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10 Crazy Myths About Designer And Artists

by Designhill Tweet - in Artist

Crazy Myths About Designer And Artists

Last updated on October 18th, 2021

Artists and designers are creative people who touch our hearts through their imagination and creativity. We visit and admire their artwork on social media platforms often to refresh ourselves. The creative energy in their style of art and designs rejuvenates us in many ways and even helps break us the monotony of daily chores. Somehow, we have developed a few myths about artists and built a perception about them around those misconceptions. In this post, we have shared top 10 myths about designers and artists that we should know. Have a look.

Since artists and designers visually play with our minds, we tend to take them as extraordinary people. We think that they are equipped with some special powers to create unique artworks. ROFL.

Therefore, it has led and built some myths and stories about famous artists. In today’s world, we all hear so many stories about our favorite cinema artists. We believe those stories immediately. That’s us. Humans!

But, the fact is that artists and designers are just people like us. They are not aliens or extraordinary creatures. The only difference is that they are interested in their field of art, believe in their imagination and are focused on doing their job i.e. crafting it on the canvas.

Some artists may have a peculiar habit, just like some of us have, but we blow that up in artists’ cases.

So, Get Ready As Here, We Try To Uncover Some Myths About Designers And Artists

01. They must suffer to get inspiration

Many people falsely believe that artists and designers like to have sufferings in their life. So, they think that artists starve and suffer in many ways to have inspiration for creative works. This is a widespread myth about artists. But, the reality is that artists and designers are just part of a society and economy.

Get Inspiration

If the rest of the people are economically not well off, they also lack money. They also go through the sufferings of other people. That’s pretty normal guys!

So, artists also have to struggle financially, but that is not something that they knowingly do. Even when artists and designers are well off, they get inspirational ideas from many sources. They do not necessarily like sufferings, but they like to keep themselves isolated in their studios to focus and work more.

02. Designers and Artists Are Loners

Another myth about artists is that they are lonely people and do not like to mingle with the crowd much. While there is some truth to it but the reason behind it is something else. Some artists and designers are wary of their ideas stolen. But, it is a fact that art and design creation is a one-person project.

Designers and Artists Are Loners

Creative people generally want to work alone because they hate distractions. They need to focus on what they are doing. But, even artists should not take this myth seriously, or they may get socially and emotionally cut off from the rest of the world.

03. Artists do not require money to succeed

This is also a myth that artists do not care about money to follow their passion. Yes, no doubt that artists are not great money earners and do not draw great payments. While it is true that they do not get huge payments in the beginning, they are always concerned about making money from their skills.

Artists do not require money

The fact is that lack of financial encouragement may increase their confidence in moving ahead with projects. Most artists and designers look for ways to make more money outside of their current projects to have a stable income. Many of them do other jobs as well. Again, like a normal human being.

04. Artists Are Born and Gifted

Another myth prevailing among the public about artists and designers is that they have a god-gifted talent and are born as artists. There is this perception that artists are discovered and not made. But, that is not completely true. Not all the artists are next to Monet or Picasso.

Artists are Born and Gifted

But, the fact is that most artists are not discovered. They have to work hard to get recognition as artists and designers. They even keep on working on their skills and look for pro tips from the experts. It is after years of pursuing their passion that they can make a name for themselves. Pay some respect to them guys!

05. Artists are the ‘right-brained’ people

It is commonly believed that artists and designers are the people whose right side of the brain functions more. The belief is that subjects like science, technology, and mathematics require the brain’s left side to be more active. The right side is more active in the case of music, literature, art, and drama. But, this is not backed by scientific research.

Artists are the 'right-brained' people

In the modern model, employers look for people who can work on many fronts. An ideal employee is today, the one who comes from a multi-disciplinary mix that includes technology. For instance, animators are artists, but they are today required to be computer geeks. They must have some computer science background.

Similarly, designers need to be perfect in geometry to deal with patterns and scale up and down the images. If you are an artist who creates visual effects, then you must be proficient in computer-generated tricks.

06. They are not required to have formal education

Many people have this misconception about artists and designers that they do not need formal education and degree. But on the contrary, graphic designers get themselves enrolled in some graphic design courses. Many artists have degrees in art schools.

not required to have formal education

In the modern digital age, artists and designers have to learn a lot of techniques as well. Proficiency in these techniques helps them in creating illustrations, designs, and other artworks using the software.

07. Artistic works need no interpretations

Another myth prevailing about artists and designers is that their works are self-explanatory. People believe that no one should interest the works as the artworks speak for themselves. But, the fact is that artists and designers hate it when people get a different meaning of the artwork.

Artistic works

Sometimes, it results in artists getting demotivated to create more as they feel that people can’t appreciate the art properly in an intended way. Therefore, artists should come forward and explain their works to avoid any misunderstanding.

08. Creativity Happens Magically

A common myth is that artists are such genius people that they create unique works any minute they want. But, the fact is that great artists take a lot of time to come up with a masterpiece. They have to go through a process and put endless efforts into work to make it look appealing.

Creativity Happens Magically

Moreover, a creative person does a lot of other things in life. The artist may be attending conferences, business calls, talking to fellow artists and clients, etc. So, they may be waiting many days and even months for inspiration before starting working on an art or design piece.

They may be stressed during the entire creative process. Many artists are worried about meeting clients’ deadlines. The fact is that artists have to go through a tough and stressful time before creating valuable artwork. They work hard and hone their skills.

09. Artists Need Big Art Galleries

Another common myth about artists is that they are dependent on displaying their art in big galleries for recognition. Some big-time galleries in Los Angeles and New York City can make a famous artist overnight.

But, these are not the only galleries in the world. Artists can display their work in dozens of other reputed online galleries to make a name for themselves.

Most importantly, many online galleries and websites have become prominent for artists in displaying their new works in this digital age. Digital galleries are also capable of taking the artwork to many thousands of art lovers instantly.

Artists Need Big Art Galleries

Then, there are sites like PrintShop by Designhill, where artists can showcase their works. Thousands of people visit this site daily, which means that your artworks will reach them quickly.

Artists can also sell their artwork at this site at their set prices to earn money. Therefore, artists are no longer dependent on conventional galleries to display their work.

10. Designers are not team people

One of the misconceptions about designers is that they do not like to work in a team. They are supposed to be different people who are so consumed in their creativity that they usually have no time to cooperate with other artists. Therefore, they are unable to work on a design project with other designers. But fellas, that is not true.

Designers are not team people

While there are designers who work best when left on their own, they like to work alone. But at the same time, many designers give their best when working with fellow designers for a project. Note that working in a team does not mean that designers would stay in an office setting. They can’t be boxed in office cubicles.

But, they can brainstorm and share ideas with other designers, and this they can do even online, if not offline. Some designers even find working in a team much more productive and creative. For many of them, teamwork increases their skills and thinking.

Well, these are some of the common myths prevailing about artists and designers. If you are also an artist or designer, try to get rid of these misconceptions if you are a victim of them. You should explain your creative process and your personality to the people more often to dispel such myths.

Wrapping Up

Designers and artists are often focused on their creative projects, cutting them off from the rest of the world more often. But, it results in generating myths about them. Common myths such as artists are loners, they do not like to work as a team, creativity happens magically, they like sufferings, etc. have very little substance, and reality is often the opposite of it.

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