you don’t usually find yourself engaging in discourse about furniture wood, but the name “Seasoned Timber” for a furniture showroom will definitely stick to your mind.

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03. Peculiar Words

Although name that resembles your business is a good choice to draw the attention of your target audience, business around the world does opt with unique words that are not inevitably associated directly to their business line or the profession.

This tactic works nicely in the minds of the customers and keeps them guessing – why the company has such a strange name? For instance – Apple and Amazon that do not resemble their business arena.

Business Name Ideas

04. Keywords

Some business giants keep their names that directly give an idea about their business. Such business names easily make a place in the viewers’ mind. For instance – Burger King, Shuttl, Pizza Hut

Business Name Ideas

05. Acronyms

There is a practice of making use of several words to name a creative business name and then using the acronym to form the business name.

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network), and FCUK (French Connection United Kingdom) are some popular examples that use acronyms to form their creative company names.

Business Name Ideas

06. Wrong Spellings

Intentionally misspelt names successfully draw the attraction of viewers. There are many businesses around that deliberately keep their names wrongly-spelt. For example, Google, Topix, Suzuki Dzire, and Flickr etc.

Business Name Ideas

07. Entrepreneur’s Name

Many entrepreneurs have used their own names for their business. Like, Boeing, Cadillac, Ferrari, Chevrolet, Tommy Hilfiger, Nestle etc.

Entrepreneur Name

08. Name That Carries Broad Meaning

Don’t pick a name that restricts your business arena, it should accommodate even if when your business grows with the time. Suppose you start your business with birthday gifts and name your shop “Birthday Gifts”.

But if over the years your business surges and you wish to deal in more items like garments, your current name will surely not accommodate the garment business, resulting in lesser customers for garments. So, try not to limit your business by names.

Broad Meaning

09. Conduct A Comprehensive Research

You have picked a creative business name but do research over the internet to check if it already exists. Giving a unique name to your business is equally important as it may create a pause in your business.

Furthermore, your customer might get confused by duplicate name and probability is that your customers may head to other enterprise having similar names.

Comprehensive Research

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10. Select A Dot.Com Domain

Yes, your domain name matters a lot for your business. While picking a domain name for your website give preference to a rather than others like dot org, dot net, dot biz or any other domain extensions.

Research says that surfers tend to enter dot-com domain extension. That’s why big businesses worldwide keep their domain names with dot com extensions. Domain

There is a possibility that your dot com domain is already booked by someone else, but the owner can sell at the right price. Consider dot-com domain purchase as a business investment. This would return in a heavy traffic on your website.

11. Evaluate If The Name Is Creative

Unquestionably, you would like a catchy business name, not a boring one. You would definitely not like that your employees hesitate to pronounce the name on being asked where they work.

You will like your business name to resonate with your ideal clients, so examine the name yourself before launch.

Creative Name

Another thing to note here is that the name you pick should also look good on your logo, which you will be the face of your company.

When using an online logo maker, for instance, find out if the business name fits well with the design of your logo. If the company or business name is too lengthy, you may be shortening it so that it looks good in the design.

12. Conduct A Survey

Your potential clients may be over the social media be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Getting their feedbacks will help you with the best business name.

Pick a few catchy names for a business using a business name generator and then launch a survey. Incorporate the ideas received as the feedback.


13. The Name Must Sound Pretty Good When Said Aloud

It happens that some names look good but do not sound pretty when said aloud. Make sure it doesn’t sound awful and people get confused when customers pronounce loudly.

Good Name

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14. Your Satisfaction Matters

After all, you are the owner of your business who has spent a lot to pursue your dream business. You have to live with your business name for a long period, so come up with those business name ideas that help you find creative names. It is advisable to find a short business name that can fit well with a business logo design.

Unless and until you are not happy, you won’t be delivering your 100 percent in your business that may end up in great loss. Take ample time before you finally come up with your business name.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Once you have finally made your choice, make sure it doesn’t convey a negative message. Like your company logo, your business name should also attractive and meaningful.

Avoid using words that make sense to you only. It must not seem that you have not put any effort while thinking – how to come up with a business name?

Refrain yourself from using names that are trendy and employ the current fashion. You should also avoid using complex names that keep viewers thinking too much to understand your business.

All your efforts, skills and wisdom towards making a creative business name will get lost in a sea of confusion.

15. Combination Of Two Words

Combining two words to form a single has also been in fashion for creating catchy and creative business names. Put together two separate words with not space between the words to form a catchy name for business.

Such business names pronounced jointly as a single word, but they do not bear a dictionary meaning. In some names, the first letter is capitalized, few choose to capitalize first letter of both the words by graphic design services.


For instance, YouTube, SnapChat, Facebook etc.

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The Bottom-Line

A business name is vital to the success of any entrepreneur. Therefore, your company name should be easy to pronounce and spell out yet catchy. So if you are all set to get your feet wet in an entrepreneurship, do not forget to use the aforementioned tips to come up with catchy names for business. Remember, your complex or illogical business names may end up with devastating business experience. Fortunately, there are some catchy name generators available using which you can get creative business names. By entering your preferred word and following up instructions, these tools can create catchy names for your business. Like you get business logo design by using Designhill logo maker, these tools generate catchy business names after getting inputs from the users.

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