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10 Christmas Shirt Ideas to Get You Into the Christmas Fever

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Tshirt Design

Christmas shirt ideas to get you into the Christmas fever

Last updated on November 11th, 2022

Christmas is a festive occasion everyone looks forward to enjoying with family and friends. This is also the time to wear some exciting and fashionable clothes to look stylish and take center stage. So, whether you’re a consumer or an artist, you should be scanning the market for exciting Christmas gifts and shirt ideas.

Everyone looks forward to celebrating Christmas with fervent zeal. There are many activities to do on the day to make it unique and memorable. One of the best ways to celebrate is to wear some trendy clothes with Christmas quotes and conventional images printed on them.

T-shirts are the most popular casual wear that people love to cuddle in and walk around. This fashion wear comes in different necklines and sleeves. You can choose from various half and full-sleeved shirts with different necklines.

But while buying Christmas clothes like a t-shirt, you should check if the shirt fits well and if the sleeves and neckline are perfect.

What to consider while buying Christmas shirts?

While buying Christmas shirts, you should pay attention to some aspects of fitness so that the clothing becomes comfortable.

Here Is What You Need To Consider:

  • Consider The Sleeves – Ensure that your t-shirt’s sleeve length is appropriate. It should only end halfway or extend a little further.
  • Consider The Length – The t-shirt you want to buy should have a manageable length that hangs down the hips. It should cover your body and go down by a few inches of your hips.
  • Pick The Suitable Neckline – Other things to do are to check the collar and neckline of the t-shirt, which most people usually pay little heed to. You can choose from necklines, such as v-neckline and crew neckline. These necklines give t-shirts a less formal look, which is ideal for wearing to celebrate festivities like Christmas.
  • Think Of Shoulder Seams – Choose a t-shirt with a hem that aligns with its ends. For example, your t-shirt’s seam should align with its shoulders’ end.

If you are a graphic designer or an artist, you should be aware of different ideas for creating shirts to wear on Christmas.

Here Are Some Exciting Christmas Shirt Ideas You Can Explore This Season

01. Family Christmas Shirt Ideas

Christmas is a festive occasion when the entire family gathers at one place to celebrate the day. To make the festival even more joyous, you can buy family Christmas shirts for each family member.

These family fashion clothes make great Christmas gifts for grandmas, dads, moms, cousins, kids, and everyone else.

Christmas is a time for a family reunion. Giving it a festive touch with custom t-shirts is something that each family member will remember for years.

02. Funny Christmas Shirts

Christmas is also an occasion when family and friends have fun and a hearty good laugh. So, bring Christmas t-shirts with some funny elements or quotes printed on them that put a smile on everyone’s face.

You can depend on shirts with funny Christmas themes when thinking of some Christmas gift ideas. Pick shirts with Christmas puns, jokes, old dad humor, etc.

Looking For A Custom T-Shirt?

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You can also hire a designer to get a design for your t-shirt.
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03. Classic Festive Shirt Ideas

A classic Christmas gift idea is one having some conventional Christmas elements. So, when you pick custom clothing for the Christmas celebration, think of some classic symbols and motifs on custom clothing, such as t-shirts.

You can buy classic Christmas festive shirts having reindeer, Santa Clause, bubbles, Christmas trees, wreaths, candy canes, gingerbread, fairy lights, and other elements. With such festive elements printed, a t-shirt will add to the environment of celebration.

04. Simple Winter Christmas Shirt Ideas

Christmas fall in winter, when everyone looks for ways to keep warm. So, find some exciting winter Christmas shirt ideas that have a feeling of warmth. Design clothes with Christmas themes to show warmth.

All you need to do is to pick Christmas shirts with winter motifs such as snowflakes, polar themes, and seasonal foods and fruits. Then, choose the elements that evoke cozy, sparkling feelings.

05. Office Party Christmas Shirts

Your office must be throwing some party to celebrate Christmas. Use this occasion to showcase the unity among employees in the workplace. Your office can order a custom Christmas shirt and make the employees wear them. You can put your company logo on the shirt for branding purposes

When it comes to ideas, visit Designhill for Christmas shirt inspiration for custom t-shirts or create your own from scratch. You can also design the shirt around a theme related to your company’s business. Ensure the design has elements related to your line of work.

Custom T-Shirt

06. Christmas Shirt Ideas Inspired by Pop Culture

Christmas can also be an occasion to express your love for pop culture, movies, books, TV shows, and music. So it would be a great idea to use some elements from pop culture and popular shows while designing your Christmas t-shirts. But you should not infringe on copyrights. Instead, make some subtle references to the original creator’s work.

You can also use your favorite Christmas movie or a book as your shirt design idea. But, overall, try to include some elements from your field of interest.

07. Christmas Sweatshirts and Hoodies

How about presenting your loved ones with custom sweatshirts and hoodies? These are trendy costumes that everyone loves to wear to appear fashionable. Custom sweatshirts with some Christmas themes will surely make a great gift. This clothing piece will also provide the needed warmth during cold days.

So, pick cute sweatshirts, graphic sweatshirts, or vintage sweatshirts for women, men, and kids. Or, create your own custom sweatshirts with the desired theme.

08. Christmas Shirts For Kids

Kids are the center of attraction on any festive occasion, and Christmas is no exception. You can buy t-shirts for your kids to enjoy the festivities even more. Since Christmas falls in winter, purchasing custom hoodies for your kids would be prudent. These are trendy clothes that will keep kids warm and happy.

Ensure kids’ t-shirts, hoodies, and other trendy stuff have bright colors. Children love to see those bright colors around. Choose some patterns from Christmas, such as reindeer and Santa’s red hat. This is also the occasion to buy kids’ t-shirts with quotes and funny baby clothes.

09. Short-Sleeve Christmas T-Shirts

Just like custom long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts are also an excellent choice as fashion wear for Christmas. These classic choices are versatile clothes that you can wear in different combinations.

You can wear them with cozy cardigans and scarves. Wear them under a blazer to give yourself a casual look at a party. Moreover, if you need something for winter layering, count on short-sleeve shirts for Christmas.

10. Long Sleeve Christmas Shirts

Long sleeve shirts are a great option to explore when you consider offering gifts to your dear ones. These winter clothes cover your entire body to keep you warm during outdoor activities. Custom long sleeve shirts come in various styles for men, women, and kids.

So, these are the top Christmas shirt ideas you should consider while buying or creating t-shirts to express your festive mood this season. It will help if you scan a marketplace to compare different shirt designs with the themes you are looking for.

However, you must visit PrintShop by Designhill to access trendy and exciting Christmas shirt ideas. This is an ideal platform where artists showcase their artwork on t-shirt mockups. This is also the perfect site for other trendy and stylish products, such as custom phone cases, customized wall art, and more.

PrintShop by Designhill can end your search for the shirts you have in mind to buy. This online store has hundreds of artists registered who display their Christmas-themed artworks. You can browse through their online stores and find many exciting Christmas-related prints

If you are an artist who loves to create artwork very often, you can start your online store here. Besides artwork for t-shirts, you can also display customized wall art and other products in your store.

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Wrapping Up

Christmas is a festive time when everyone looks forward to celebrating the occasion in a big way. T-shirts and other clothes are among the popular items to buy to express your feelings of joy and excitement. These top Christmas shirt ideas will help you design and purchase unique shirt designs.

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