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Top 21 Computer Business Logos For 2024

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design


Last updated on December 14th, 2023

Computer businesses have been focusing much on their logo designs to establish a strong prevalent brand in the niche market for the past few years. Computer logos are fast becoming the most sought-after tool for such computer and information technology businesses to compete in one of the world’s fastest evolving industries. No wonder most computer businesses tend to choose IT-themed logo designs that accentuate acuity and creativity. This blog contains the top 21 computer business logos you can consider for the coming year.

Computer business start-ups are constantly faced with a challenge to prove their worth in front of IT industry giants, quite obviously to get noticed.

For such start-ups, the brand in totality needs to be printed in a way that convinces people to try their products and services. Quite expectedly, such computer business start-ups need a company’s logo that stands out from the crowd.

A well-designed computer logo lies at the core of a computer business, helping it achieve not only to establish its brand and marketplace presence but also help ensure higher consumer interest and bulging sales.

Remember, the logo frames a pictorial image of your company and acts as a strong marketing contender to those who’ve just discovered you.

It’s more like a stamp for your computer business, and it should convey your company’s underlying principles and provide an aesthetically interesting and distinctive visual.

So, if you have already decided that you want a custom logo for your computer business, here’s a little catalogue of top 21 computer logos for 2024 that never fail to tickle pink the fancy of onlookers. But first, what should be the characteristics of your brand logo?

Characteristics of Iconic Computer Brand Logos

We all have seen computer logos such as the Apple logo, which are now iconic business symbols. But there are some common characteristics of such impressive logos of global companies. If you can identify those commonalities, it will help you create one such logo for your new business.

So, Here Is What You Will Notice When Seeing Logos of Computer Companies

01. Simple Design

All the computer logos of global companies are simple designs. They have just one or two elements with no messy designs involved. With such simplicity, those companies can get a message across to audiences quickly.

02. Wise Use of Colors and Fonts

Colors evoke our feelings and emotions, while fonts add a personality to any design. Most famous technologies logos comprise one major color, which is usually blue, and then there is another white color in the background.

Similarly, mostly these logos have one font. But to give personality to a logo, the designers either used a custom font or tweaked a font to drive attention.

03. Convey A Brand Message

All such computer logos convey a certain brand message to the audience using colors and fonts strategically. So, before using an online logo maker, know your brand message precisely and then pick the design elements accordingly.

04. A Memorable Design

Everyone remembers the Apple and Samsung logos. The designers created those symbols with the specific purpose of making them memorable. So, those designs are deliberately kept simple and unique.

05. Versatile and Scalable Logos

Most computer brand logos are versatile designs and can be scaled. So, such logos look great even in black and white on newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc.

Also, they are scalable logos, which means they look impressive on a huge surface such as billboards and small surfaces like that of a business card.

Now that you know the key characteristics of computer logos, you can visit those logos to find how impressive they look.

Here Are The Top 21 Computer Business Logo Designs For 2024

01. Dell

Dell is an American multinational technology company that makes computer products such as laptops. It has one of the iconic computer logos and is known for the differently placed letter E of its company name.


The letter has been designed a little sideways and gives a unique look to the wordmark. White and blue colors and the use of a circle makes this logo design pleasing to the eyes.

While designing computer companies’ logos, the Dell logo is an inspiration. You can learn how to give a minor twist to an element of design to create a unique logo.

02. Asus

ASUSTek Computer Incorporation is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware company. Its logo is also in white letters with a blue background to make the brand look trustworthy.

Asus Computer Logo

The uppercase letters are set apart and look slashed from the rest of the body to make the logo stand out.

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03. Acer

Acer Inc is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware making company. The logo design of the company is a wordmark in green small case letters. But the letters look different and help the brand stand out.


04. Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard is another multinational computer hardware company that has a global presence. Like many other computer businesses, its logo also makes good use of blue and white and lowercase letters, enclosed in a circle, making it one of the iconic computer logos.

iconic computer logos

Even while using a logo maker tool, try to be unique and straightforward. The HP logo should inspire you to create an outstanding lettermark.

Business & Consulting

05. Sony Computer

A major multinational conglomerate corporation, Japanese company Sony offers computer hardware solutions.

Sony Computer Logo

The Sony logo has its name in serif fonts to evoke trust, faith and quality, and underneath it is a yellow square tilted sideways to drive attention.

06. Microsoft

An American multinational software company, Microsoft delivers many popular products such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.


The four squares in red, green, blue yellow make its logo along with the company’s name in sans serif font, and it indeed is amongst well-known computer logos icons.

07. Intel

An American multinational corporation company, Intel is known as the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. Its logo has the letter ‘e’ placed differently downward.

Intel Logo

That helps drive the attention and give the brand identity. The Intel logo is a well-known symbol amongst all computer logos.

08. HCL

HCL is an Indian multinational Information Technology company. Its logo is a lettermark in blue, which is a favourite color of computer-related businesses to evoke trust. The letters in the logo are slightly bending toward the right side, which makes it a simple but unique design.


The HCL logo is an example of simplicity and yet uniqueness. When using an online logo maker tool, use letters to your advantage and try to create a clean logo.

09. Apple

The Apple logo is one of the most visible computer logos in the world, and its logo is a bitten apple, which is now a famous icon. But since the company is in the computer business, the bitten apply also means byte.

Apple logo

10. IBM

International Business Machine Corporation is an American multinational technology corporation with a landmark strip logo in blue.

IBM Logo

These strips give the logo and brand a distinctive identity and make it stand out amongst the crowd of computer logos.

11. Samsung

The Samsung logo is a wordmark with an opaque shape in the background that evokes the brand’s universality. It has the company’s name in white, which looks pleasing against the blue background.


12. Quanta Computer

A Taiwan based computer notebook manufacturer company, Quanta Computer and serves global multinational brands. Its logo design has a blue C letter that stands for the computer business.

Quanta Computer

The red strips evoke passion and drive attention and make it stand out amid computer brand logos.

You should carefully design computer companies’ logos such as this for simplicity and uniqueness. Creating a logo with just two elements is not an easy job.

13. Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational company known for manufacturing personal computers and electronic items. Its wordmark logo is in blue, but it stands out due to its unique design of letters.


Each letter is shaped differently, yet they are part of the same design, making it stand out from many other computer logos.

You can design your own logo in manageable steps by using DIY software that allows you to pick colors, fonts, etc. and drop them into a set template.

14. Panasonic

A Japanese multinational corporation, besides electronics items, Panasonic manufactures computers and is a renowned brand.


Like many other companies in the computer business, Panasonic also has its logo in blue letters. The logo is in sans serif and is a neat and impressive design.

15. Cisco

Cisco Systems Inc is an American multinational technology company based in San Francisco. The Cisco logo’s key attraction and feature are the short vertical lines representing the iconic San Francisco bridge. It is also a great example of how computer logos also can tell a story to an audience.


16. Lanix

Lanix International, a multinational computer manufacturing company, has its logo in sleek letters with a box shape on the left. A mix of white and dark yellow colors help the logo design stand out.

Lanix International

17. Nvidia

The Nvidia logo uses green and white colors as brand identity. An eye shape and a box on the left side of the wordmark makes this logo design memorable amongst computer brand logos.

Nvidia brand logo

The company is an American multinational corporation, which makes graphic processing units.

18. Meebox

Meebox is a Mexican company that specializes in manufacturing tablet computers. Two red brackets make a box shape in its logo, representing the box in the company name and the tablets it makes.


Computer logos such as this one exemplify how a design stands out with some unique elements.

19. Oracle

Oracle is another multinational company selling database software. Its logo displays the company name in red color, which evokes passion and energy.


The horizontally shaped letter O and the E with sharp edges give the logo identity amid the crowd of computer brand logos.

You can make a logo like this one with a free logo maker that allows you to drag and drop colors etc., elements into a template.

20. Biostar

Biostar Microtech International Corp. is a leading computer hardware manufacturer from Taiwan. It has a combination logo with a red colour picture and the company’s name underneath.


The swirling movements in the triangular-shaped image depict the company’s determination to move ahead in its niche market.

Also, the O in the company’s name has been shaped like a star, which again conveys a message.

21. Puget Systems

Puget System sells a mixture of custom and pre configured computers such as desktops, workstations, and servers. Its logo is a combination of an image and a wordmark in green and black brand colors.

Puget Systems

The image is in the shape of an arrow that conveys the message of moving forward with time in technology. Computer logos such as this one shows how a different color scheme can make a logo stand out.

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Wrapping Up

Hundreds of computer manufacturing companies are in the markets today. They can stand out in so many ways, but a simple and unique logo design can help them drive people’s attention. These global companies are also known for their inspirational logos with the special use of colours, fonts, and other elements.

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