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Construction companies have to tackle increasing competition from rival businesses. A perfect logo design based on strategic logo ideas form a potent weapon for businesses to convert people into loyal customers. A memorable logo that stands out can help reach a business to its target audience in a meaningful way.

Businesses need to face intense competition with unique marketing strategies. They should come out with consistent marketing campaigns to draw customers’ attention and win their loyalty. All such campaigns first must have impressive marketing materials such as logos, brochures, websites etc. But a unique and memorable logo design is the most used symbol of a business.

A logo represents the personality and image of any business in the eyes of customers, prospects, and target audiences. Therefore, your construction company must first have a logo that stands out in its design. Small businesses must have a strong logo to build a brand identity and solid customer base.

Here, we have carefully compiled a list of some creative construction company logo ideas and designs which reflect the unique personality and identity of some construction and tools businesses.

Most construction and tools businesses refrain from lively colors and use construction tools or symbols in their logos. This is because construction work is associated with robustness.

10 Construction Company Logo Ideas & Designs

01. Flat Roof

The Flat Roof construction company logo design is a simple design that depends on a conservative concept of rooftop design. The company is in roof repairing business and offers coating and restoration services.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

This is the reason that the logo has rooftop as the main design element. The company name is below the roof design in the logo as per the client’s brief. Blue color used in the logo stands for the friendly services of the company.

02. Ashton Martini

This logo idea is an excellent example of how a logo should be created using the power of text only. The logo is a clean and contemporary design.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The client wanted to start a residential construction company to build or remodel high-end homes. Use of grey, blue and white colors give the logo a sophisticated look. Such a logo looks great when printed on other marketing materials such as a business card design.

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03. Lee Stewart

The Lee Stewart logo is a unique design. It uses tall trees as a symbol of tall buildings that the company constructs. So, the trees become a symbol for construction. The client wanted something with redwood trees and the ocean.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

04. Rot Repair Master

This logo design has the repairing symbols a handsaw and a hammer. There is also a room top design. Both these elements speak about the company’s main job of repairing. The red color is used here to draw the viewer’s’ attention to the logo and business.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The logo leaves an impression that the company delivers sophisticated repairing services. Choice of colors is perfect due to the mixed use of grey, black and red. Make sure that not only your logo ideas but other graphical items such as brochure design also have fewer colors and limited use of typefaces.

05. Century OAK

The company Century Oak builds homes, remodels homes and commercial buildings, and it is involved in general construction as well. The client wanted to incorporate a large oak tree in its logo design in the background. The graphic designer created a beautiful oak tree as the background.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

There is a flow of river shown also in the design. Round shape of the logo is a conventional concept and stands for completeness. It sends the message of timely completion of the construction project.

Such combination logos having an image and text are unique and leave a memorable impact on viewers. This design will look spectacular when it becomes part of the company website design and other design products.

06. Premier Structures

The company is a custom home builder. It wanted a logo that stands out with a fresh and catchy design. The graphic designer created the letter P and S in such a way that they together give the impression of a larger construction.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

07. Fidem

This construction company’s logo is another simple design. The logo uses conventional rooftop concept to convey the company’s brand message. The client wanted a house, roof, shingles, etc. in the logo.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Here, the designer chose the rooftop to clearly tell the audience that the company is in the roofing business. Because the logo has fewer elements and is a simple design, it can be printed on any advertisement materials without adding costs.

Such a logo idea will make the visual appear clean and clear even when printed on small surfaces of promotional products designs such as personalized coffee mugs.

08. Redbird

The client needed a lean, modern, and elegant logo design for Redbird construction company. It is a home renovation company specializing in adding a modern, updated look to mid-century homes. The designer used an elegantly flying bird that stands out for smooth running of the business and growth.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Make sure that your logo design is in sync with your business card design in terms of colors, typeface, image, etc elements. The card has your company’s contact details. So, its design elements must match with your business logo design.

09. Vicus

The company builds high-end custom homes. It was looking for a strong and clean logo that stands alone with or without words. This is another simple design that follows minimalistic design principles.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The logo has a blue v abstract shape that stands for the company’s name Vicus. Make sure that your other graphic designs such as signage design. If you chose abstract logo ideas for your company, the design should also be in abstract style.

10. BSCC

The BSCC logo is entirely designed using typeface. The logo is in a conventional stamp or round shape that the designer chose to convey a message of trust and faith in the business.

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The big and bold letters in the middle of the logo draw viewer’s attention immediately. Smaller fonts used in the logo give a contrasting effect to highlight the company’s name.

So, these are inspirational construction company logos that are a great example of the simplicity of a design. These logos also teach us about the use of colors and typefaces as well as conventional elements to send out a brand message.

However, make sure that your company’s logo design must match with your company’s other designs such as business card, website, brochure, etc. This aspect of the design must be considered for consistency of visuals in all of your marketing materials.

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Construction company logos such as these are inspirational. These logos are unique and stand out for their concepts, use of colors, typefaces, etc to convey a brand message.

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