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Create Business Opportunities Through Online Networking

by Designhill Tweet - in Webinar

Online Networking

Last updated on April 27th, 2023

Competition is the essence of modern marketing. Businesses have to compete hard to keep the customers and explore new opportunities. Therefore, they keep on building a network of people whom they can turn into loyal customers later. But, reaching out to people and exploring a variety of social and other platforms requires considerable crucial aspects. In this event transcript, networking expert Gil Patersil shared how to create business opportunities through online networking.

Almost every business worth its salt today understands the importance of networking. In the modern social media era, networking has acquired a new dimension. It is no longer based on spreading word-of-mouth about a business. Now, online networking on different social platforms is the key to winning a new set of customers.

So, your networking approach will determine the success of your business to a larger extent. However, as a business owner, or as an individual, you should first consider some basics of effective networking for the best results.

Therefore, Designhill, the leading creative marketplace, organized a session with networking expert, Gil Petersil. He shared his experience with the audience on how to create business opportunities through online networking.

During the session, Gil showed how to do networking online and what are its benefits for businesses and individuals. He shared his thoughts on finding business solutions through masterminds.

About Gil Petersil

Gil Petersil is an international networking expert when it comes to using mastermind methodology. He is the Co-owner of 7 International businesses and the leading regional partner for Tony Robbins. Gil is also a visiting professor at multiple global Universities. He is the bestselling author of “New code of networking”. Also is a much sought-after Keynote Speaker and so far he has presented at 1000+ events & 150+ interviews.

In this post, we have shared the full video of the event as well as transcript in the form of Q/As where you will learn how to create business opportunities through online marketing.

Transcript: Consider These Tips To Create Business Opportunities Through Online Marketing

Do research routinely

Gil Patersil: Number one note is always spend five minutes to research any human being. I aim to spend one hour with, whether it’s a potential client, a potential date, a future husband, or a wife. Maybe you are meeting the parents of your girlfriend or boyfriend. Or, you may be meeting a potential business partner, investor, mentor, speaker, coach, or trainer. Spend at least five minutes by just quickly putting their name on Google. Then, find out who is this person? Is this person irrelevant to me, because that is actually where networking starts?

Networking is about knowing it all

Gil Patersil: Networking starts at home. It starts when you go to meet someone and choose to spend time with that person. Also, networking starts when you think of going to this online event and there will be all these speakers. How can I start networking before I could research speakers, see if they have any chat? And, how I could see if they have any social network to see who else is going. You want to know how you could join early and you can be active in the chat. You want to talk to people, introduce yourself, and be super active.

So for example, right now, if I ask you a question, what’s your favorite animal? How many of you are active in the chat right now? What’s your favorite animal? Put it in the chat right now?

You are responding with your answers. So, this is just an example of you currently networking. You are interacting with me and giving me great energy to send it back to you. You are also showing the audience that you are an active person and not a passive human being. sitting back and looking at the world just passing by. In this way, you tell that you do not just look at other people getting business opportunities, making money and getting a new car, traveling, buying a new house, etc.

Learn it from action

Gil Patersil: I learned networking, through action. When I was born, my parents gave me the art of networking. The school didn’t teach me about networking. Does the school teach any of you how to build relationships and communicate effectively and build a network around you? How to connect with people and disconnect with them?

Networking is the most important subject that we should be learning in school. Think about it. You can get a job, new friends, money, more clients, and recommendations every day. And for me, networking is trying to understand how useful you could be to the world. Like, what sort of value do I have, maybe you are a designer, a freelancer, a teacher. But am I just a teacher whose mentor I thought was a young entrepreneur trying to make money?

Successful failures

Gil Patersil: I have set up so many different companies in my life. They ranged from mobile apps to restaurants, juice bars, and software companies. I had a recruitment company and events company and many have failed beautifully. I call them successful failures. Because I have learned so much from them, written a book about it, taught at universities about it, and some have great success. And even though during COVID time, one of my biggest businesses made millions of dollars.

I used to be very big in the event industry. We have organized over 100 events a year, traveling with 1000s of people every year to different retreats, and now all of that is just finished due to the pandemic. Now, what does that mean to me? To me, it just means that I need to look at my life and review not just my goals but also my network.

Review your network

Gil Patersil: Now, you need to review your network. What does that mean? Doing the audit of what’s going on in your life at that moment? Who is around you in your life at that moment? Now, what do I constantly do? Because I had a lot of challenges. And as a young student in school, I failed out in multiple high schools, and I never went to university.

But funny enough, seven years ago, a university in Russia said, hey, can you come and be a visiting professor? Then another university, and for about six years, I was a visiting professor at many universities around the world. And it was a big honor that someone that failed out of high school was invited to the university.

I learned that I can add value and I learned that I can make a difference and change people’s lives. And I started to audit myself to know why I had challenges in school. No one told me back then, I had dyslexia so I couldn’t study very easily. And I couldn’t look through books. But I understood that I can listen to books. That’s cool. So now I’m big on audiobooks. And then I understood that ADHD is something that makes it difficult for me to focus.

Goals matter

Gil Patersil: So instead of, for example, outlining my goals and a lot of text, I outline my goals and pictures, which makes it a lot easier for me and a lot more exciting for me to look through my life. I love cooking, learning how to cut beautiful fruits and vegetables, and present food beautifully. So I go to classes every once in a while and I connect that goal to go into beautiful restaurants every week with my wife. So I can be inspired by food and fruits. For example, here in Bali, we have a lot of tropical fruit. So one of the standards I have in my house is that I always want a minimum of 15 different fruits on my kitchen counter on any given day.

If you shop in my house, you will have a diversity of fruits. Why? Because it’s healthy, and it’s beautiful for the eyes. And it’s good for my three kids and my wife. And for me, it’s very inspiring to see colorful fruits in front of you . For example, that private jet that you see, I don’t have a private jet. But from a networking point of view, I like networking with people who have planes because I’m able to help their business. That means I want freedom. I want to be able to get on the jet when I want to fly if I choose to.

In the last 12 months, I didn’t need to fly anywhere. I get to stay put and I get to build my network around.

Write down your goals

Gil Patersil: The next thing you are writing on the list is some goals. To grow in networking to audit your network itself and develop a mastermind develop a strategy of networking online and offline. You must have some wishes. What do you wish for? For example, I want to be surrounded by books and knowledge and be able to take on stages and be on vacation. I’m not just in Bali because it’s where I want to live. It’s because it’s where I want to live with my family and where I want to do business. I see it as a vacation every day with a cocktail. I don’t drink alcohol but like coconut.

Share your goals

Gil Patersil: If I’m not willing to share my goals with people, they will never help me achieve my goals. Remember that you have not achieved anything alone in your life. I have never achieved anything alone in my life. And I have achieved a lot. If you Google my name, you will see how much I have achieved. My daughter is four years old and has been to 30 countries, and I see myself as a success. But I also understand what is the next level of success.

Sharing your goals with others is the easiest way that you can move forward. You should keep on looking at some of these goals that people are sharing, and try to be inspired by them.

Speak more

Gil Patersil: Why is networking important when speaking? Seven years ago, I was an entrepreneur who was all over the place doing a lot of different things. And one of my mentors came to me and said, Gil, what do you love the most? I love talking to people, coaching people, and I love speaking in front of people.

He then asked how many times did you speak this year? I said that five or six times. But really, that’s it. You said you want to speak in front of people? What are you going to do about it? I could speak like 20 to 40 years next year. He said you are playing small. Once you audit your network, and then set up some new networking goals for yourself. At that stage, I was still studying what networking truly is. Remember, I’m an introvert. I’m an immigrant. I was born in Israel. And then I lived for some years in Canada and England and Russia. I have lived in different countries in my life, but I’m an immigrant.

So, networking and even English is the language I had to learn with English Tutor. Networking is also something I have to learn. And I have to learn through a lot of successful failures. I used to push myself to talk to them and push myself to step out of my comfort zone. And then I get their phone number and go talk to them and I used to give myself all these tasks. Then, what did I do?

Connecting with professional speakers

Gil Patersil: When did I choose to become a professional speaker? I said to grow quickly in my field, I need to network with the best people in my field. And I came up with a strategy. I said I want to network with some of the greatest speakers in the world. Maybe, I can build a business with them. But I want to add value to them. Maybe I connect them with someone or suggest something to them that can help them out.

A lot of famous people were my mentors. I have a picture of them. Now, someone like Tony Robbins is my business partner. For the last seven years, we have been representing Tony Robbins exclusively for the whole of the Russian market. We have been bringing 1000s and 1000s of people to his events every single year before it was offline. Now it’s online. Three years ago, we became the biggest and global partner for Tony Robbins in the world. He invited me to his house for one on one with him. I’m not showing you these pictures to show off. But these show that I had to work hard to find the right opportunity to meet this person.

A networking story for you

Gil Patersil: I’ll give you a networking story with one of the persons in this picture. Remember that if you have some networking goals, you can start achieving more goals by connecting with the right people. This is something you must consider.

So for example, I wanted to be a speaker, connect with other speakers and learn from them. I wanted to be a coach and needed tolso coaches. I also wanted to be an entrepreneur at the same time. So, I can make money when I sleep. So I had to think about connecting with speakers. And then suddenly the list became smaller and smaller.

Okay, so I tell you a quick story about Richard Branson. Three years ago, I knew Richard Branson was going to be speaking at an event. I did everything I could to try to get myself also listed as a speaker at this event. Everything I followed up with them. I called them and they said they were fully booked. Then, I said could II at least try to get a VIP pass to get into the green room? They said okay, we can give you a nice pass but you cannot go into the green room to meet Richard.

I showed up at the event and saw 25,000 people. Then, I go backstage, the security guy is there and one of the organizers just called me. They asked me to come in. I got backstage and managed to see Richard Branson’s room. I see 30 people in the room. Richard Branson sitting on the sofa. I’m excited. My heart is starting to beat because this is a big guy. And I’m nervous here. And it’s the same feeling when I met Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. I was nervous.

But, I breathe in three times quick internal meditation to calm down. Now you can add value and I am saying this in my head to myself. And I’m stepping in there and listening.

Offering help to Richard Branson

Gil Patersil: Everybody is asking Richard Branson different questions. What do I do? I wait for a window of opportunity where I suddenly see that everyone is talking to Richard like he’s a god. I said, Richard, I got a quick question about the Virgin airline. I recently read that you want us to launch a virgin airline between Moscow and London. How can I or someone in this room help me to do that? Suddenly, the room is silent and everyone looks at me. Who is speaking? What is that? What is going on?

I did not ask Richard a question, instead, offered help. And I am not just offering help from me, I’m offering help from the rest of the group. Now, that conversation ended up becoming one of the greatest conversations in my life.

But what you need to take away from this is a window of opportunity where you can add value. And not just taking value is where you can network with any high-level person. When you are asking someone for help. It’s one thing when you are offering them help, it’s a way for them to open up their hearts to you. And then you could say, oh, by the way, can you give me some advice? That is what I did with Richard and managed to get Richard Branson’s business card.

When it comes to business cards, they are the ultimate tool to reach out to prospects and potential customers in the future. It’s not always feasible to carry cards and hand them to everyone. When urgencies arrive, you can use a digital business card for networking. It’s easy to share with people via a link.

Researching communities

Gil Patersil: He asked me that at the end, I promise to give you time for that. So, where is networking all coming from? What’s happening? Who is this loud guy? I haven’t always been loud and have not always spoken this quickly. But I have learned that there’s so much beauty in the world. There are so many amazing people. And I wanted to connect with them. So, I started researching the different types of networks, the clubs, and all these communities.

Explore masterminds

Gil Patersil: Masterminds are something that I started to research a lot. Because it’s the ability to get a lot out of a group of people in a very short period. It’s a way of you identifying mentors within minutes. It’s a way of you adding huge amounts of value in sectors that you might not be an expert in. But you might have had this experience in life.

Maybe some of you have never heard about masterminds. Well, masterminds are a very unique way of networking. It’s highly useful especially during COVID time. It is a very beautiful way of connecting with people for periods. You may connect with them for maybe 90 minutes or one hour. If you have that time, you can connect with six to seven people, sometimes nine people. You can suddenly add the value of the right structure.

So, masterminds are all about collective intelligence. It is all about you alone, but collectively. You unleash what’s called the collective genius. When you can talk to a few people with an open heart and open mind you are not closed like I know everything. I’m the best designer and the best teacher. Instead, you are willing to learn, which is the number one reason I always network. I want to learn from others. The second reason I network, I want to be able to add value to people all around me.

Masterminds help you solve problems

Gil Patersil: Interestingly, masterminds, in general, allow you to solve problems. They allow you to solve challenges such as looking for a new place to live, recommendations on the best pizza place in your new neighborhood, and a place to send your kids to school. It always comes down to networking.

But are you willing to ask your network for help? And are you willing to ask people outside of your network? Because for example, your network today has 20 to 50 people, maybe 100 people. But I don’t know how big you are and how active you are on social media. I know that some of you have answered the poll. And we were asking you guys about the social media that you guys are active on. Maybe you could check out the polls when you get a second and just answer some of those questions.

It would be very interesting to see where you guys stand. And in general, networking and coaching and social media, whenever you get a chance, quickly answer that if you’d like to. So, networking and masterminds are very much for solving problems.

Have strategic partnerships

Gil Patersil: Masterminds provide strategic partnerships and networking in general as well. For example, you are a designer specializing in logos. You don’t design websites, for example. Then, you can partner up with someone and then offer your services to your client. Or, for example, you are a designer of everything. Your clients say can you design these things for us? You can say yes. But you can also say that if you need these things printed and delivered within 48 hours, this is my strategic partner. This partner does an amazing job. If you mentioned my name, you’ll also get a 10% discount.

In strategic partnerships, the two businesses come together where they don’t compete. They can offer much higher added value to the end-user. The high-level network is about learning from successful failures. It is about being able to learn from mentors and other people.

Know about their failures

Gil Patersil: Ask mentors not only about their successes but also about their failures. You may fail with your thinking or you might end up being broke a few times in your life. I have been broke three times in my life. It’s an amazing feeling. You learn to be resourceful and learn to call the right people. Some of the richest people in the world were broke. They were bankrupt multiple times in their life. They jumped back up only because of their network, not because they were like the smartest person in the room.

Mastermind is about having like-minded people around you. Here is a very big question to all of you and it might be harmful even to answer this one. How many of you wish you could upgrade your network? How many of you have some people around who have such energy or they are not successful. They are never happy, always moody, and complaining.

Spend time with optimistic people

Gil Patersil: You wish you had more time with positive and optimistic people. They are opportunistic and they believe in entrepreneurship. Also, they believe in serving and doing charity. I love doing charity, I’m doing so much here in Bali to make a difference in the community.

Now, masterminds are structured in specific ways, depending on how big of a network you have. It is how you are looking at the connections you have and how the business network itself is connected to your network.

Do you have one network? You can write that down. Have I split up my personal and business network? Were they just all combined? Because you can audit your network by asking yourself how many people you have in your network to find a mentor. How many people do I have in my network that I look up to? How many people do I have in my network that suck my energy, and I don’t know?

How many people are in my network that I like, I love them. But they are not necessarily helping me in life. They are not helping me to progress and get new clients, and to find growth in life. They want to grow and progress by moving forward in life. You find happiness, money, and relationships that everybody wants.

Of course, you want to be able to accumulate wealth. Wealth is not only money, it is also investments and assets. It is also having a powerful network of people.

So, networking is something and masterminds are usually for people who are interested in growth. They’re interested in starting a business and want to grow their business. Also, they want to enter a new market. Imagine right now you are just focusing on Indonesia or Algeria, for example. And you are tired of this network. Now, you want to sell in America, in England, etc. That is when you need networking. You need to understand how to jump the pond and go into a whole new network.

Changing industries

Gil Patersil: How many of you have changed industries in your life? I have changed my industries 14 times in my life. Once, I used to be in distribution with big distribution companies. Before that, I was in the organic health and beauty industry, in warehousing and retail, and jewelry retailing. I was in completely different industries so many times. And I did that because I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a living. I didn’t make final decisions.

Today, I’m 41 and I have three awesome kids. And I’m very much aligned with what I’m doing in life. But it’s open for new things to come in. Now, I have gone through many different people from different backgrounds. And I’m constantly getting what people are saying. They say that masterminds are not for them as they have a network already. And that they have a way to connect with people. They don’t need to use LinkedIn.

Give some time to LinkedIn networking

Gil Patersil: Spending above an hour a day on LinkedIn means you are not just building a network, you are nurturing it. You are taking specific actions, for example of joining one new group every week on LinkedIn. And you are being active there for just five minutes every day to add value, give comments, and simple advice.

For example, you are sometimes tired of networking outside of your network. Then, you can open your website up and scroll down. Because this is networking online, and you can go back like one month, two months, three months, it’s funny. I went back one month. And you could say, hey, why have I not spoken to this guy? Joseph is a really good guy. He’s a very good connection. I had fun with him. Why not follow up with Eli or Andy? Why should I maybe quickly follow up with you know, this guy or this girl?

Revisit your old network

Gil Patersil: Going into your network on WhatsApp on LinkedIn and giving it a little bit of your time helps you grow a network. Imagine you have your garden of Eden. And every single plant that is in there is a new relationship that you’ve met. Where you met them, a seed was planted. Now, if you don’t give any energy to this relationship, the energy would stay neutral.

Give it a little bit of energy every once in a while by sending them a happy smiley face. Say, I was thinking about you this week, I hope that everything is going well. Hey, it’s been three months since we talked about what’s new and exciting in your life. It has been a year since we talked COVID was crazy. For me, this is what I’m doing these days, what’s even exciting with you.

Now, you might not feel comfortable doing that the first few times. But I promise you, it’s going to get natural and you will feel good. Because you are adding value to the field, and you do not require them to respond. And you don’t need to do anything with them right away. Don’t send someone a message and say, hey, I’m looking for new clients. Can you introduce me to some of your friends? Don’t do that.

Just add value to people

Gil Patersil: You should add value to people and inspire them in what it is that you are doing. So, they would want to introduce you to inspire people with what is motivating for you. They tell people what is new and exciting in your life. I’m constantly having all these amazing people pop in and out of my life.

There were people afraid or not afraid of joining masterminds of joining new networks. But once they step out of that comfort zone, suddenly things open up, people give them feedback. They are suddenly sitting in a room with strangers. And suddenly they heard something that clicked and they understood what they had to do. That is what is truly the power of networking is when you hear someone say something that your mind would not have said to you.

Benefit from listening

Gil Patersil: You need to hear it from someone else. And as long as you are willing to listen to people, you don’t have to do everything they say. You can listen to different people, and then allow yourself to choose. What am I doing next? What is my next step?

3 Ways To Networking Online

i. Leave A Digital Footprint

There are three ways of networking online. The first one is leaving a digital footprint. This means that you should try to be active on social media. Spend at least 30 minutes a day, if not more on social media. Try to be active by adding value going into different groups commenting, sharing, and adding value.

ii. Follow Up With People

Try to follow up with people from your past and ask them questions. You should follow up with people to maintain some sort of level of relationship. In this way, your field or your garden of Eden is always growing steadily. So if the next COVID hits, you can call some people that have your back and give you some advice.

iii. Be Mindful of Your Words

The third tip to networking online effectively is equally important. Make sure that you are always mindful of your words. Just consider what sort of people you would like to meet today. You can say I want to meet someone who is in my industry for maybe three to five years. Maybe they’re two or three steps ahead of me, who do you want to meet? And this powerful mind that you have, you can manifest people in your network. I do this constantly. I’m hoping that I manifested some people here with you guys today.

Also, many new networks have opened up. For example, how many of you have heard about this new network? That’s called Clubhouse? It is almost like a Zoom Plus podcast, plus all social media all live without videos. It’s powerful.

Networking is easy

So, networking online is easier than you think. Start with goals. Make sure you have a curious mindset that knows what it is that you are looking for. And ensure that you are constantly adding value to people.

Designhill: How much information should I share without compromising my safety and privacy?

Gil Patersil: I believe that these days on social media if someone wants to get your information, they’ll look online. They will do the research. If you look at what I share online, I share quite a bit. My sister and wife share quite a bit. The majority of my clients are women, and they share quite a bit. There are some things that you might not want to share. Do not share your home address and credit card information on random social media sites.

But sharing what you love, what you do, and some of the places you hang out may help you. I don’t know enough about you that tells you specifically what you should or should not share. If you want to be a public person, a freelancer, and tell who you are, you build your brand. That is true today more than ever before.

People need you

People don’t buy companies, they buy people, they want to buy you, they want to be excited about you. So if you have a cool dog, and you go for a walk with them, some of your clients might be excited that you are a very disciplined person that wakes up early in the morning and goes for a walk with your dog. And that might be a chit chat conversation with your future clients because they also love dogs.

So, it depends on you and what you do and how open you want to be. And if you are in a position where you want to find a lover one day in your life, or, you know, maybe you already have a husband, so you don’t have to be as personal online. And it’s personal. It’s different for every person.

Designhill: How can students use LinkedIn to network?

Gil Patersil: I have spoken so much in front of students at universities all over the world. LinkedIn is important because a lot of companies are going to check out what it is that you do outside of being a student. Are you volunteering your time, anywhere? Did you do any support work for companies that you worked as a freelancer while studying? Have you given your time to any NGOs?

You can outline your hobbies, skills, and languages that you speak. And, you show if you are active in different groups. Show that you are adding content. It may be that there’s some really interesting content you like writing. Or, you like designing. Even if you are 18 years old, there is so much that you can add.

If you do not understand your value then, go online, maybe on Google, and type how to understand my value. You are extremely valuable. Remember that you are from a specific country, a specific city, or an industry. If I come to your country, you are more knowledgeable than I am. You can always say, I can connect you with different opinion leaders. Maybe in your country, you are well connected in your city. The greatest hotels and restaurants are there in your city. It is really up to you to understand how extremely valuable you really are.

Remember that if you are a lazy person who’s not doing anything in life, then, LinkedIn is not for you. This is because people want people with value. People want to believe in themselves.

Designhill: How to greet new people on a new occasion and how to deal with negative thoughts while networking with new people?

Gil Patersil: Networking starts in your brain. And what I used to do for so many years before I got comfortable and confident? I used to bullshit myself. I was like, Gil, come on, you are confident you can go talk to them in my mind. Just go and talk to him, say hi. Or, just ask her how she’s doing. Go talk to her and ask her how’s the food is like.

There are no perfect pickup lines, there is no ice breaker that will work every single time except hi. It truly doesn’t exist, ladies and gentlemen. Because maybe you are in a conference and you can walk up to someone and ask them which one was your favorite speaker? Maybe you are at someone’s birthday party, and you can walk up to them and say, how do you know the birthday girl? I don’t know what scenario you are in. But every scenario is different.

The important thing is to tell yourself before you walk into that event, who do I wish I can meet today. Make networking goals. I want to meet someone that can maybe recommend to me where I can get more clients. I want to meet someone that I can fall in love with. Don’t say I want to meet my future husband, say I want to meet someone that I have something in common with and I’d love to meet them again tomorrow for lunch or coffee.

Be simple and specific

You should be simple and specific with your networking goals before you go into an event and how to deal with negative thoughts. There is one way to deal with negative thoughts and it truly works for everyone. It’s worked for me when I go on big stages. You know, when I used to get on stage that 20 people and 50 to 100 people and I went from 100 people. And this was in 2015 when100 people were the biggest events that I was doing. It was big for me. And since then I have been doing 6000, 10,000, 20,000 people.

This is exactly what I did. First of all, before I got on stage, I was like yes, you can do it go 123 and I took steps.

The second thing you did is walk on stage as you walk into an event. Look around the room and in your head. Compliment as many people as you can like a nice shirt. Nice hair. Oh, you are sexy, you are cute. I’ll talk to you later. Like in your head. Just compliment with authenticity. Be honest. Don’t say like, oh, you are nice. Not really. Oh, that’s a nice shirt. But I would never wear that. Don’t do that to yourself.

Be optimistic

Be truly optimistic and positive to anyone around you. And it works. So really well the next time you get any kind of event. The next time you walk into a meeting with some people, compliment them in your head nonstop one compliment another comment and you’ll end up smiling and you’ll end up looking and feeling confident.

And people love confidence. Gentlemen and women love confident men. Remember that if you can’t be confident, you can fake it by loving people around you. You will just look confident in front of others.

Designhill: What is the one thing you wish to know before pursuing that passion?

Gil Patersil: First, if you are an introvert, you could do a lot of tests online. I have done five different tests because my wife said you are not an introvert. I’m a level-three introvert. This means that I’m not necessarily comfortable around too many people all the time. Also, it means that I have a lot of attention to detail. And when an introvert, you have attention, perception, and also energy. You are feeling everything around you. Your energy levels will drop down quickly.

So, to the introverts out there, you ever walk into any event, follow these three little tips.

Stay solid

Number one, stay by a solid place, like have a wall behind you. And if you are sitting in the middle of a room, your energy levels will drop, the worst place to be is next to a bar.

Wash hands if losing energy

Number two, whenever you feel your energy drop, don’t go home, go to the bathroom, and wash your hands for five minutes. Go outside for a second and get some fresh air. Don’t go on your phone, because that’s also networking and also takes a lot of attention. So stay in this space, just disconnect from having a lot of people around you.

Remind that you are introvert

Number three, just remind yourself that you are an introvert and you are not an alien. The best CEOs in the world are introverts and they have the best friends. Statistically speaking in the world, introverts have the best friends. And it just means you don’t have enough experience.

Now, how many of you don’t want to do public speaking or you want to be a coach one day. Public speaking is all about sharing knowledge. You don’t have to become a Tony Robbins or a Brian Tracy. Just be yourself and have a small audience of 50 people.

Identify public speakers

The best way to get things started is to identify other public speakers. The best thing to do is to find public speakers who are maybe 10 steps ahead of them. Or, start following them and writing notes. What are they doing? What are they talking about? Are they sharing their successes and their failures? Where have they failed? And the last thing you gotta do is just do it?

Designhill: What are entrepreneurship and inspiration?

Gil Patersil: I have been an entrepreneur since a very young age. But I didn’t know it was called an entrepreneur. So I set up my first business at the age of 14 because I wanted to buy a gift for a girl I liked. And always at an early age, I set up projects. I set up different companies, selling something online or offering my services or anything because I wanted to make money. And then in my mid-20s, I started understanding a lot more about entrepreneurship.

I started to get inspired by problems that the world had. And I wanted to find problems in different industries in the retail industry. I worked in the organic health and beauty industry, and I saw a few different problems and opportunities that people have. And that’s also how I started getting involved in a lot of charity work.

Here in Bali, for example, I got involved with an organization called a plastic exchange, which is amazing. They bring plastic, they weigh it and every I don’t know, it’s like, every four kilos of plastic gets you a kilo of rice, for example. And it’s an amazing movie that inspired me. But that’s how entrepreneurship starts. You get inspired by a problem or an opportunity.

Usually, you get inspired by problems that you have. It could be a problem that has to do with maybe if you have kids and your kids don’t have the right school around. When I was in Moscow, there were no juice bars anywhere around my area. So I serve juice bars, not that I wanted to be in the juice bar business, but I sold that business.

Entrepreneurship is about being inspired by problems that society has. Now I’m not necessarily inspired by money but a good company that should be sustainable. So, a company needs to make money to be able to grow and stay alive. I know many friends who have companies that don’t make any money. They just have money from investors, and they just spend money. I don’t believe in those kinds of businesses, even though I see they’re working.

I consult with some of these companies, but I love building businesses that can make me money in the first month. Then I can invest that money back in the business and hire people and invest more in marketing. We have set up two new companies here in Bali. And I’m very excited about that. Because I know they can make money from their first month. That tells me that the world is full of problems. I think it is our responsibility to see these problems and say, this is an opportunity.

Then realize that I will not be able to solve this alone. So either I bring people to help me solve this problem. Or, I find other entrepreneurs who solve these problems? And why don’t I help them for about maybe six months? Then, you will learn about entrepreneurship.

If you want to help solve problems in the world and be an entrepreneur first step, to find some other entrepreneurs who are doing the same thing you want to do and go help them. You want to help me, please I’m looking for designers. I am looking for help all the time.

I am far from perfect. I celebrated 11 million on Sunday, I celebrated 11 years with today, the woman of my life, she’s my wife, she’s the mother of my three kids. She’s my best friend. And people are asking us, what makes you guys such an ideal partner and we look at each other. We are not ideal. We’re not perfect. There are so many things wrong with us. But that’s what makes it beautiful in life. Because even as an entrepreneur, there are so many things wrong with me today.

That’s why I’m willing to meet new people and willing to serve you because maybe one of you is there to serve me somehow. And maybe I’m supposed to serve us so that somehow you can write me a message. And wow, you are the one I have been looking for this whole time.

So, keep these aspects of online networking in mind. Focus on building your network to create more business opportunities. Most importantly, have patience as it may take months before you achieve your goals.

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Wrapping Up

Networking is an essential part of doing business as you need to reach out to people every single day and convert them into your customers. But the networking expert Gil advises adding value to the help you provide people. Set your simple networking goals, meet people, and explore LinkedIn and other online social platforms.

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