Important Aspect to Know While Designing a Company Logo

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Last updated on January 17th, 2018

Just as you make a business plan, your logo design plan is also equally important. A well executed plan for designing a company logo goes a long way in achieving your business targets since a logo is always in direct visual contact with your targeted audience. But what does a logo design plan consist?

Here are some important aspect to consider while designing a company logo.


Make it certain that when you design your company logo, it is versatile to take care of every challenges posed during marketing of your business. Remember that your logo will adorn nearly all of your company properties such as websites, brochures, business cards, leaflets etc. Your company logo must look equally great on all mediums due to nice and clean design. Besides the design, color selection should be such that they look great on all the mediums. Also, the design plan must ensure that it works well in black and white.


Is elements used in your logo are consistent to your other marketing products? For example, are colors incorporated in the logo are taken from your company colors or the ones already used in website? Make it sure that colors are almost the same across all of your products used for marketing campaign. Similarly, consistency in font use also is desirable. This helps the customers in understanding that they are with the same business while they use your websites, read leaflets, have business cards etc.


Another important aspect of designing a logo is to ensure protection to your logo design. Your hired a professional designer who took pains and invested time in designing your company logo. If someone copies your logo and uses it, you will be at disadvantage of loosing your customers. So, to avoid such unpleasant situations where you have to fight legal battles, better protect your logo design by registering with the concerned authorities and take rights over the design. Before you start using your logo, it is advisable to file an application with the USPTO to own a trademark.

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