Create An Ink Splattering Knight Composition With Simple Technique (Part-2)

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Photoshop - 2 min read

Last updated on December 26th, 2017

Sometimes, a simple technique can work wonders when you want to give a unique look to your graphic design such as poster design. Ink splattering is an easy but impressive technique that many designers use to give a casual look and feel to their designs. Ink splattering technique is relatively simple to follow yet gives you amazing results and proves to be a very useful way, especially when you wish to impress the viewers.

In Part-1 of this tutorial, you learnt how to set the document to create image of the Knight and the technique to give it a faded look. In this 2nd part, we take you through some easy steps to create ink splattering on the elements of the image and implement the technique effectively.


After you have removed colors from the background texture, the image now has a faded look and the texture matches with overall feel of the design.

Ink Splattering Knight Step-1


Now hide the background texture temporarily.

Create An Ink Splattering Knight Composition Step 2


Go to the Brush tool on the left bar and work on the foreground image of the Knight. Now, you should be splattering black color over the Knight image with the help of the Brush tool. Make sure that the splattering is even and effective for maximum impact.

Ink Splattering Knight Composition With Simple Technique Step -3


Go to the Image tool and click on Adjustment and then on Levels.

Ink Splattering Knight Step -4


In the Level menu, do set the output and input levels you want for the image. Fill the setting parameters as shown below in the image.

Ink Splattering Knight Step-5

Step -6

Go to Image and select Adjustment and then Posterize while working on Layer -1.

Create An Ink Splattering Knight Composition Step -6


In the Posterize menu, set the level at 2 and click OK. The Posterize tool helps greatly in creating a poster-like visual effect in a design. Here, you can notice that the Knight’s appearance has changed dramatically.

Splattering Knight Step -7

Step -8

Go to the Select button and click on Color Range. Then click white color in the document to select all the white areas.

Ink Splattering Knight Step -8

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