How to Create Attention-Grabbing Infographics Design?

Basic definition of Infographics explains them as visual mediums of information or data representations that embed with design elements to effectively exhibit relevance of content in consideration.

Hence, fundamental idea of its design creation is to display complex messages in an easy understandable form that requires no further explanation. Images and graphics are therefore essential building blocks of infographics design without which the message to be conveyed has no relevance.

Infographics have been making rounds worldwide for quite some time, then why is it that only few have been successful in making a mark while others are left behind in the rat race? Let’s take a dig little deeper and explore the elements that can go a long way in making an infographic really interesting.

How to go about choosing a fascinating topic?

Topic is perhaps the stepping stone towards any meaningful infographics design that decides its success and popularity rate.  If you have an interesting idea in your mind, why not label and explore it?

However, it is safer to first carry out your test and fills to ensure that whether it will expedite your viewers’ interest or not.

But, if you are still in the wake of acquiring a novel idea that becomes a perfect online charmer, then you can take inspiration from some popular existing thoughts.

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Extract some ideas from your daily life or come up with offbeat yet interesting things. Remember they should be interesting and come packed with a light hearted humorous punch so as to catch the fancy of your viewers!!

Things like launch of unusual fashion store in a remote area, upcoming IPO in the stock market or unknown facts related to the death of some famous personality, could act as some gripping ideas for your topic.

How important is it to craft a story?

Ok, now that you have finalized the topic of your interest, the next thing in your work pipeline is, of course, your way of telling the story. How you narrate your idea is, what is going to retain their interests and feed their appetite for curiosity.

So, try to make your story very interesting and fascinating, very different from the ones they usually read. If you wish, you can use their common areas of interests and present them in different flavours.

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Some curious story ideas could be “How to plant shrubs on a terrace?”, “Homemade remedies for intensive sun burn”, or “How to prepare scrambled egg toasts in just 5 minutes”.

Nonetheless, you should be able to streamline your story idea with your topic. Talking something here and there and just stringing few interesting sentences won’t work.

Effectiveness of your Infographics design

Now that you have done most of your ground work, your focus should shift towards the most crucial aspect an infographics design is all about, the design part.

So, basically you have to design an infographic that integrates your topic and story together through effective use of images, icons and pictures and blends them into a perfect exciting feature.

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Irrespective of whatever design and images you use, do ensure that your color and font selection should be deliberately different so that it delivers a distinctive charm to your infographics design while making it stand out from the others.

Avoid too much of cluttering in text or images as it distracts the users from your basic story. Moreover, if you are creating an informational infographic like different stages of a plant’s growth, then ensure that you follow the hierarchical structure without compromising on the clarity of text.

If you simply follow these things while designing your infographic, then you can essentially create an attention seeking design that is sure to grab your viewers’ attention.

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By Jelly Shah

I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.