Characteristics Of A Good Logo Design

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Good logo design

Last updated on February 24th, 2018

Every business aspires for a good logo design that can help beat competition in the market of similar products or services. But what is exactly a good logo design? This question should be answered in the light of the design’s usefulness for a business.

Characteristics Of A Good Logo Design

Since businesses use logos to market their products and services, a main purpose of the emblem is to help in creating a customer based. Going by this parameter, a good logo design is the one that has proven ability of increasing marketing share of a business. If the business is growing after incorporating a logo, then we can say that the design has been successful in its purpose. We can say that if the logo has been instrumental in boosting your business prospects, it must have impressed the customers and so its design is good.

Besides being useful to the business, a great logo-design always reminds the viewers of the company it represents. When you see logos of McDonalds’, IBM and Nike, you can instantly recall the respective companies and nothing else. This shows the strong impression these logos have on the global customers.

To make a logo memorable, avoid using complicated and complex design that need some explanation. A sign of good logo design is that it impresses others by its simplicity. People do not like a logo that has many colors or fonts as they have to remember the complicated design with efforts. Simple logo design ensures that the viewers have no stress on their mind in remembering not only the logo but the businesses also.

A good logo design will always evoke intended emotions. This is important as you want your logo to express your business message correctly and accurately to the targeted customers across varied sections of population. Successful logos of global brands evoke the desired emotions from the customers. For instance, if the business is about soft drinks, it means that it is related to giving energy to the people when they are tired. This is the reason that most of the soft drink companies such as CocaCola have red as dominant color in their logo.

Similarly, food companies wants the people to feel healthy when they consume the food. Hence, green becomes a favorite color of logos for global food companies. Pink evokes tender emotions and hence this color is used for businesses related to women’s products such as garments.

So, hire an experienced logo designer and get your logo done as per your specifications and business requirements.

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