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Top 10 Content Marketing Apps That Will Grow Your Website Traffic

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Website Design

Website Traffic

Last updated on August 22nd, 2023

Content Marketing is considered to be the next pinnacle of marketing. The migration to digital era has initiated a high demand for quality content. The downside of this trend is the addition of a multitude of content on a daily basis conveying the similar message with a different context. This puts the reliability of the content at risk and has created a vacuum for the leadership content. To increase the website traffic, you need to consistently post quality content. Though, there are some digital giants as well as niche specialist like Designhill who provide relevant & authenticated information.

It has become highly competitive where content writers struggle to establish a place for themselves in the World Wide Web. Every leading brand and bloggers strive to increase the website traffic to their sites / online stores by implementing a variety of promotional techniques.

These methods help them boost their content visibility among their preferred consumers. Luckily, there are excellent apps and websites which aid them in this journey. These apps help them create the ideal content and promote them on the social platform with ease.

The ideology behind these 10 content marketing apps is to reduce the time taken for promotion, increase content visibility, and grow the website traffic online and in the social media pages.

Every leading brand and bloggers strive to increase the website traffic to their sites / online stores by implementing a variety of promotional techniques. These methods help them boost up their content visibility among their preferred consumers and peers.

Luckily, there are excellent app and websites which aid them in this journey. These apps help them create the ideal content and promote them on the social platform with ease. The ideology behind these 10 content marketing apps is to reduce the time taken for promotion, increase content visibility and grow the website traffic online and in the social media pages.

Here Are The Top 10 Content Marketing Apps That Will Grow Your Website Traffic

01. Zoommy

Photographs and Pictures ads have a great value to the fantastic content. The right picture draws attention and prompts the readers to read the article. Articles with images are more likely to be shared than the bland ones.

A graphic designer could create the right picture to go along with the content. However, it is highly unlikely to create all the images from scratch. Zoommy, a photo visionary app provides high-quality copyright free pictures which you can use to create the right artwork for the articles.

graphic designer

The photos can be redesigned and implemented in the necessary medium like Website design and social media design. The website has extensive collection of pictures under different themes. Explore now!

02. CoSchedule

What would be the ideal time to post content on Facebook? What is the right time to send the latest link to the email database? The perfect time for each medium is different for each media and time is a luxury most content writers don’t have.

Imagine an intelligent assistant who does this works and assists you in increasing the website traffic. That is the role of CoSchedule, and it helps you bring more order to your promotional activities. The app provides personalised solutions for different categories of the clientele.

Social media

It creates a complete process platform, and it works along with other applications like Blogging Platforms, Analytic tools, Social media pages, etc. They provide different packages for each of their unique clientele.

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03. Buffer

Social Media Channels Pages has been an inevitable part of our lives. Almost every internet user has a social media presence and highly dependent on it for information and entertainment. This makes it as a hot database for website and blog promotions.

But it does take relatively long to post the same link in all the accounts. Buffer, a social media management app, helps content writers schedule their posts and analyses the performance of a particular post across different mediums.

social media page

The process is simple, and the mobile app design is an embodiment of innovation. The app has separate version for individual and for businesses. They do have a free version which allows users to connect up to 3 social accounts.


04. PostReach

All articles from the same website or blog garner different responses from the readers. Some articles perform much better than others. Even the best-written materials fail to take off for no apparent reason. What makes some sections unique and popular? What is the secret to the success?

You To understand the mystery, we should first separate the articles by its popularity and page views. PostReach does the job for the content writers and tracks the potential reach of the articles. This helps the writers to understand the secret key hidden within these beautiful website designs.

website designs

The app offers a free trial period which allows the companies and brands to understand the features and characteristics of this platform. An added -recognition benefit of this platform is, that it also allows the content writers to analyse their competitors who to help them improveimprovise their position in the market.

05. Google Analytics

The preliminary step to increase the website traffic to your blog or company site is to understand where you stand. All companies have a specific set of audience or consumers in mind while they launch a product or service. The same applies to content writers and bloggers.

The simplest and most effective tool to accomplish this task is Google Analytics. The method is quite easy even for non-technical people. The first level is the addition of the website or blog in the Google analytics website or app. Google might ask you to submit a sitemap and also include an XML file in the website design for indexing the page.

Google Analytics

The analytic tool studies the visitors by age, gender, demographics, the device used, etc. This data will help you decide on the next course of action like investing in Google Ad words, etc.

06. Hemingway App

Most content writers tend to write the first thought that pops into their head. Even after repeated edits, sometimes the article or blog tends to have too much dead weight and longer sentences.

These tend to make the consumer lose attention and have a direct impact on the website traffic. In the highly competitive industry with zero scope for error, Hemingway App would be no less than a blessing in disguise.

Hemingway App

This desktop app serves as an editor and corrects the content, providing crispy edible content palatable to the readers. The app is available in both Windows and Mac version at a minimal cost. It trims the content and makes it the best.

07. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

In a critical word-centric content creation industry, content writers and graphic designers find themselves in need of an inspiration from time to time. An attractive title is a key to a productive article which in turn leads to an increase in the website traffic. It is the job and responsibility of the content writer to create varied kinds of content for the similar set of keywords.

graphic design

The developer must create the ideal graphic design and website design to highlight the differentiation. Hub spot’s Blog Topic Generator has been instrumental in providing the most natural solution to this problem. The software offers a choice of titles when the writer provides a set of 3 keywords. The best part is that it continues to extend different options.

08. Hootsuite

Competitors come in various shapes and sizes. Competitor analysis is an integral part of marketing and sales. It is essential to be updated on the competitor behavior to improve your products/services as well conduct counter-campaigns.

In the digital world, there is no scope for sharing the spotlight. One company’s gain is another company’s loss. It could be a tedious task to maintain our social media pages as well as monitor all the potential competitors.


HootSuite, a social media and competitor management app could be the likely answer to this issue. The website/app helps the companies in more than one way.

Brands can schedule their posts on various social media pages, analysis of the post-performance as well as monitoring of the industry-specific keywords and updates. This single platform can solve multiple problems at a single time.

If you’ve tried this tool, there’s always a good time to check out Hootsuite alternatives to make sure your business uses a tool that scales marketing efforts.

09. Sniply

The success of any content/article is determined by the number of responses it generates in the course of its lifespan. The active lifespan of an article is very less as new articles are being added on a regular basis. Though the article or content remains in the digital world forever, the shelf life for even the best articles is limited. The only way to measure the success of the article is through the call to action button.


Sniply assists brands with this feature and also monitors the performance of the articles. The link is placed in all articles and it tracks the popularity of the material. Another exciting feature of Sniply is that it also generates links to the social media pages for measuring the achievement of the posts.

10. Site Booster

Every company or brand wishes to appear on the top listing of their particular industry. Unfortunately, there are only a few spots available, and it takes a great deal of constant updating and submission to attain as well as maintain the that position. Sometimes, we wish we have more hands to keep the wheel running and increase our website traffic.

Mobile App design

Site Booster does this work for the content writers and publishes the content in all the relevant websites in that particular industry. The few factors to be considered would be Website design, Mobile App design and Social media page optimization. Once, these are set, then the magic is just a click away. This app will create the much-needed visibility. The app is available in both free and paid versions.

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There are various factors which contribute directly and indirectly to increase the website traffic. Customer acquisition is as significant as customer retention in the digital world. The website design and the mobile app design plays a vital role in impressing the consumer as much as the content. The graphic designers should work in harmony with the content writer to achieve the unified goal. Some companies like Designhill have mastered the secret of this accomplishment through years of research and implementation.

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