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Crafting A Solid Business Identity & The Power Of A Custom Logo

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Business Identity

A logo is a powerful business identity since it is visible on products or services and marketing campaigns. People make perceptions about a brand also on how impressive its logo design looks to them. So, a logo reflecting its brand’s personality, values, and message works well to drive potential customers’ attention.

Your company’s logo represents its business on all the platforms, such as your website, advertising, marketing materials, business cards, etc. So, it is the foundation of a more significant brand identity that comprises corporate colors, fonts, and document design requirements.

A professionally created logo can help a firm succeed, but its unprofessional design might give off an unprofessional impression and turn away potential clients.

Here Are Four Key Reasons Why Your Brand Needs A Thoughtfully Designed Logo

01. Build a Desirable Perception of Your Brand

Your simple and unique logo positively impacts viewers and target customers. So, they have an excellent first impression of your business, which consolidates due to your quality products or services. But it all starts with the core visual identity of the brand everywhere.

Potential customers may prefer your company over the one whose logo may not be impressive. Therefore, first, decide on what perception the audience should make about your new business in the market. Then, find out the design strategies that help people think about your brand in a positive light.

02. Drive New Customers

A study by Siegel+Gale found that memorable logos have a 13% higher chance of grabbing customers’ attention and a 7% higher chance of making them want to learn more about the business.

You can communicate the right message to potential customers using your brand’s color and font in the logo. You can grab their attention and use that interaction to gain a new client. So, the emblem must have a purpose to stand out from the competition and communicate something special and unique to the consumer’s inner self.

Even when you design with the help of a logo maker, first consider how a design can attract your target customers. The tool is easier to handle, but you must remember the logo’s purpose.

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03. Stand Out In Your Niche Market

A unique logo helps its brand stand out in its target market from many other competitors. As a result, your business, product, or service can have its own identity in the market that helps win the customer-acquisition war.

04. Win Customer Loyalty

Building a solid loyal customer base is crucial for a business to grow fast. So, retaining the customer matters the most to all companies. So, businesses must provide a great experience when they visit a site to buy products or services.

A unique logo is a visual that draws customers to a brand and turns them into loyal buyers. But the symbol should be a great design that turns potential customers’ heads.

Considering these key benefits of logo design and visual branding, even digital marketing training institutes include the best graphic design courses to inform marketers of a design’s potential for a brand’s growth.

Tips For Creating A Logo As Your Solid Business Identity

Now that you know the key advantages of a custom logo, you should make one for your brand.

Here Are Some Of The Best Practices To Follow

01. Ensure That The Logo is Simple and Unique

When designing a logo, ensure the design is simple and unique. These are the two conditions for any visual to impact viewers. In addition, since brands need to please their target customers immediately, the logo can help if they can understand it quickly.

Therefore, your logo idea should be simple. But you should refrain from creating any symbol with a few design elements. While keeping the space clean with a few colors, fonts, etc., it must also look unique. Only then can it stand out and look different from competitors’ visuals.

02. Consider The Target Audience and Brand Message

Once you have finalized a simple logo idea, check if it targets the client’s audience and sends the intended message. Such a symbol must address the concerns of a brand’s core customers.

So, while creating the design, consider that one persona that is a typical customer of the brand’s product or service and then use colors, fonts, etc., accordingly.

Write down the brand message on paper so you can go back to it to check if the design expresses it.

professional logo

03. Make It A Unique Design

Merely creating a simple logo with a message will not help its business drive customers. More than that, you need to design it so that people can keep it in their memory for a long time. Therefore, you should impress them by creating something unique.

It could be a color, font style, or strange lines that people remember in a logo. So, add some elements that can make a logo recognizable.

04. Use Your Brand Colors

Colors can provoke our specific feelings, convey meaning, and leave a lasting impression on us, making them vital in logo design. So, use colors strategically, considering your brand.

Consider the business identity and select colors that align with its principles. For instance, blue communicates professionalism and dependability, while red is linked to passion and enthusiasm.

But avoid using more than three colors in your logo design to keep things basic. The message you’re trying to express may be lost if too many colors are present.

Also, use colors to produce a contrasting effect. For example, use contrasting colors to develop a logo that stands out. This might make your logo more distinctive and identifiable.

05. Choose Fonts That Reflect The Brand Personality

To create a brand identity that truly captures the essence of your company, selecting the appropriate typeface is crucial.

Think about the character and values of the brand. Consider the character attributes that best exemplify your brand, like innovative, fun, or trustworthy. Then, pick a typeface that reflects those characteristics. A tech corporation might, for instance, decide to use a contemporary sans-serif typeface to imply innovation and a sense of cutting-edge technology.

Also, choose a legible font that viewers can read instantly at first glance from a distance. So, avoid using difficult-to-read, extremely decorative baroque typefaces.

Consider incorporating up to two typefaces only to create a simple design. Using too many fonts might distract you from your brand’s central message. To keep things straightforward and unified, stick with no more than two fonts.

But the fonts should be suitable for a brand. A script typeface, for instance, can be ideal for a wedding invitation but inappropriate for a company logo. So before deciding on a font, consider how it will be utilized.

06. Make It A Scalable Design

A logo appears on many small to big platforms or surfaces. So, for promotional reasons, such a logo is on the small surfaces of a pen or a giant advertisement board by the roadside. A scalable logo is legible in all sizes and does not lose its elements and impression.

Such a logo stays readable and recognized at any scale, whether on a business card or hoarding, which is crucial to consider when developing a logo.

Start with vector graphics since they can be scaled up or down without losing quality because they are resolution-independent. Then, create your logo with vector-based tools, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Ensure Simplicity: In terms of scalability, simple designs are frequently the most efficient. Avoid using elaborate elements that can disappear or become unreadable when the logo is enlarged. Also, employ sharp lines and forms and ensure they are not fuzzy or pixelated.

So, consider the above considerations when creating your logo as your primary brand identity. If you own a logo, take a relook and ensure its design is up to mark or recreated.

You can also take the help of a logo creator help to generate multiple design ideas when designing a logo. Then, develop one of the ideas into your core identity using the tool.

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A brand relies on its unique logo design to convey a message to its target audience and make an impression on them. Such a logo can drive customers’ attention and look different from competitors. But the logo must be simple and unique, using a few colors and fonts. It should reflect your brand personality, message, and values. Such a design must also be scalable to make it versatile.

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