Color And Font Follies To Be Avoided In Logo Design

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Professionally trained and experienced graphic designers pay utmost attention to elements of color and font when designing a logo. These two elements are most dominating when it comes to assessing an impact on the viewers. But there are some fatal color and font errors that a designer may be making.

One of the biggest mistakes that even professional logo designers make is that they start designing with colors. They should start work on a logo design without any colors. The designers should visualize the logo first in black and white. This gives an unbiased view and impression of the logo.

Colors can divert a designers attention and focus from the design. The focus should be on design which is basic to making an impact on the targeted customers of the client’s business. When in the process of designing, the logo should be created always in black and white so that the design prevails and it can be assessed for its amount of impact. If the colorless design is not impactful, then improvements can be made until the design is as per the quality standards. Once black and white logo is up to the satisfaction of the designer and client, then only colors should be inserted into the logo design.

Another mistake that many designers make is related to font choice. There are hundreds of possible font choices available on the web and the designers can spent hours on selection of fonts. But fonts are designed for specific functions and they convey specific message. Font choice should not be an afterthought and you should give it a serious thought.

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A perfect balance between visuals and words should be maintain and so you should use the typeface that can easily convey your business message.

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